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Stranger Things: Science Camp

General Info

Stranger Things: Science Camp logo
AuthorJody Houser
GenresScience Fiction, Supernatural Horror
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorEdgar Salazar
Issue Number1-4
Number of Pages32 per issue
Original TitleStranger Things: Science Camp
Comics Issue NameStranger Things: Science Camp
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLwww.darkhorse.com
Stranger Things: Science Camp is a thrilling comedy series that takes the focus of Dustin Henderson's summer adventures away from his trusty Hawkins team. This immersive series takes viewers on an emotional journey as Dustin falls in love for the first time at Camp Know Where. But aside from the general sleaze and innocent summer love, the story takes a darker turn. The comic perfectly matches the on-screen story, presenting a frightening precursor to the nightmarish creatures of Upside Down. A perfect mix of wit, horror and heart, Stranger Things: Science Camp promises to be an engaging read that provides insight into Dustin's fascinating character while staying true to the core of Stranger Things. Discover the untold stories of Dustin's summer camp adventures and face terrifying new horrors lurking in the woods around Camp Know Where.


In the creepy world of Stranger Things: Science Camp, Dustin arrives at Camp Know Where, eager to immerse himself in a summer of learning and discovery. But her excitement quickly turns to fear as strange events begin. At night, unexplained noises echo in the woods, equipment malfunctions, and RVs go missing. With the help of his fellow camp mates, Dustin must solve a disturbing mystery plaguing the camp before it too falls into a trap. Infused with suspense, adventure and '80s pop culture nostalgia, the comic series will keep fans turning every page as they delve into the stories of Stranger Things. The story beautifully weaves the typical structure of Stranger Things with a new picturesque backdrop, highlighting familiar characters and introducing new faces. It bridges the gap between the storylines of the TV show seasons and gives fans a better understanding of the events leading up to the episodes. The presence of menacing alien creatures lurking just beyond your eyes adds a layer of suspenseful horror, making Stranger Things: Science Camp a must-read for longtime fans and newcomers alike. Exciting, chilling and full of character development, this comic series is an exciting continuation of the Stranger Things universe.


In the comics, Stranger Things: Science Camp, Dustin Henderson goes on an adventure at Camp Know Where, where scientific exploration and learning aren't exactly what he signed up for. Along with a group of like-minded campers, he embraces the typical craziness of camp, while the helpers keep the spirit of mystery alive. Dustin's summer explorations take a sinister turn with a series of strange occurrences and unexplained events that point to threats beyond our grasp of reality. As campers and chaperones become embroiled in mysterious disappearances, eerie noises in the woods, and nightmarish dreams, Dustin begins to tread the line between science and the supernatural. After encountering a mysterious comic, he discovers a secret in the history of the camp. Stranger Things: Science Camp sees our beloved character meet a terrifying stranger, blending the world of youthful curiosity with the creepy supernatural realm of Feet Up.


Stranger Things: Science Camp was heavily influenced by the breathtaking tension of the original TV series. The creative team has gone to great lengths to bring this unique energy to the comic book series. As for the illustrations, the illustrators have struck a fine balance between emulating the aesthetics of the show and their own unique style to give the comics a distinctive visual twist.
As for the story, the writers made sure that the comic series is a faithful extension of the Stranger Things universe. Filling in the gaps left by the TV series, they took Dustin's intriguing science field experience and expanded it into a well-executed storyline. The comic book writers worked closely with the creators of the original series to maintain authenticity and stay true to the show's origins.
Overall, Stranger Things: Science Camp required meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the original series. The result is a comedy series that's every bit as charming and immersive as its TV counterpart - a true feast for fans.


The comedy series Stranger Things: Science Camp takes us back to 1985. summer, where fans find Dustin at a science sleepaway camp. The comic consists of four issues, each of which is full of adventure and mystery. The plot revolves around Dustin uncovering the events of Camp Know Where. The comic perfectly preserves the essence of the TV series and gives readers the opportunity to discover a new plot in the Stranger Things universe. The legendary Jody Houser writes the story, giving a new plot while staying true to the original characters. Along with art by Edgar Salazar, Keith Champagne, and Marissa Louise, the comic proves to be a visual treat. Whether you're into the supernatural or just nostalgic for the 80s, the comics are sure to have you covered. This comic book series is a great addition for fans eager for more Stranger Things, providing an exciting and suspenseful read that fills in the gaps in the TV series' plot.


Stranger Things: Science Camp is an exciting addition to the popular franchise. The four-issue comic series will be released in 2020. in the summer Fans of the Netflix series have been waiting for more Stranger Things material to dive into, and this series delivers a big surprise.
The story revolves around the beloved character Dustin Henderson and his adventures at a summer science camp, which forms a large part of the story of the third season. Comics written by the talented Jody Houser, known for her Star Wars work, and illustrated by Edgar Salazar. The comics follow camping trips, secret experiments and supernatural events that fit perfectly into the Stranger Things universe. The release of Stranger Things: Science Camp will not only give fans a better understanding of one of the show's most intriguing characters, but also add to the understanding of the series as a whole. This exciting new exploration of the world of Stranger Things is a must for any fan and a great starting point for those unfamiliar with the original series.
So get ready for a trip to 1985. summer and join Dustin at Science Camp. Don't forget to pack your Ghostbuster suit and get ready for a thrilling adventure as this comic series promises plenty of mystery, drama and suspense that reflects the genius of Stranger Things.


Reception for Stranger Things: Science Camp has been mostly positive, with many praising its nostalgic appeal and compelling storytelling. Critics read the comic's ability to expand on the rich mythology of the Stranger Things universe. This comic series successfully explores Dustin's experiences at science camp before the events of the show's third season, providing a deeper understanding of his character development. The series' main characters appear in the comics, fulfilling fans' desire for series continuity.
The illustrator's ability to capture the aesthetics of the 80s through the illustrations was especially appreciated, effectively transporting readers to the past. The familiar feel that resonated with readers was satisfying, and the dialogue was authentic, perfectly capturing the characters' original voices.
However, some have criticized it for relying heavily on pop culture references, and some have argued that these references sometimes overshadow the main story. Despite some criticism, most agreed that the combination of horror, science fiction and coming-of-age elements successfully added depth to the series.
Overall, Stranger Things: Science Camp proved to be a worthy expansion of the franchise's universe, fleshing out the off-screen adventures of beloved characters while keeping the spirit of the original series alive. Fans are looking forward to the upcoming installments of this exciting expansion of the Stranger Things story.

Cultural impact

The Stranger Things: Science Camp comics have had a major impact on popular culture, showing the continued adoration and fascination of the paranormal and nostalgic references to the 1980s. This reignited interest in exploring the horror genre's traditions through the lens of children's adventures. The show's theme of everyday heroes battling supernatural forces revived an appreciation for ensemble storytelling. It also emphasizes camaraderie, courage and empathy, values ​​that are cherished and resonate with modern audiences. A unique story from the pages of comics has grown into everyday discussions, strengthening its cultural significance. Visually stunning comic book art evokes a sense of nostalgia, taking readers back to the 1980s and showcasing the decade's aesthetic in a brightly colored show. It's clear that Stranger Things: Science Camp is more than a comedy series, it's a cultural phenomenon with lasting impact.