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Stranger Things: Zombie Boys

General Info

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AuthorGreg Pak
GenresFantasy, Horror, Thriller
Book NameStranger Things: Zombie Boys
PublisherDark Horse Comics
Release Date2020-02-19
Number of Pages96
Original TitleStranger Things: Zombie Boys
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Stranger Things: Zombie Boys follows the lives of the main characters Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will after their supernatural ordeal with the Upside Down. In an attempt to regain some sense of normalcy, the boys, accompanied by a newfound friendship with comic book-loving outcast Joey Kim, plunge into the world of zombies and cosplay through their school's Dungeons & Dragons club. After experiencing the effects of their harrowing adventures, they work together to face their fears and deal with real-life insecurities. The graphic novel combines the charm of childhood friendships and shared adventures with an exciting, quirky twist. A must read for any Stranger Things fan!


Stranger Things: Zombie Boys explores the lives of our favorite characters after their terrifying adventures in Season 1. The story takes place in Hawkins, Indiana, where the boys are trying to return to a "normal" life. Shocked and traumatized by their encounter with the nightmarish world of the Upside Down and the Demogorgon, they find solace and distraction in a new school project: creating the comic book Zombie Boys.
Luke, Mike, Will and Dustin try to push their fears aside as they bond over writing and drawing. However, it is not easy for everyone to cope with it. Especially Will, whose traumatic experience seems hauntingly alive. The group dynamic also changes, making the core story of PTSD deeper and more complex.
Some new faces and unexpected circumstances give the story a new twist as Stranger Things: Zombie Boys offers the perfect mix of fear, friendship, love and adventure. As readers, we get to know the characters better and share in their journey as they navigate the real and emotional maze. A must-read for every fan, this fascinating slice of the world of Stranger Things offers an interesting perspective on the lives of these beloved characters. New revelations, intense drama and an undying spirit of friendship make Stranger Things: Zombie Boys an unforgettable journey.


Stranger Things: Zombie Boys picks up right after the gruesome events of the show's first season. The four main characters - Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will - find themselves in their normal reality haunted by the tangible traces of unimaginable horrors experienced in Hawkins, Indiana.
To regain their childhood image, they start a strip club with their neighborhood ally, Steve. But being immersed in the deceptively normal life of a school presents its own challenges. The boys decide to express their emotional turmoil by drawing a zombie apocalypse comic, The Zombie Boys, which depicts their own encounters with the pain, trauma, and residual horror associated with Feet Up. Unbeknownst to them, their treatment plan becomes the object of an obsession with a suspicious new girl, the school teacher Suzy. She is convinced that the monsters they draw are not just a figment of their vivid imagination. As Suzy delves into the mystery of the Zombie Boys, she unwittingly ignites the embers of the boys' hidden fears.
Meanwhile, Will Byers, tainted by prolonged exposure to the Upside Down, begins to paint gruesome paintings that seem to foretell imminent danger. As the line between cartoon fantasy and twisted reality blurs, the boys are left with a chilling question: are they just drawing monsters, or are they drawing their own impending doom? With Feet Up still hot, the kids must use the power of friendship and courage to face and overcome their fears, real and imagined. As scary as the monsters are, the boys find that facing their own psychological demons can be much scarier.
As a result, Stranger Things: Zombie Boys emerges as an engaging exploration of the aftermath of trauma, shrouded in the deceptive veil of childhood fantasy and comics. It's a story that proves that the monsters we create are sometimes just scapegoats for the monsters inside us. The story serves not only as a sequel, but also as a compelling prelude to the trials to come that still face the Hawkins gang.


In Stranger Things: Zombie Boys, imagination collides with tension, resulting in a compelling story that grabs the reader's attention from the start. Inspired by the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the book follows the same group of friends as they struggle with disturbing events plaguing their small town.
The story cleverly incorporates elements of suspense and horror, combining an engaging plot with well-developed characters. The boys adjust to their upside-down lives, face their personal fears, and overcome the dangers of a traditional high school. It's a Dungeons and Dragons game, and they're looking for help as they unknowingly embark on another dangerous adventure. The creators did a great job capturing the nuances of the original characters, their friendship, struggles and courage. It is their fierce determination and unwavering trust in each other that make them such fascinating characters in this story.
In addition, the creators skillfully intertwine the fantastic and the real, combine elements of reverse and ordinary life to create this haunting tale. Every corner, every page follows an exciting rollercoaster that will keep you guessing as to what to expect.
Interestingly, the illustrations are an essential part of Stranger Things: Zombie Boys. They play a vital role in creating the chilling atmosphere of the story. The artwork reflects the nuances of the story, heightens the tension and adds to the compelling plot.
Staying true to the unique charm of the series, the book goes its own way. Stranger Things: Zombie Boys offers fans another shot at the magic of the series with this fantastic addition to the universe.


