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Attack the Light

General Info

Attack the Light logo
AwardsBest Mobile Game (2015 IGN's Best of 2015)
GenresRole-playing, Adventure
WritersRebecca Sugar
Game NameAttack the Light
ComposersIván Rodríguez, Surasshu, Aivi Tran
DevelopersGrumpyface Studios
Directed ByRebecca Sugar
Release Date2015-04-02
Game PlatformsAndroid, OS X, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Publisher NameCartoon Network Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk/
Set in the vast universe of Steven Universe, Attack the Light is an immersive RPG that takes fans and players on an amazing journey through a variety of colorful and gem-filled landscapes. Players will experience exciting adventures with Steven and the Crystal Gems as they explore fascinating locations, uncover mysterious secrets, and engage in exciting battles. Featuring numerous power-ups, special abilities, and squad-boosting moves, combat is strategically engaging and a unique twist on traditional RPG gameplay. Filled with the charm, wit and warmth of the TV series, Attack the Light is a perfect homage to Steven Universe and a compelling gaming experience in its own right. Players will always experience immense joy, mesmerizing visuals and engaging challenges. From exploring the Strawberry Battlefield to battling massive bosses, every element of Attack the Light creates an unforgettable adventure. Discover magic, unleash your powers and defend the light in this exciting game.


'Attack the Light' game screenshots
'Attack the Light' game screenshots
'Attack the Light' game screenshots
'Attack the Light' game screenshots
'Attack the Light' game screenshots
'Attack the Light' game screenshots


"Attack the Light is a role-playing game directly based on the acclaimed animated show Steven Universe. You enter the game as Steven Universe himself, accompanied by cute and powerful crystal gems. The easy-to-learn gameplay invites you to explore the enchanting and beautifully painted, where you fight against various strange opponents during the battle of turns.
During your journey, you must quickly master the ability to strategize using each of the Crystal Gems' special abilities, which are critical to overcoming the challenges that come your way. As Steven, your mission is not only to "attack the light", but also to solve challenging puzzles, find hidden treasures and deepen the bonds between you and the crystal gems. For fans of the series, Attack the Light captures the charm of the original animation, including its captivating storytelling, intense character dynamics and endearing humor. For starters, the game offers an engaging entry into the strange and heartwarming world of Steven Universe. With its compelling narrative, carefully crafted environments, and highly strategic gameplay, Attack the Light is an amazing gem of a game that stands out in the mobile RPG genre.



In Attack the Light, players control four characters: Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Gameplay revolves around turn-based combat and exploration, with four characters traversing different colorful worlds using an interactive touchscreen. Strategy plays a huge role in this game as players must decide which character to attack when and when to deal the most damage.
Additionally, each character has unique abilities that can be used strategically in combat. Steven, the only character who cannot attack directly, collects items, supports other characters, helps restore health, or improves team stats. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl offer unique attacks and powers that allow for tactical variety in combat. Successful battles will reward you with experience points that you can use to upgrade your characters and their abilities to make them stronger in future battles.
The game cleverly presents puzzles and maneuvers, forcing players to make smart decisions rather than just brute force. Bad decisions can lead to more difficult fights and encounters, creating an attractive risk-reward scenario. Also, the game perfectly captures the charm and humor of the Steven Universe cartoon, making it just as fun. With a bright and colorful art style combined with fantastic voice acting from the series' original cast, Attack the Light is a real treat for fans.
With its captivating turn-based combat system, clever tactical requirements, expandable characters, and engaging storyline, Attack the Light stands out as an immersive mobile RPG that's more than just a hit show, it's also an incredibly fun game. yourself.

Gameplay video


Heart of Light Attack is an exciting journey that takes you directly into the vibrant world of Steven and the Crystal Gems. The plot revolves around Steven accidentally revealing the power of a magical weapon in the Gem Temple. This weapon, the prismatic light, creates powerful light structures that now threaten planet Earth.
The game begins with Steven and the Crystal Gems: Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, who go on a mission to retrieve and eliminate these creatures of light before they do any harm. As they travel through a variety of beautifully designed landscapes, from dense forests, fiery volcanoes to icy caves and deserts, the team tackles various challenges while battling creatures of light. But it's not all fighting and hunting. The game excels at character building and bonding moments. There is a lot of dialogue between the characters that gives players a deeper understanding of their colorful personalities.
They face many obstacles thrown by enemies. But an indomitable team spirit combined with Steven's optimistic enthusiasm keeps them going. The player's ability to strategize each gem's unique abilities and Steven's knack for turning difficulty into fun makes the entire journey compelling.
At its core, Attack the Light's story is a wonderful mix of adventure, strategy, and heartwarming moments. It embodies the spirit of the animated series, an engaging and exciting game that players will not be able to put down. A fitting tribute to Steven Universe, this vibrant, action-packed installment does everything that makes the show enchanting and entertaining.


