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Steven Universe: The Movie

General Info

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GenresAnimation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical
Music ByAivi & Surasshu, Jeff Liu, Stemage
TaglineA New Era Begins...
Edited ByPaul Douglas
Film NameSteven Universe: The Movie
StarringZach Callison, Estelle, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno Hall
Directed ByRebecca Sugar
Produced ByRebecca Sugar, Kat Morris, Joe Johnston
Release Date2019-09-02
Running Time82 minutes
Screenplay ByRebecca Sugar
Content RatingTV-PG
Distributed ByWarner Bros. Television Distribution
Original TitleSteven Universe: The Movie
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZsuug-3r_Q
World Premiere Date2019-09-02
Production Company NameCartoon Network Studios
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.cartoonnetworkstudios.com/
Steven Universe: The Movie is an animated musical film that is the culmination of the popular Cartoon Network series. This exciting film tells the story of a young boy, Steven Universe, who spends his last years saving the universe together with the crystal gems: garnet, amethyst and pearl. Just when he thinks his time as a hero is over, a new threat arrives and turns his teenage idyll upside down. Steven must now pass his ultimate test and embark on an epic battle to protect his friends and family, taking viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and unexpected twists. In keeping with the series' reputation for complex themes of love, identity and responsibility, the film embodies a heartwarming blend of adventure and a journey of introspection. This movie is a must see for both fans and newcomers to the series.


Steven Universe: The Movie is an ambitious and heartfelt musical adventure that continues the beloved story of the Emmy-nominated television series Steven Universe. Now a teenager, having successfully fulfilled his destiny as a gem by convincing the Diamonds to stop their destructive ways, Steven hopes for a peaceful future. But his hopes are short-lived when a sinister and dark gem arrives with a vengeance, forcing Steven to confront a past he thought he had left behind. The film delves into Steven's journey of self-discovery and acceptance, reflecting Steven's growth and the overwhelming importance of his decisions. Filled with catchy tunes, this film doesn't shy away from exploring mature themes of trauma, recovery and the complexities of relationships. Steven Universe: The Movie is not only a celebration for fans, but also a wonderful treat for any viewer, thanks to its artistic animation and fascinating storyline that stays true to the essence of the original series and introduces a fascinating new conflict.



'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots
'Steven Universe: The Movie' "film" screenshots


Steven Universe: The Movie begins with Steven Universe, a now 16-year-old boy who manages to create a peaceful universe and take on the role of his mother, Pink Diamond. But this peaceful existence is interrupted by the arrival of Spinel, a cartoon-inspired classic gem with a heart-shaped gem.
Spinel wields a devastating weapon called the Rejuvenator, a scythe-like device designed to return gems to their original state. Steven is shot and begins to lose his powers as a result. Her Crystal Gem friends Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are also affected and lose their memories of the Crystal Gem Rebellion, reverting to their original roles as programmed tyrannical diamonds. Steven must now find a way to restore his and his friends' memories and stop the spread of the deadly Spinel toxin released into Earth's atmosphere.
After evacuating Beach City, Steven and his friends embark on a journey of rediscovery, looking back on their past actions and realizing how they've grown and changed. During this course, Steven learns from his father Greg that "a moment changes everything", inspiring him to gradually regain his powers throughout the film.
At the same time, Spinel is wracked with guilt as she realizes the damage her hatred has caused. Clinging to his belief in the well-being of all beings, Steven helps Spinel understand the pain of his trauma and the benefits of unleashing vengeance. The story ends on a hopeful note: the message that it's never too late to change and that everyone deserves love and understanding. The film plays well as a story of growth, change and the power of enduring friendship and love. This epic musical is based on the themes of Steven Universe and offers a compelling observation of key life lessons that are easily forgotten.


