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Lapis Lazuli

General Info

Lapis Lazuli logo
GenderGenderless (uses female pronouns)
Job TitleFormerly terraformer for Homeworld
Birth PlaceHomeworld
Knows aboutGem technology, Gem history, The Galaxy Warp, The Earth
Alternate NameBob
Character NameLapis Lazuli
Member of OrganizationCrystal Gems
Lapis lazuli is the main character of the beloved animated series Steven Universe. She was once a Homeworld Gem who got stuck on Earth after a heated battle, imprisoning her for millennia. The fox stands out with its rich blue hue and water wings, constantly overcoming the traumas of its past. Despite his history, he undoubtedly loves the beauty of the land and develops a special fondness for the ocean. Her powers, stemming from an oceanic theme, include hydrokinesis, water manipulation, and the ability to create water clones. As the series progresses, Lapis' bond with Steven and the Crystal Gems grows stronger, giving viewers a fascinating storyline centered around recovery, friendship, and the quest for freedom. His character growth, nuanced personality, and the mystique surrounding his past make Veluriyam one of the most intriguing elements of Steven Universe.


One of the most intriguing characters in the Steven Universe series, Lapis Lazuli is a former Homeworld Gem who joined the Crystal Gems in the episode "Same Old World" after leaving the Gem Wars. She was trapped in a magic mirror for thousands of years and was only accidentally released by Steven Universe.
It is defined not only by the difficulties of the past, but also by the perseverance to overcome them and find independence and friendship on Earth. With an accordion dress designed to look like flowing water and cropped hair as blue as the sea, her look complements her hydrokinetic powers and oceanic name.
Lapis lazuli has a unique ability to control water in a vast and complex way, the embodiment of its emotions: waves of calm and storms of anger. His character arc, full of trauma and regret issues, showcases character growth, which is an emotional narrative in the series.
Despite his initially cold and aloof demeanor, a stronger and friendlier personality emerges as he spends time on Earth, eventually choosing Earth as his home. Also, her relationship with Peridot highlights her evolution from reluctant roommate to good friend. The complex, multidimensional evolution of Lapis Lazuli in Steven Universe offers an in-depth character study of trauma, resilience, and friendship.


Lapis Lazuli is a former Gem of Homeworld and a main character in Steven Universe. She made her debut in Mirror Gem as a silent gem imprisoned in a magical mirror for thousands of years before being accidentally freed by Steven Universe.
The character of Lapis is very deep and complex. She is portrayed as mysterious and secretive, preferring to hide her true emotions. Her time trapped in the mirror caused her to feel deep resentment and suspicion towards the crystal gems, which she initially blamed for her imprisonment. However, despite her cold exterior, she has a deep love for Steven Universe, the one who freed her.
His abilities are water-based, including hydrokinesis, the power to manipulate water, and the creation of water structures, where he can build structures out of water. Notably, she can also create wings from water, allowing her to fly and travel through space. He used these abilities in various situations to help and fight the Crystal Gems.
Lapis Lazuli's journey is a journey of redemption and freedom. After escaping the mirror, she initially stood up to the crystal gems to protect her freedom. However, over time she formed alliances and even friendships with them, giving her a larger and more useful role in Steven Universe.
His struggle to deal with past traumas and find his place in a world where he was once an enemy shows his resilience and determination. It is this aspect of his character that appeals to many fans of Steven Universe, making the character of Veluriyam an unforgettable part of the show.

Creation and Development

A recurring character in the Steven Universe animated series, Lapis Lazuli was created and created under the creative umbrella of show creator Rebecca Sugar. The idea for the fox came from wanting to introduce a character that embraces the element of water and has a complex and confusing backstory with deep-rooted emotions.
Sugar followed the guidelines for character creation in animation, where each character must embody a certain emotion or trait that has not yet been explored in the show. Lapis lazuli was therefore depicted as a mirror; they reflect emotions, situations and the past like water reflects images. An important thing in creating Lapis was making sure she had not only an impressive physical appearance, but also a heavy emotional baggage that gave her depth. Concept artist Danny Hynes has formulated his first visual project. The recurring theme of blue and water as his characteristics can be traced back to his early sketches. The team refined Hynes' design to give Lapis a personality that reflected her artistic interpretation.
The development of "Lapis" took place in parallel with the development of the series. As the plot developed, so did the details and depth of her character. Her past as a Homeworld Gem, being drawn into the war, her later involvement with the Mirror, her initial bitterness with the Crystal Gems, her long relationship with Peridot, and her eventual decision to fight for Earth all shaped Lapis Lazuli. to one of the most incredibly beautiful characters in the "Steven Universe" series.
Finally, Lapis was brought to life by the talented Jennifer Paz, whose performance added another layer to her already complex and deep character, making Lapis Lazuli a character that resonated and stayed with viewers long after the series ended.

