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Steven Universe Comic series

General Info

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AuthorRebecca Sugar
GenresGraphic novel, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
IllustratorRachael Cohen
Issue Number1
Release Date2016-04-06
Number of Pages160
Original TitleSteven Universe: Too Cool for School
Comics Issue NameSteven Universe: Too Cool for School
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.kaboom-studios.com/

Steven Universe is a vibrant and colorful world created by Rebecca Sugar. The story revolves around Steven, a young boy who inherits a gem from his mother, a crystal gem called Rose Quartz. As Steven ages, he learns to harness the power of his gem and joins the Crystal Gems team along with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

This team of intergalactic warriors use their magical gems to protect Earth from domestic and cosmic threats. During the series, they encounter various other species of gems and visit many incredible places, including distant planets and alternate dimensions.

Steven Universe is not just bright battles and exciting adventures; also delves into complex themes such as personal identity, love and sacrifice. It's full of heartwarming moments, great humor, and a diverse cast of characters with an incredible focus on inclusion and representation.


Steven Universe Vol. 1
2015-12-01 | 160 | 978-1608867066
Steven Universe Vol. 2
2016-05-10 | 144 | 978-1608867967
Steven Universe & The Crystal Gems Vol. 1
2016-12-06 | 112 | 978-1608869213
Steven Universe Original Graphic Novel: Too Cool for School
2016-04-19 | 160 | 978-1608867714
Steven Universe Vol. 3
2017-01-24 | 112 | 978-1608869961
Steven Universe Vol. 4
2017-06-27 | 144 | 978-1684150333
Steven Universe Vol. 5
2018-08-14 | 144 | 978-1684151347
Steven Universe Vol. 6
2018-11-20 | 144 | 978-1684152443
Steven Universe Vol. 7: Our Fearful Trip
2019-05-28 | 144 | 978-1684153402
Steven Universe Vol. 8: To Be Happy
2019-10-22 | 144 | 978-1684154478
Steven Universe Vol. 9: Cherished Memories
2020-01-28 | 112 | 978-1684155093



Steven Universe is a beloved animated series set in a world full of magical creatures and people. The main character, Steven, is a young boy who appears to be half-human and half-gem. The Gems are alien creatures with unique superpowers and a long history of protecting Earth.

The series revolves around Steven's adventures and his attempts to understand and master the powers of his gem, which is given to him by his mother, Rose Quartz. These adventures usually take place in his hometown of Beach City or in distant, magical realms.

Steven is aided in his journey by crystal gems: garnet, amethyst and pearl. These three gems were rose quartz companions and acted as guardians and advisors to Steven. As Steven ages, he helps the gems as much as they help him, teaching them about human creativity, emotion, and the power of teamwork.