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Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection

General Info

Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection logo
GenresAdventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Music ByAivi & Surasshu
Film NameSteven Universe: The Diamond Collection
StarringZach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno Hall
Directed ByRebecca Sugar
Produced ByCartoon Network Studios
Release Date2019-01-01
Screenplay ByRebecca Sugar
Content RatingTV-PG
Distributed ByWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original TitleSteven Universe: The Diamond Collection
Country of OriginUnited States
World Premiere Date2019-01-01
Production Company NameCartoon Network Studios
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.cartoonnetworkstudios.com/
Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection is an exclusive collection of epic adventures set in the fascinating universe created by Rebecca Sugar. This phenomenal collection brings together the greatest conflicts, thrilling stories and fascinating revelations of the four diamonds: yellow, blue, white and pink diamond (also known as rose quartz). Broadly displaying their immense individual powers, intricate plots, and intertwining relationships, these installments will unravel the enigmatic saga of the Diamonds. Fans enjoy the deep emotional storytelling, evocative world-building, and bright animation style that make this series a cultural touchstone. It's a gem-filled journey of lore, from the not-so-simple history of Homeworld to the transformation of Steven Universe. Perfect for die-hard fans looking to relive the magic, as well as the uninitiated looking for a glitzy look at the famous series.


Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection is a wonderful fusion of adventure, friendship and self-discovery wrapped in a blanket of interstellar intrigue. The story delves into Steven's evolution from a teenage boy trying to step into his mother's shoes to a mature leader shaping his own destiny as a diamond.
Raised in the idyllic town of Beach City, Steven grows up alongside magical crystal gems, learning to harness the gems' powers and growing to protect his world. With each revelation about the mysterious world of the Gem House and the power of the Diamonds, Steven struggles with his unique heritage as he tries to balance his various intergalactic relationships.
As secrets are revealed and new threats emerge, Steven's universal journey becomes a symphony of conflict, joy and growth. Each character brings their own unique charm and depth to this animated saga of cosmic proportions. Live animation and musical elements work well together to enhance the emotional side of the story.
Intertwining Steven's personal coming-of-age story with a great story of rebellion against intergalactic oppression, The Diamond Collection is a beautiful celebration of love, empathy, and above all (self) transformation. It is more than a collection of episodes, it is an intimate journey into a mysterious, vibrant, inspiring and beautiful universe, like the reflection of a diamond rainbow.



'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection' "film" screenshots


Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection exists in the popular and quirky universe created by the inimitable Rebecca Sugar. Bring to the screen the charm and magic of the beloved series about intergalactic harmony and love, along with courage and imminent danger.
The plot revolves around Steven growing up and trying to figure out his place as a new being in the world. As a gem-human hybrid, he is the result of repeated love swoons that seemed unaffected between his human father, Greg Universe, and Rose Quartz, who was a gem, and despite being viewed as an outsider by the homeworld gems and considered a nuisance. , decided to give up his place among them to save Earth.
Steven tries to resolve the mistrust between the Gem Homeworld and Earth that his mother caused long ago. The past is an indulgent mystery that slowly unravels and brings Steven closer to the truth about his mother and his true identity. This journey introduces Steven to the Diamond Authority, gems from the highest hierarchy of gem society.
But Rose Quartz wanted to get rid of the "us vs. them" ideology. Steven continues to develop his ideologies as he learns from his life. He uncovers the exclusion and inequality his family members face in Diamonds and uncovers the secrets of Diamond's power, bringing him face-to-face with White Diamond. Despite his setbacks, Steven prefers peace to war, and with his boundless compassion, he will lead the way to an equal age of harmony and unity. As the story unfolds, the audience must wonder if Steven's dream of gem-human equality will survive amid the traces of the past and the challenges of the future. The Diamond Collection embodies the exciting reincarnation of the spirit of love, courage and unyielding peace.


