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Stranger Things: The Other Side

General Info

Stranger Things: The Other Side logo
AuthorJody Houser
GenresHorror, Science Fiction
PublisherDark Horse Comics
IllustratorStefano Martino
Issue Number4
Release Date2019-01-01
Number of Pages96
Original TitleStranger Things: The Other Side
Comics Issue NameStranger Things: The Other Side
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.darkhorse.com/
Stranger Things: The Other Side is a compelling addition to the Stranger Things universe. This extraordinary combination of compelling storytelling and thrilling artwork takes the fan-favorite characters on a perilous, upside-down journey. The never-before-seen Will Byers experience is painstakingly dissected page by page. Trapped in a nightmarish parallel dimension with his confidante Hawkins, Will must muster superpowers to battle psychological horrors and aliens. But even in the tragic wasteland, fragments of unexpected discoveries and revelations have unexpected depth. This comic series not only upends the entire mythos, but also promises a dizzying journey into the heart of Stranger Things. It's a must-read for any Stranger Things fan eager to uncover the mysteries of their favorite show.


Dive into the darkness of the Apside Down with the Stranger Things: The Other Side graphic novels. Steeped in the rich history of the Stranger Things universe, this thrilling series offers a compelling new take on familiar events.
In Stranger Things: The Other Side, readers follow our beloved character Will Byers as he struggles to survive in the mysterious and treacherous world of Feet Up. Lonely, scarred, but defiant, Will's resilience is evident as he battles grotesque creatures while still staying in touch with his friends in the real world. He struggles not only with the physical manifestations of this monstrous realm, but also with the isolation and fear that accompanies his hairy journey. The Other Side skilfully draws on scenes only briefly touched upon in the Netflix original series, adding depth and tension to an already incredible story. On every page, readers get a glimpse into the terrifying realm of Feet Up, seen through the eyes of Will Byers as he confronts the horror. It's a compelling addition to the Stranger Things canon, offering an insightful exploration of Upside Down and its unsettling effects on those who accidentally find themselves there.
Stranger Things: The Other Side blurs the line between a peaceful city and a nightmarish realm, creating an unforgettable journey into the unknown. Building on what fans know and love about Stranger Things, this graphic novel is a must-read for avid followers eager to uncover the mysteries of Feet Up.


As the epitome of alternate storylines, Stranger Things: The Other Side reframes the main scenarios of the first season of Stranger Things through the eyes of Will Byers. Trapped in the desolate, rotting depths of Upside Down, Will faces unspeakable horrors. Its hostile environment transforms familiar landscapes into nightmarish, desolate versions that haunt predators. This comic series also has some clever crossovers with the main plot. We see events like the Christmas light communication method from Will's point of view, providing new and insightful memorable scenes. Through intense struggles and a strong will to survive, the reader gains an intimate appreciation for her remarkable resilience. This series explores the touching themes of friendship and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. It's a fascinating exploration of an alternate facet of the series, woven with threads of horror and devotion.


Creating the Stranger Things: The Other Side comics was a painstaking and well-choreographed process. Publisher Dark Horse Comics worked closely with the creators of the Netflix show to ensure that the authenticity and continuity of the series remained intact. The creative team includes award-winning writer Jody Houser, artist Stefano Martino, inker Keith Champagne, colorist Lauren Affe and letterer Nate Piekos. Their combined efforts have resulted in an engaging storyline that is completely consistent with the show's storyline, yet offers a new perspective. The comic series is upside down and the team was given the freedom to imagine the settings as they were not fully developed in the series. The comic book art brings the dark and creepy Upside Down to life, adding a spooky yet intriguing element to the popular series. The main comic book story wraps up the show and gives fans a unique look at the beloved character Will Byers and his time in the twisted mirror world.


The comedy series Stranger Things: The Other Side is a fantastic exploration of the unseen side of the beloved Netflix series. Focusing on Will Byers' harrowing adventure in Upside Down, the comic reveals an unprecedented perspective from the first season. Written by Jody Houser with stunning artwork by Stefano Martin, this four-part series perfectly captures the chilling essence of Feet Up. It's both a fascinating story for existing Stranger Things fans, and a stand-alone story that can captivate even those unfamiliar with the series. Based on the fascinating history of the series, while maintaining the charm of the 80s, The Other Side is a must-have for any comic book fan.


in 2019 May 29 released Stranger Things: The Other Side is the first installment of the comic book series to be officially licensed by Netflix and provides a parallel to the popular television series. This beautifully illustrated story expertly navigates the chilling and immersive terrain of Upside Down, offering a groundbreaking exploration of the history of our favorite characters, especially Will Byers.
As the writers unfold the story, readers travel right into an alternate universe with Will. This comic perfectly summarizes his personal trials and ingeniously offers new perspectives on familiar scenes. From the first chilling moments of Upside Down to the daring attempts to communicate and survive, this gripping story invests iconic moments with new emotional depth. This immersive addition breathes new life into the Stranger Things universe. It invites viewers to explore the unknown, illuminate the unexplained, and delve into the mythology of Stranger Things. A must-see for die-hard fans, The Fascinating Story of The Other Side offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at one of the show's most iconic installments. It highlights why our perceptions are often not our reality, revealing the resilience and will of a young boy trapped in a paranormal and terrifying world.


Stranger Things: The Other Side was generally well received by critics and fans alike. The comic book series effectively preserves the essence of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things and offers a new perspective on the stories. Readers enjoyed delving into Will's experiences in Upside Down, a dimension previously shrouded in mystery. Stefano Martino's art has been praised for capturing the horror and melancholy of Will's situation. The Upside Down's eerie imagery provided a visually exciting contrast to the familiar setting. However, some fans felt that the comics were more suited to die-hard fans than casual readers. Others commented that the story sometimes relied too much on the reader's knowledge of the TV show. Critics have also suggested that the series could expand on the Stranger Things mythology more, as some of the comics are repetitive and too familiar for the original series. Regardless, the comics successfully portray Will's isolation and terror, making him an important addition to the Stranger Things universe worth exploring.
Overall, Stranger Things: The Other Side received standing ovations for its creativity and the window it offers into the parallel universe of Upside Down. It makes a compelling addition to the story of Stranger Things and deepens our understanding of this terrifying but intriguing dimension.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Stranger Things: The Other Side has definitely made its mark on popular culture. The comic book series takes the TV show's penchant for mystery and horror to the next level, delving into the characters and the infamous Upside Down. Its release coincided with the rise of nostalgia for 1980s culture, and the aesthetic clearly reflected this trend. In addition, comics were a conduit for further exploration of characters' lives and backgrounds, taking advantage of the time and space afforded by print media. This led fans to delve into the layers of the plot, the psychology of the characters, and the mysteries of the series, which they lovingly deciphered. Importantly, it revived a new generation of readers' interest in the comics medium while honoring its roots. The intricacies of the comic's plot and character development breathed new life into the genre, further cementing Stranger Things: The Other Side as a cultural touchstone.