Making Steven Universe: The Movie was a feat that required careful planning and creativity. The creators and animators worked hard to bring the animated TV series to the big screen, prioritizing the plot, graphics and character design.
Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar oversaw production and helped ensure that the film retained the theme and richness of the original series. He teamed up with the very talented team of Kat Morris and Joe Johnston who co-directed the film and made sure the story flowed smoothly.
In addition, the production team recognized the role of music in enhancing the story. They collaborated with musicians such as Aivi & Surasshu and Stemage who contributed to the film by creating incredible soundtracks that enhanced the emotional scenes and marked the character development.
Another important aspect of making the film was the animation. The animation team worked tirelessly to create a visually stunning world that would appeal to the film's diverse audience. They used bright color schemes and detailed embellishments, subtly linking these elements to the themes and emotions of the story.
The long production process of Steven Universe: The Movie allowed for an impressive story, combined with stunning visuals and emotional music, creating a great cinematic experience for all fans of the franchise.


Steven Universe: The Movie was officially released in 2019. September 2 as a musical television movie. This epic cinematic debut marked a milestone in Rebecca Sugar's much-loved Steven Universe franchise, which has generated excitement and creative debate among fans from the very beginning. The film aired in the US on Cartoon Network and received critical acclaim upon release.
The film marked the culmination of Steven's wonderful adventures with the Crystal Gems prior to the series. With new songs by Aivi & Surasshu, Rebecca Sugar and a host of great guest artists, this musical show has definitely left an indelible mark. Upon its release, the film was met with satisfactory reviews, showing its impact on the audience. Several reviews have praised the film for staying true to its roots and providing an emotionally engaging story, musical action, and a heartfelt message about growth and change.
The film was then released digitally on various platforms such as Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video. A DVD edition with exclusive behind-the-scenes content was released in 2019. November 12 Fans were also thrilled when the official soundtrack of the film was released on digital platforms, where all the catchy songs tell Steven's story in a cohesive way. . . Steven Universe: The Movie proved to be an important milestone in the franchise's journey, expanding its reach and positively resonating with audiences, proving an impressive narrative.


Steven Universe: The Movie was well received by critics and fans alike. It was praised for its engaging plot, well-written characters, stunning animation, and catchy music. Critics have praised the film for successfully exploring complex themes of identity, growth and acceptance in a nuanced and honest way. Many also noted how the film was a moving love letter to fans who have followed the series since its inception; rewarding them with abundant character development and emotional rewards.
One of the best-acclaimed characters was the villain Spinel, who resonated with audiences because of his tragic backstory and evocative design. The film also makes good use of the musical format, giving each character their own unique tunes that only add to their stories.
Visually, the animation has been praised for being vibrant, engaging and contributing to an exceptional cinematic experience. The seamless blend of different animation styles added an appealing aesthetic to the film that was unique to the Steven Universe franchise.
It also received critical acclaim for its mature approach to emotional themes, with particular focus on its depiction of trauma, forgiveness and personal growth. In addition to its great story and artistry, Steven Universe: The Movie is widely regarded as a landmark in progressive children's animation for its bold and daring portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters and themes.

Cultural impact

Steven Universe: The Movie has had a major cultural impact since its release. It is considered a landmark in its portrayal of diverse relationships and identities and has been praised for its groundbreaking portrayal of non-binary and LGBTQ+ characters.
The film continues the series' tradition of challenging stereotypes and norms. It features the complexity of the characters' personalities, showing that everyone has flaws and strengths that are revealed as the characters develop over time. For many viewers, seeing themselves reflected in the colorful world of Steven Universe was a powerful and life-affirming experience. In addition, the film does not shy away from serious themes such as trauma, healing and personal growth. It offers an age-appropriate yet unflinching exploration of these topics, engages viewers with insight and broader conversation, and contributes to the cultural dialogue around emotional intelligence and mental health.
The film's songs also left their mark with catchy melodies and deep, meaningful lyrics. They offer messages of love, acceptance and self-confidence, providing not only entertainment but also a source of comfort and inspiration to many viewers.
Additionally, Steven Universe: The Movie had a major impact on the animation industry itself. The distinctive art style combines traditional elements with new, innovative design, while the story sets the stage for the increasingly complex plot and character development of television animation.
In these ways and more, Steven Universe: The Movie is more than just a fun musical, with its progressive themes and distinctive style. It is a cultural touchstone that greatly contributes to representational diversity and inclusion in the media.