The developers of Attack the Light focused on creating a familiar and new experience for fans of the Steven Universe series. The game is designed to perfectly reflect the show's aesthetic and voice, and features plenty of references that fans will appreciate. The design team has been meticulous in ensuring that the game accurately reflects the world of Steven Universe.
One aspect that sets this game apart is the combat system. Combine real-time and turn-based mechanics for an immersive gaming experience. Each gem has its own unique set of abilities, and players can strategize and combine them for maximum effect. The interface is simple, yet flexible enough to allow for complex strategic maneuvering.
The exploration factor in the game is also commendable. Your team moves from room to room, fighting enemies and collecting items. You can explore at a leisurely pace; it's like merging an RPG world into a Final Fantasy style map. It gives players an immersive experience as they constantly explore and fight together. The animation and music of "Attack the Light" also received special attention. Aiming to emulate the show's specific style and atmosphere, the cartoonish graphic style and melodious orchestral soundtracks elevate the gameplay experience. The developers have done a commendable job in creating a game that captures the charm and essence of Steven Universe.


The "Release" section of the immersive game Attack the Light reveals that the game debuted in 2015. April 2 This coincided with an era when mobile gaming was booming, bringing a new wave of excitement to the gaming world. The ground-breaking RPG Attack the Light created a wonderful fusion of the magical world of Steven Universe with the immersive realm of mobile gaming.
For a unique twist, Attack the Light didn't stay true to the usual style of pre-introduced characters. Instead, the characters beautifully carved out of the Steven Universe TV show gradually evolved into the game. The game is developed for iOS and Android platforms and has been enthusiastically received by the public. Critics loved the combination of strategic gameplay with an emotionally charged plot.
The release was not only a success as it received great reviews but also saw a huge number of downloads. Despite being a paid game, it has been warmly received by players from all over the world, enjoying their journey through the world of Steven Universe. The attention to detail and intricate game design have added some much-needed depth, making this more than just your average release. This game has continued to delight Steven Universe fans and gamers since its release and shines brightly in the vast mobile gaming universe.


Attack the Light received an overwhelmingly positive reception from fans and newcomers to the Steven Universe series. The game's art style, reminiscent of the TV show, and its immersive storyline, have received critical acclaim. The beautifully presented RPG-style game has also been praised for its strategic depth and level of creativity. Extensive character creation options bring a new perspective to each stage of the game, allowing for gradual immersion and less predictability. Enchanting music and sound effects, another notable aspect, perfectly complement the vivid visual aesthetics to create an immersive gaming experience. Given its many accolades, it's no exaggeration to say that Attack the Light is a flawless translation of the charm of Steven Universe into an interactive game format. This challenging yet entertaining game appeals to many players, making it a great offering in the franchise and gaming industry.

Cultural impact

Attack the Light has had a significant cultural impact, particularly in mobile gaming and contributing to the continued success of the Steven Universe IP. Upon release, it quickly gained acclaim for its smooth animation, intelligent writing, and strategic gameplay, garnering rave reviews and a large fan base.
The game was praised for its faithfulness to the original Steven Universe show. The characters, dialogue, and story themes are very similar to the theme of the series, making the game feel like an extension of Steven Universe rather than a separate entity. This strong pairing has contributed to the game's popularity among fans and non-fans alike. Perhaps Attack the Light's most notable influence is proof that successful TV gaming is possible even in the often-volatile mobile gaming market. Its success paved the way for other successful adaptations, inspiring game developers to pursue similar opportunities.
Attack the Light also had an impact on how mobile games are viewed in the wider context of the gaming industry. High-quality gameplay and immersive storytelling contributed to the shift from viewing mobile games as "casual" to legitimate entries into the larger gaming canon.
In short, Attack the Light caused quite a stir in mobile gaming and popular culture, contributing to a larger shift in how these types of games are perceived and enjoyed. The game not only delighted fans of the original Steven Universe show, but also successfully attracted a wider audience of gamers. It's an example of what can be achieved when game developers truly understand and respect the source material they're adapting.