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Stranger Things: Six

General Info

Stranger Things: Six logo
AuthorJody Houser
GenresScience fiction, Horror
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorStefano Martino, Keith Champagne
Issue Number4
Release Date2019-05-29
Number of Pages32
Original TitleStranger Things: Six
Comics Issue NameStranger Things: Six
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
The Stranger Things: Six Strips offers a fascinating glimpse into the stories of the fascinating Stranger Things universe. The story revolves around Francine, also known as the Sixth Theme, and her painful journey to discover her psychic abilities in Hawkins' lab. In addition to learning about Six's encounters with Dr. Brenner, readers also gain insight into the beginnings of this creepy institution and its treacherous experiments. The comics seamlessly interweave Six's introspective struggles and her desperate attempts to escape her limitations in a harrowing story of survival and courage. The series invites you to uncover untold chapters of the Stranger Things saga and takes you one step closer to the jaw-dropping world of Feet Up. Get ready for a journey into the past of the Stranger Things universe that is as terrifying as it is heartwarming!


The comic series Stranger Things: Six takes an inventive look at the untold stories behind the enigmatic Hawkins Laboratory. Born out of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, this chilling tale takes readers on the harrowing journey of a troubled teenager known as Six.
Sei, a test subject in Hawkins' lab, has precognitive abilities that Dr. Brenner is only too happy to exploit. As Six navigates his oppressive environment, we see familiar faces, including a young elf, adding depth to an already fascinating plot.
This series masterfully interweaves the universe of Six's fight with the Stranger Things universe, painting a deeper, darker picture of the events leading up to the much-watched TV show. Each issue builds tension as we watch Six struggle with his powers and face the ominous shadow of a foretold future.
This fascinating story not only expands the history of Stranger Things, but also provides an immersive experience that keeps readers hooked page after page. Stranger Things: Six is ​​a worthy addition to any fan's collection, staying true to the atmospheric tension of the original series and offering new insights into the fascinating pre-television era.


The comic series Stranger Things: Six delves into the world of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things and explores the story of Francine, or Six, a gifted teenage girl with precognitive abilities. The comic chronicles her struggles in her early years, depicting her tumultuous relationship with her neglectful parents and her exploitation by a rogue doctor at the infamous Hawkins Laboratory. Caught between the lure of alien powers and the suffocating manipulation of the lab, Francine becomes entangled in a web of secrets, deceit and lies. The reader experiences the agony of his journey as he grapples with the reality of his abilities and his role in Dr. Brenner's doubts. Will Six be able to escape the evil clutches of the lab and regain control of his own destiny? This compelling plot creates a gritty story that adds an exciting layer to the Stranger Things universe. It's a must-read for any fan who wants to learn more about the lives of the people involved in the Hawkins Lab experiments before Eleven hit the market.


The comic series "Stranger Things: Six" aims to further expand the "Stranger Things" universe, focusing on the story of Six, a character with special abilities who lives in Hawkins' laboratory. These comics delve into his backstory and give readers a glimpse into his psychic abilities, situation, and relationships with others.
Dark Horse Comics launched this fascinating series in partnership with Netflix. The creative team led by Jody Houser, with intricate artwork by Edgar Salazar and Keith Champagne, managed to capture the feel and nostalgia of the TV show. The successful combination of intense storytelling and compelling art helped it to be embraced by fans and critics alike. In addition to being an interesting exploration of never-before-seen aspects of the series, these comics are a must-have for anyone looking to explore every corner of the Stranger Things universe.


Stranger Things: Six is ​​an addictive comedy series that is a prequel to the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. The series documents the story of the intriguing character Six, also known as Francine, whose character has yet to be explored in the TV series. Francine, a precocious teenager, finds herself at the mercy of the infamous Dr. Brenner. Readers get an interesting glimpse into her life before Elf arrived. The series does a great job of filling in the gaps and answering the questions on the minds of Stranger Things fans about the quiet happenings at Hawkins Lab. Written by Jody Houser, drawn by Edgar Salazar and Keith Champagne, this comic book series draws viewers into Stranger Things. This new adventure into the past, which reveals the untold stories of characters we thought we knew, is a must for any Stranger Things fan.


After the huge success of Netflix's Stranger Things, the universe is expanding with the comic series Stranger Things: Six. The series debuted with the first issue in 2019. on May 29, published by the acclaimed Dark Horse Comics. For a total of four issues, Stranger Things: Six takes readers deep into the life of another subject in Hawkins' lab long before Eleven hit the market.
Written by Jody Houser, each issue of the series is an exciting journey into Francine's past, aka "The Six." The story weaves together elements of psychic abilities, emotional turmoil, and dubious experiments at Hawkins' lab, setting the stage for the events that unfold in seasons of Stranger Things television. The stunning visuals of penciler Edgar Salazar, inker Keith Champagne, colorist Triona Farrell and writer Nate Piekos take readers right into the heart of the Stranger Things universe.
Exploring themes of power, manipulation, and the human will to survive, the series pushes the boundaries of familiar plots and gives fans a deeper understanding of the history of Stranger Things. As the issues progress, readers grapple with the ethical issues facing Dr. Brenner, providing a new perspective on the events leading up to Eleven's escape.
Dark Horse Comics ended the Stranger Things: Six series in 2019. on August 28, leaving fans hooked on other stories in the Stranger Things universe.


Stranger Things: Six seems to resonate most with die-hard fans of '80s sci-fi and pop culture. This miniseries perfectly captures the essence of both and creates an almost palpable sense of nostalgia. The balance between references to the Stranger Things universe and brand new story elements is just right, making Six a stand-alone story worthy of an addition to the franchise.
Adding new characters is another area where Six excels. Readers are introduced to the main character, Francine, who has precognition. The journey into her past and her relationship with Dr. Brenner add a new dimension to the series and fit perfectly with the famous Stranger Things stories.
The 1980s comic style artwork has been widely acclaimed. The viewing pleasure is enhanced by the well-choreographed action sequences and vividly dark and dystopian depiction of Hawkins Lab.
Some critics say that the story could have been more elaborate and some plot elements feel rushed. Still, it's a minor setback in an otherwise exciting read. In short, Stranger Things: Six, while aimed at fans of the original series, appeals to a wider audience. A compelling story, compelling artwork, and intriguing new characters make it an outstanding addition to the Stranger Things universe.

Cultural impact

The Stranger Things: Six comics have had a major cultural impact. The series contributed to the wider Stranger Things phenomenon, expanding the narrative universe and offering new perspectives on beloved characters. The focus on "Six," a character with enhanced abilities, resonated with viewers. It explores the morally gray area of ​​experimenting on children for the greater good, encouraging great philosophical conversations among fans. In addition, she expanded the spectrum of female heroes in media. The comics also gained more traction in the 1980s era, just like the original show, as evidenced by the growing trend of retro aesthetics and nostalgia-driven storytelling. The comic book success of Stranger Things: Six has cemented the franchise's pop culture relevance, proving that fans are hungry for more story and character backstory. Comics also pioneered the recognition of graphic novels as a valuable storytelling medium, increasing the cultural importance of the comics industry as a whole. This sense of influence is echoed in the marketing techniques of other entertainment franchises as well as in the creative decisions for future seasons of the show.