Character Profile

Lapis Lazuli is a character from Steven Universe. She is the pearl of the ocean known for her mesmerizing eyes as deep as the sea. Once a gem on her homeworld, she chooses to live on Earth for its beauty and freedom. The fox is depicted as aloof and melancholic, often seeking solitude. But her interaction with Steven helps her heal from her trauma and face her fears. She is characterized by strong will and determination. Lapis is incredibly powerful, her power of hydrokinesis allowing her to manipulate water, often creating wings that allow her to fly and travel across galaxies. Her power also gives her incredible strength and the ability to control the mass of the ocean.
Lapis lazuli is a hidden depth, like the ocean it rules. Her past shapes her, makes her aloof and sometimes abrasive, but underneath she's kind and thoughtful. While she may carry the weight of her past, her efforts to overcome it, her raw honesty about her emotions, and her sheer tenacity make her an intriguing character in the Steven Universe poem. Despite its tumultuous history, lapis lazuli grows and learns, embodying resilience and the ability to change.

Story Arc

When we first meet Lapis Lazuli in Steven Universe, she's not quite herself. Lapis lazuli is encased in a mirror, used as an adjunct to other gemstones, far from its true shining form. But even then his mind cannot be completely tamed. She contacts Steven, who breaks her out of prison.
In gratitude, Lapis shows a different side than other gemstones. They're used to fighting and bubbling damaged gems, but Lapis isn't damaged, she's just being abused. Despite the traumatic experiences, Lapis longs for home and peace. She uses her super powers of water control to try to get back to her home world and show the other gems just how dangerous a cornered gem can be.
Initially gentle and scared, Lapis finds more strength within herself as the series progresses. Become a force to be reckoned with and become one of the strongest allies of the main cast. In various stories of the series, Lapis plays a central role, and her powers often become the turning point in many conflicts.
One of the most emotional arcs of the series is Lapis' relationship with Peridot. Their relationship is complicated, full of ups and downs. Eventually, they come to understand and accept each other, paving the way for a lasting friendship that brings out the best in both.
At the end of the series, Lapis faced unimaginable trials, but she overcomes them all. She faced her fears, formed a lasting relationship, and found a home on Earth. Still alive, but now a symbol of resilience and hope, lapis lazuli leaves an indelible memory for those who know it. Its plot is one of growth, courage and, above all, redemption.

Cultural Impact

A lovable character from Steven Universe, Lapis Lazuli has clearly made a big impact on popular culture. A powerful Homeworld gem rebelling against her past, she embodies themes of overcoming trauma and seeking freedom that resonate strongly with audiences.
His character is known for its depth and complexity. The fox is versatile and exhibits a wide range of emotions, from fierce anger arising from a sense of betrayal to habituation to the joy of freedom and companionship. As a result, her character sparked discussions about mental health and trauma, allowing viewers of all ages to engage in conversations that were previously considered taboo. Specifically, Lapis' strong representation of feminism is meaningful and empowering. It is a symbol of independence, strength and personal growth; stands firm in who he is and refuses to let his past dictate his future. Elements of her character have been used in numerous fan art and cosplays, citing her influence.
The effects of lapis lazuli extend beyond the television screen. She has inspired numerous products, fan fiction, and fan theories, contributing to the growing popularity of the Steven Universe franchise. His complexity, determination and tremendous resilience continue to captivate audiences and confirm the character's enduring cultural significance.


Lapis Lazuli's deep heritage in the Steven Universe space extends far beyond her water powers and mirror origins. Her survival after thousands of years of imprisonment is a testament to her resilience, strength and courage. She fought for freedom and chose not to be a pawn in the other gems' battles after her ordeal, leaving an indelible mark on her personality and the way she interacted with others. Additionally, his ability to adapt, learn, and grow embodied the show's theme of change and growth. Indeed, Lapis' story demonstrates the power of recovery from trauma, becoming a symbol of hope and determination for those struggling with the past. Overall, Lapis Lazuli's journey embodies important lessons about resilience, self-determination, growth and recovery.