In Stranger Things: Zombie Boys, we return to the intriguing universe of Hawkins High School, where our favorite group of friends embark on a new and exciting adventure. But this time around, the supernatural world of Feet Up veers into a different kind of horror: zombies.
After a harrowing experience living in a parallel universe, Will, Mike, Dustin and Luke try to regain some semblance of normal life. The young heroes embark on a quest to express their traumatic brushstrokes in Upside Down using the power of storytelling. Encouraged by Mike, the boys decide to write and illustrate a comic together, a decision that takes them on an unexpected journey. The plot of "Protect your friend when he turns into a zombie" is inspired by real-life events and emotions that the boys had to deal with. What begins as an expressive effort to document their journey together ends up exploring deeper themes such as friendship, courage, the fear of growing up, and dealing with the rest of the upside-down nightmare.
What's more, the boys remind us that even in a universe teeming with the supernatural, as the boys overcome challenges of teamwork and adversity, amid vivid illustrations and expressive craftsmanship, the human spirit and bond of friendship always remain untamed.
Stranger Things: Zombie Boys delves into the untold stories at the heart of these brave young hearts, making it an intriguing read for any Stranger Things fan, comic book enthusiast, or anyone who appreciates an unforgettable story set in the world of ghostly creatures. and extraterrestrial beings.death.


Zombie Boys, an intriguing chapter in the Stranger Things universe, will hit stores in 2020. February 19 Set after Season 1, this charming graphic novel introduces us to a new coping mechanism the boys use: diversion. their experience in a funny zombie movie.
Normal life does not resume as planned after the Demogorgon's defeat. Traumatized and haunted by Upside Down nightmares, the boys continue to wrestle with untold horrors. Dark thoughts lurk beneath the veneer of ordinary Dungeons & Dragons games. But then comes the idea of ​​a home movie about zombies!
The transformation from "monster-killing kids" to "zombie directors" offers healing and camaraderie amid the ongoing paranormal oddities. Readers will also be drawn into the excitement of scripting, props and scene-making.
But not everything is lighthearted. Hawkins' dark underbelly is always there. Subtle hints make it clear: The horror of the apocalypse is far from over. But the spirit of true friendship shines through, instilling courage and resilience in the boys and their allies.
Zombie Boys: A stunning testament to the overcoming power of imagination, friendship and creativity, and a stark reminder that danger still lurks in Hawkins' unexpected corners.


Stranger Things: Zombie Boys has been well received by the wide audience it reaches. Due to the complex combination of juvenile horror and adventure, the famous book was able to touch not only teenagers, but also adults. Critics and readers alike have praised it for accurately capturing the 80s nostalgia that Stranger Things is known for, while also delving into the characters' everyday lives outside of their paranormal encounters.
The integration of the zombie book and the horror genre into an exciting universe was met with enthusiasm. Readers have praised author Greg Pak's clever plotting, saying it adds an extra layer to the show's main characters, especially in depicting their struggles with PTSD. Separate storylines and adventures added depth to our beloved characters, a move appreciated by fans.
A fan-acclaimed standout feature is Valerija Favoccia's artwork. His illustrations have been praised for the essence of the characters and the eerie, nostalgic feel of the series itself. Favoccia's vision brought a new dimension to the story, enhancing the narrative and incorporating a visually appealing aesthetic.
Overall, Stranger Things: Zombie Boys is proving to be a successful expansion of the Stranger Things universe, providing fans with new content that allows them to delve deeper into the lives of their beloved characters. In addition to the action-packed adventures and thrills that the series is known for, the book also offers an insightful depiction of teenage life, littered with the dark aftermath of traumatic experiences.

Cultural impact

The book Stranger Things: Zombie Boys has had a major impact on popular culture. Based on the acclaimed and beloved Netflix series Stranger Things, it has further boosted the popularity of the show. The book also beautifully captures the core of 80s pop culture, appealing to nostalgic fans and giving younger readers a taste of that era.
The zombie theme in the book not only complemented the thriller and horror genres, but also managed to encourage a sense of camaraderie and camaraderie between the characters and, by extension, the readers. It appeals to many because it subtly teaches the values ​​of friendship, courage and resilience. In addition, he managed to combine two very different genres - horror and coming-of-age stories - and thus reach a wide range of readers. At once terrifying and uplifting, the book influenced literary and entertainment trends, carving out its own niche in the thriller genre.
The fact that the story revolves around a group of kids making a zombie movie also helped to stimulate young readers' interest in amateur cinema. He has successfully managed to influence and encourage the creativity and storytelling of young audiences.
In short, Stranger Things: Zombie Boys had a phenomenal impact on popular culture, fueling creativity, celebrating the 80s, promoting the values ​​of friendship and resilience, and reshaping gender norms. Its cultural impact resonates within the literary community and beyond, and continues to excite readers around the world.