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Steven Universe Future

General Info

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GenresAnimation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Family
Music ByBill Devine, Alex Borquez, Timothy J. Borquez, Timothy J. Borquez, Alex Borquez, Scott Manke, Stacy Renfroe, Tony Orozco, Robert Serda, Timothy J. Borquez
Edited ByPaul Douglas, Lauren Hecht
StarringZach Callison, Estelle, Deedee Magno, Michaela Dietz
Directed ByRebecca Sugar
Produced ByRebecca Sugar, Brian A. Miller, Katie Barker, Erika Smith, Rob Sorcher, Katie Barker, Linda Barry, Tramm Wigzell, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Conrad Montgomery, Kat Morris, Cecilia Rheins, Lisa Zunich, Jackie Buscarino, Joe Johnston, Cynthia Paredes, Alicia Parkinson, Jennifer Pelphrey, Kristi Reed
Release Date2019-12-07
Running Time11
Screenplay ByRebecca Sugar, Taneka Stotts, Jack Pendarvis, Joe Johnston, Kate Tsang, Kat Morris, Hilary Florido, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, Hilary Florido
TV Series NameSteven Universe Future
Content Rating8.2
Distributed ByCartoon Network
Original TitleSteven Universe Future
Country of OriginUS
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes20
World Premiere Date2019-12-07
Production Company NameCartoon Network Studios
Production Company Website URLhttps://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/steven-universe-future/index.html
Steven Universe Future is an enchanting series that follows the phenomenal success of the original Steven Universe. It serves as an epilogue to the original show, with the film taking place two years after the grand finale. This immersive series lets viewers delve into the life of protagonist Steven Universe, now 16 years old, as he deals with the pressures of his new responsibilities, the confusing and turbulent aspects of adolescence, and the changing dynamics of his life. past relationships. While dealing with new feelings and disturbing dreams, Steven also has to face unsolved cases from his past. This ground-breaking series deals sensitively and vividly with the poignant themes of trauma, growth and maturation. It's an exciting journey into the future world of Steven Universe that fans won't want to miss.



Steven Universe Future is the amazing sequel to Cartoon Network's beloved series Steven Universe. Set in the aftermath of the disbandment of the Diamond Authority, the series offers a deep dive into how Steven and the Crystal Gems adjust to the world's new normal.
In fact, the main story delves into how Steven, once bound by his leadership duties and his self-appointed role as "savior," struggles with more personal and internal struggles. In an environment where external threats have disappeared, Steven is confronted with unresolved traumas and emotions he had previously ignored.
Continuing the tradition of focusing on LGBTQ+ characters, Steven Universe Future impressively tackles these important themes of identity, change, and growth. It shows the audience that it's okay to feel lost even in a world where all external battles have been won. In the background of this in-depth story are lighthearted and humorous episodes that reflect the moments of everyday life in Gem Homeworld and Beach City. The series perfectly maintains its core essence of music, color and heartwarming emotions, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of the Jewel House and the opportunity to explore new areas of Beach City.
Throughout the journey, Steven Universe Future beautifully reveals what it means to push past the limits and understand more deeply within oneself the importance of self-love and personal growth.


Steven Universe Future is an epilogue sequel to the original Steven Universe, focusing on a new chapter in Steven's life. After saving the universe, Steven is finally ready to relax and create a healthy, normal routine. However, despite his efforts to live a normal life, his past is not ready to let him go easily.
As he tries to rebuild his life, Steven faces many new challenges and surprises. After the Diamond Authority is disbanded, the Gems freed on Earth turn to Steven. His attempt to make his friends understand that he is no longer their protector often falls flat. His hitherto unexplored trauma rises to the surface, awakening strange new powers in him, hinting at a lack of control over his feelings and mental state.
Operation Little Homeschool, a safe haven for gems who refuse to go to Homeworld, also bring their own. Try to solve each gem without leaving room for self-care. The appearance of previously corrupted and evil gems like Jasper makes things even more chaotic. Throughout the series, Steven struggles with his identity and purpose in the world he hopes to lead. Despite Steven's resilient attitude, the mounting pressure becomes a ticking time bomb. Interspersed with adventure, life lessons and exceptional humor, this story sets Steven on a vital journey of self-discovery from his superhero alter ego.
The Future of Steven Universe - Explores Steven's internal struggles with life-changing changes, emphasizing resilience, mental health, personal growth, and the importance of seeking help when needed. So, not only does it serve as an end to a beloved series, but it also teaches essential life lessons.


