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Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town

General Info

Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town logo
AuthorAdam Christopher
GenresScience Fiction, Horror
Book NameStranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town
PublisherDel Rey Books
Release Date2019-05-28
Number of Pages416
Original TitleStranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.randomhousebooks.com/imprints/del-rey/
Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of the City delves into the intriguing story of Chief Hopper's past and reveals the most compelling details to date. The story, which takes place before the supernatural events in Hawkins, Indiana, transports readers to the sultry year of 1977. New York streets. As a principled and fierce NYPD detective, Jim Hopper must fight untold evils, both human and non-human. This fascinating perspective on Hopper's life shows his heroic journey through crime, conspiracy and supernatural mayhem, as well as the emotional complexity of his character. The book captures the charm and tension that made Stranger Things such a huge success; a great companion for fans looking for deeper character insight and new storytelling.


Dark on the Edge of the City delves into the mysterious past of one of Stranger Things' most beloved characters, Jim Hopper. This moving narrative sheds light on Hopper's complicated history and reveals why he left the big city for the quiet town of Hawkins. This gripping story takes us on Hopper's journey as he investigates chilling cases that eerily mirror what happened to his daughter. But as he delves deeper into the city, he discovers something much more dangerous and complex than he could have expected. The story is as much a story of personal redemption as it is an exciting exploration of the world that will eventually lead Hopper to Hawkins. The book ingeniously interweaves the meticulous realism of classic noir with elements of ethereal horror, creating an engaging and suspenseful story. Fans will get to know the dark side of their favorite character even more and add depth not only to Hopper, but to the Stranger Things universe as a whole. Prepare to uncover the untold secrets buried in Hopper's past.


In Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town, we delve into the fascinating past of Jim Hopper, only hinted at in the hit Netflix series. The year is 1977, Vietnam is over, and New York City is plagued by rampant blackouts, riots, and a sinister serial killer. Ex-army veteran Jim Hopper, now an NYPD detective, is drawn into the chaos and complexity of the city.
The story unfolds when Hopper and his partner Rosario Delgado are assigned to investigate a series of brutal murders. The victims suffer similar wounds: the grim trail of a killer who works with terrifying efficiency and stunning vengeance. A pattern emerges that connects the victims to Hopper's past in Vietnam, leading him on a tense journey where every step brings him closer to the darkness he escaped from.
What makes the book fascinating is that as Hopper battles external forces, he also battles his own inner demons as he is introduced to fatherhood and raising a daughter in a city in chaos. The book focuses on Hopper's struggle to keep his family and town safe.
The book's plot not only offers an exploration of Hopper's past, but also an intriguing perspective on his current relationship with Eleven in the series. A natural continuation of the Stranger Things mythology, Darkness on the Edge of Town is a compelling introduction to the main series and a must-read for any fan interested in a deeper understanding of Jim Hopper's enigmatic character.


"Darkness on the Edge of Town" expands the Stranger Things universe by delving into Jim Hopper's character before he becomes Hawkins' police chief. This fantastic sequel takes us back to Hopper's days as a New York detective in 1977. During this tumultuous period, the city was torn apart by a conflict that seemed to foreshadow the supernatural struggle Hope would later face in Hawkins.
The story begins with Hopper trying to enjoy a casual board game night with Eleven when he discovers a box containing remnants of his past. After finding three simple words - Vietnam, New York - Hop tells about his darkest case yet. A story that, while deeply personal, is full of mysterious conspiracies, radical revolutionaries and fear throughout the city. This psychodrama shows the main components of crime, horror and action, although it takes place against the Demogorgon.
The entire storyline is tailored to enhance the true depth of Jim Hopper's character. His transformation from hardened big-city detective to bearish police chief Hawkins becomes more believable after this harrowing and harrowing story.
The book offers fans of the show a chance to uncover the layers of Jim Hopper's enigmatic past that shape his actions in Stranger Things. Author Adam Christopher effortlessly weaves real-world elements with the supernatural, setting the tone for the perfect introduction to the hit Netflix series. This new perspective further enriches the history of Stranger Things and makes Dark on the Edge of the City a must-read for any fan looking to gain a deeper understanding of this beloved character.


In Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of the City, we are invited to explore Chief Jim Hopper's haunted past as a detective in New York. The publication was published before the start of the series "Stranger Things". The book is carefully written by Adam Christopher, who perfectly captures Hopper's character as he uncovers his past.
1977 New York. Hopper struggles to adjust to city life, a stark contrast to Hawkins, Indiana. The crimes are more serious, the stakes are higher, and the monsters are eerily human. The story unfolds as a Vietnam veteran leads him to the most disturbing case of his career: a series of brutal, ritualistic murders that hint at a mystery.
Throughout the story we see another side of Hopper; we see his guilt over leaving Vietnam and the regret that later marked his life. We see his inherent need to protect, which later leads to his relentless pursuit of the missing Hawkins children.
The book promises all the exciting elements the series is known for: suspense, alternate realities, and terrifying government experiments. However, delving into the characters' internal struggles and moral ambiguities makes it more intimate and compelling.
As an added bonus, all the chapters are interspersed with moments from Hopper's current life, adding another layer of interest. These moments make compelling comparisons between Hopper's past and present to give readers a better understanding of his character.
Expect to be on the edge of your seat with Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town. This book is a must for any Stranger Things fan who wants more depth and history for their beloved characters.


Penguin Random House 2019 May 28 has officially released Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town. The book was published as the second installment in the official Stranger Things novel series. The highly anticipated release followed the success of the first novel and was immediately recognized as a must-read for die-hard fans of the Stranger Things universe.
Adam Christopher, a prolific science fiction writer, has masterfully entered the world of Stranger Things and created a thrilling prequel set in New York in 1977. during the eclipse. The book delves into the mysterious elevens of the beloved character, Chief Jim Hopper, recounting his days as an NYPD detective. The book was widely acclaimed for its well-crafted narrative, fast-paced plot, and perfect blend of detective story and supernatural horror. Christopher perfectly portrayed Hopper's complex personality and continues to expand his knowledge of the Stranger Things universe.
Upon its release, Darkness on the Edge of Town quickly found a dedicated audience, with fans praising it for bringing new depth and perspective to the Stranger Things canon. This further cemented the new series as an integral part of the Stranger Things phenomenon.
Fans eagerly devoured the 304-page novel, further fueling their anticipation for Stranger Things season 3. Christopher's contribution to the expanded Stranger Things universe remains remarkable, reminding readers that Hawkins' world in Indiana is much richer and more complex than depicted on screen.


Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town received generally positive reviews, with many readers and critics praising it as a great addition to the Stranger Things universe. The book offers a deep and engaging dive behind the scenes of one of the show's most intriguing characters, Jim Hopper, bridging the gap between his time in New York and his life in Hawkins, Indiana.
Critics have highlighted how the novel presents a tense, frenetic and atmospheric noir story that perfectly matches the mystery and supernatural elements of the Stranger Things series. Fans especially loved Hopper's nuanced portrayal, which gave them a better understanding of his character and motivations.
However, some critics have noted that the book may not offer much to those unfamiliar with the Stranger Things universe, as much of its appeal lies in the context of the TV show. Overall, Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge is an enjoyable book not only for fans of the series, but also for those who enjoy character-driven storytelling. It offers an effective combination of heart, suspense and noir elements to create a memorable exploration of a beloved character's past.

Cultural impact

"Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town" has taken over the cultural mainstream, echoing fondly remembered 1960s and 1980s pop culture while instilling its own unique brand of supernatural dread. This particular installment in the Stranger Things literary universe masterfully fleshes out the character of Chief Jim Hopper and provides an impressive introduction to the events in Hawkins, Indiana. This made die-hard fans of the show even more engaged, who eagerly pored over every aspect of the book for clues and hidden meanings.
The book sparked much debate about the representation of New York after the Vietnam War, reminding readers of the social and political tensions of the time. The gritty realism interwoven with otherworldly horror undoubtedly captures the cultural paradox that prevailed in America in the 1960s and 1980s: the desire for nostalgic simplicity in the complex realities of today. Continuing Stranger Things' tradition of paying homage to vintage pop culture, the book draws on classic films and books from the era. As a result, it sparked a younger audience's interest in forgotten cultural artifacts, inspiring a revival of retro nostalgia.
Overall, Darkness on the Edge of Town, like Stranger Things itself, benefited from the increasingly popular genre-blending in modern literature. Combining typical elements of the horror, thriller and science fiction genres, the book reinforces the trend of cross-genre storytelling.
Part of an influential TV series, the book reflects the rapidly growing trend of multimedia storytelling. Pushing the boundaries of narrative beyond a single media format, this phenomenon has become an important part of the geistgeist of contemporary pop culture. This move to transmedia storytelling highlights the book's potential influence and shows how stories, characters, and universes can be expanded beyond traditional media platforms.