The production of Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection showcased a harmonious blend of creativity, technological sophistication and relentless dedication to artistic excellence. An intriguing exploration of an unknown universe, this film marks a unique journey beyond the boundaries of animation as we know it.
The seeds of this captivating cartoon are planted in Rebecca Sugar's fantasy world. Sugar and her dedicated team, a visionary who forever changed the perception of animated storytelling, worked diligently to bring the enchanting world of Gems to the screen. They drew inspiration from many different sources, mixing classic cartoons, anime, video game art, and even their own personal experiences to create the story. The film was innovative at every turn. Traditional 2D animation has been combined with cutting-edge CGI technology to create a visually stunning universe that feels alive and immersive. This technique breathed new life into each shot, ensuring that the diamond-like brilliance of the gems and the grace of their movements were flawlessly captured.
Every aspect of this film is crafted with attention to detail. The vibrant color palette has been carefully selected to reflect the various personalities of the gemstones, so they are reflected in a rich, layered background. The soundtrack also featured an original soundtrack that perfectly captured the exciting excitement and pace of the film, adding to the unparalleled viewing experience.
More importantly, the work revitalized the underrepresented narrative of non-binary and LGBT characters. Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection is a testament to an innovative production team that ventured into challenging territory and achieved massive success. It will surely go down as an important event in animated film history.


The highly anticipated Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection has finally been released to much acclaim. Known for its vibrant animation style and deep storytelling, this beloved series has expanded its influence into the cinematic realm with this stunning collection. The visual leap from small screen to cinema is seamless and manages to retain the charm of the original series.
Each film in the collection adds another layer of depth to the universe with well-crafted stories and characters that fans have come to love. Along with his friends and family, Steven Universe continues his adventures across multiple planets, facing challenges that test their unity and personal growth. The release didn't just satiate fans; managed to attract a new audience while keeping up with the producer's agenda of inclusion and diversity. Ultimately, The Diamond Collection is a testament to the strength of Steven Universe as a show that can present complex real-world issues in an engaging and understandable way.
Haunting, charming and emotionally resonant, Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection perfectly expands the story of a small-town boy with a magical destiny, making it a must-see for all cartoon fans.


Upon its release, Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection received critical and audience acclaim. The amazing combination of animation, depth of character and complex storytelling immediately captivated the audience. Critics praised the film's bold attempt to push the limits of history and beautifully explore themes of identity, change and relationships.
Apart from the dizzying plots, the film stands out for its approach to characterization. The Diamond Collection elaborately develops the characters, allowing viewers to become fully involved in their individual journeys. Their growth and revelations fit perfectly with the development of the storyline and provide a new visual experience.
Another highlight of the film is the rich animation. The stunning visuals of Steven Universe translate perfectly to the big screen, further elevating the thematic elements. Critics hailed this expansion of the world of Steven Universe, noting how it brings new depth to the beloved animated series. Evocative and catchy, the soundtrack perfectly blends the film's story and animation, enriching the story with a fitting homage to the original series. Despite critical acclaim, the real proof of the film's success lies in the audience's reaction. Fans and newcomers to the original series have expressed their love and appreciation for Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection. In fact, it's more than just a movie, it's a fascinating journey through a universe of rich characters, compelling stories and stunning visuals, making it a must-see for all animation fans.

Cultural impact

Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection has left an indelible mark on modern popular culture thanks to its captivating storytelling and vivid animation. This film uniquely highlights themes of unconditional love, acceptance, and identity in a way never seen in cartoons, contributing to the cultural dialogue surrounding these themes.
First, this film did not hesitate to portray various forms of love – familial, platonic and romantic – in a way that resonated with audiences of all ages. It delved into the relationship between Steven and the Crystal Gems that helped redefine the concept of unconventional families, encouraging viewers to challenge social norms and embrace the diversity of human relationships.
Second, the film's nuanced character development helped change the way we approach identity and self-expression. The main character, Steven, is unabashedly himself: a sympathetic, emotional and somewhat naive character who openly expresses his feelings, breaking the stereotypes associated with male characters in popular media. The show's portrayal of genderfluid characters also expanded the dialogue about inclusion and acceptance.
In addition, the film's central theme of acceptance acted as a catalyst for conversations about self-love and the importance of acknowledging one's emotions. The characters' journeys to come to terms with their past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future encouraged viewers to show empathy for themselves and others.
Finally, through its meaningful story of peaceful coexistence, The Diamond Collection instills a sense of community in its audience. Fans from all walks of life, inspired by the themes, created a shared space where discussion of these themes was not only welcomed, but actively encouraged.
Ultimately, Steven Universe: The Diamond Collection confirmed the power of animated film as a means to break social taboos and stimulate important discourse on previously unexplored topics in popular culture.