Steven Universe Future is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece from Cartoon Network Studio that has seen a huge change in the animation industry. The production team was led by the talented Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon Network's first non-male artist, bringing a new twist to the world of animation. Every detail of the production has been meticulously crafted, from the theme music composed by Aivi & Surasshu and Jeff Liu, to the bright pastel art and animation directed by Elle Michalka and Liz Artinian, respectively. A lot of attention was paid to the voice casting for authenticity and inclusion. Famous voices like Zach Callison brought to life the main character - Steven Universe and Estelle - Garnet. The writing has been praised for its thoughtfulness and sensitivity to deep and difficult topics that animation often doesn't cover. Each storyline greatly affected the characters involved, adding complexity to their personalities. The show also pioneered LGBTQ+ representation, challenging traditional gender norms. Expressing each character's individuality by revealing their beautiful imperfections was part of the show's magic, all thanks to a dedicated production team; a true testament to the power of cartoons to promote openness and cultural understanding.


Steven Universe Future, the brilliant sequel to the acclaimed original series, hit screens in 2019. December 7 The limited series, which served as an epilogue to Steven Universe, was designed to tie up loose ends and deepen the emotional turmoil. complex characters.
Building on the themes that its predecessor celebrated – love, acceptance, identity and growth – Steven Universe Future presented a more mature story. After saving the universe, Steven returned to Beach City to fight his demons. He wrestles with a new question: What is his purpose now that the part he's been eagerly preparing for—being a hero—is over? The thrilling series that aired on Cartoon Network was powered by Rebecca Sugar's powerful storytelling. It beautifully captures Steven, now a teenager, on his journey to understand his new life, his growing powers, and the damaging effects of his past adventures on his mental health.
Steven Universe Future has transcended the traditional norms of children's shows with its sweeping visuals and thoughtful conversations about mental well-being. The final that appeared in 2020 on March 27, gave viewers a gripping yet satisfying ending to their favorite series. Thanks to Steven Universe Future, the deep world of Steven Universe continues to be explored, affecting far more than it started.


Steven Universe Future was well received by audiences and critics alike. The series was praised for its mature portrayal of characters and their growth and development in the original series. It has been praised for maintaining the honest essence of Steven Universe while providing a clear perspective that reflects the passage of time.
Critics praised Steven for his sensitive exploration of his struggles with his identity and past trauma. The show's focus on mental health was profound and inspiring, adding depth to the story. The positive portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters remained a highlight and was an inspiration to many viewers.
The vivid animation and emotional soundtrack also received positive reviews for enhancing the emotional resonance of the story. Despite the heavy subjects, the show's humor was appreciated for its comic relief.
However, some felt that the series ended too abruptly, leaving some plot points unresolved. Others lamented the lack of screen time for some beloved characters from the original show. Despite these criticisms, Steven Universe Future was generally considered a worthy conclusion to the franchise, nicely tying together the characters' storylines and leaving the door open for possible future stories. It was generally praised for the inherent optimism, emotional honesty and meaningful messages it conveyed, securing its place as a beloved addition to animated television.

Cultural impact

Cultural impact is extremely important to measure, especially with transformative television shows like The Future of Steven Universe. This show has done a great job of expanding the portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships, diversity, body positivity, and mental health that are often overlooked on children's television.
The story brought up the idea of ​​non-binary and genderqueer identities, usually embodied in gem types that are inherently genderless but have feminine pronouns. Such shows also increased the normalization of progressive gender identities.
In addition, the series broke the stereotypical portrayal of body types in cartoons. Characters like Amethyst allowed for the portrayal of people with non-traditional body measurements, promoting body positivity and self-acceptance in the audience. Perhaps the most defining cultural impact of Steven Universe Future is its exploration of mental health, especially for a character like Steven. Instead of downplaying the main character's trauma, the show invested in the consequences of each ordeal for Steven, ultimately leading to his mental breakdown. By candidly examining the consequences of repressed emotional tension, the series opened a dialogue about mental health among its youth target audience.
In conclusion, Steven Universe Future not only changed the way children's television was viewed, but it also took the future of animation in a more inclusive, accepting and understanding direction.