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Crystal Gems

General Info

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Faction NameCrystal Gems
From the animated show Steven Universe, the Crystal Gems are a group of extraordinary and rebellious gems from the world of Gem House. The faction formed by Rose Quartz, who believed in the beauty and value of organic life, includes Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and later Steven. These gems are unique in that they have the power to protect the earth and its inhabitants. They have dedicated their millennia of life to fighting the Gems, neutralizing Gem-related anomalies and ensuring Earth's survival from Gem threats. As the only substantially active faction on Earth, their primary mission is to preserve and protect humanity. This dedication can be seen in their acceptance of human culture and values, which sets them apart from standard gemstones. They show confidence in personal growth, the value of a lifetime, and the constant evolution of the self.


The Crystal Gems are a group of magical creatures that play a central role in the Steven Universe universe. As protectors of Earth and all of humanity, they strive to protect the world from intergalactic threats. Hailing from a distant planet known as Homeworld, these gems stand out from most others due to their rebellious decision to defy the oppressive leadership of the Diamonds in order to prevent the destruction of Earth.
Led first by Rose Quartz and later by her son Steven Universe, the Crystal Gems believe in freedom, individuality and self-expression. They consist of members Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. They each have unique abilities and perform fusions that allow them to combine to form more powerful entities.
Garnet, a fusion of ruby ​​and sapphire, symbolizes love and care, and demonstrates extraordinary strength and leadership skills. Trained on Earth in Kindergarten, Amethyst is cheerful and light-hearted, using a whip as a weapon. Pearl, meticulous and disciplined, is extremely skilled at swordsmanship.
They are joined by other gem allies such as Peridot and Lapis Lazuli, who turn former adversaries into the cause of Earth's defense. As the series progresses, the Crystal Gems deepen their understanding of their history, the oppressive doctrines of Homeworld, and the scope of their mission to understand the causes of social justice in their society. Their unwavering faith in the potential of life makes them essential stewards of their adopted home, Earth. They are crystal gems, they always save the day and if you think they can't, they always find a way.


The Crystal Gems, a team of rebel gems led by Rose Quartz, have a history spanning millennia. The group formed after a rebellion against the gem homeworld, which was intent on using planet Earth for their own benefit, ignoring the life already within it. The faction came about as a manifestation of Rose Quartz's love for Earth and its living creatures, as well as its determination to protect them.
The Crystal Gems consisted of Gems disaffected or traumatized by Homeworld's behavior, usually used for Rose Quartz during the Gem War. They learned the purpose behind the construction of the Asylums, the structures that Homeworld used on Earth to create new gems that drained the planet's life force. Horrified by this, Rose Quartz and her followers declared themselves the Guardians of Earth.
The members of the Crystal Gems fought valiantly alongside Rose Quartz to protect Earth from Homeworld's destructive plans. The Crystal Gems eventually won the war, forcing the alien Gems to retreat and abandon their plans for Earth.
After the war, the remaining Crystal Gems retreated into a darker existence, hiding their past deeds and true nature from humans, while still providing Earth with secret protection. They have spent millennia dealing with the remnants of war and its aftermath. Many of the unique gem monsters they encounter are actually gems damaged in a devastating attack launched in the final moments of the Gem War.
Although some of the original members have dropped, new members have joined the Crystal Gems, including Steven Universe, the son of Rose Quartz and a gem-human hybrid. Thanks to Steven's influence and constant efforts to protect Earth, the Crystal Gems from the rebel faction have become the most important fighting force against cosmic threats, always striving for peace and freedom on Earth and the entire universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Steven Universe
Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond
Lapis Lazuli
Connie Maheswaran


The geography that houses the Crystal Gems at the center of Steven Universe is as fascinating and complex as the gems themselves. Their home, known as the Crystal Temple, is located in the beautiful coastal town of Beach City and sits majestically on a bluff overlooking the ocean. This temple with a massive sculpture known to have been built by gem magic is not only a home but also a gem base.
Inside the temple are several rooms named after gems, each gem has its own customized neighborhood. Inside is a complex system of interconnected spaces, creating the effect of a universe within a universe. This massive and magical structure also houses the Crystal Gem Heart, the source of gem technology.
Strange places known as Gem Bubbles, each featuring a different landscape unrelated to any known terrestrial ecosystem, and Strawberry Battlefield, the site of a historic war, are just a few of the unusual locations scattered throughout this fantastical universe. Surprisingly, each location tells a story about the crystal gems' past and honors their collective history. The geography of Steven Universe is a vibrant tapestry of unique, magical realms and stunning natural beauty, intermingling with the extraordinary life of the crystal gems.

Legacy and Impact

The Crystal Gems, a group of gem-based lifeforms from Steven Universe, have made a huge legacy and impact not only on their show, but in our universe as well. Their group represents strength in diversity, and each gem has its own unique powers, personalities, and appearance. Gemstones, especially garnet, embody LGBTQ+ inclusion. The play has been praised for its portrayal, giving audiences relatable characters who grapple with real-world issues and challenge traditional norms. In addition, their commitment to protecting the Earth highlights environmental issues, encouraging viewers to value and protect our world. Their nuanced characters challenged stereotypes and fostered individuality and self-acceptance. Their impact is heightened by Steven's upbringing, which demonstrates the importance of love, care, and self-growth emotionally and physically. The lasting impact of Crystal Gems continues to resonate with audiences around the world.