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Escape of the Demogorgon

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Event NameEscape of the Demogorgon
Get into the heart of Hawkins, Indiana with our Escaping the Demogorgon event. Perfect for die-hard Stranger Things fans, this immersive encounter combines the mundane with the supernatural, transporting attendees to an alternate reality where the ordinary is turned upside down. You embark on a hair-raising quest to escape the Demogorgon, a creature from another realm with a penchant for human flesh. Blending suspense, sci-fi and '80s nostalgia, the event captures the whimsical charm of the beloved Netflix show. Connect with other fans, challenge your fear and relive the thrilling emotions of the hit series in an immersive event. The city of Hawkins awaits - will you dare to face the unknown?


Stranger Things is an engaging and immersive American science fiction horror series created by the Duffer Brothers. The series is a great throwback to 1980s cinema and has achieved cult status among moviegoers around the world.

The story takes place in the small and seemingly peaceful town of Hawkins, Indiana, where the sudden and unexplained disappearance of a boy named Will Byers has shocked the entire town. The core of the Stranger Things universe is the existence of parallel realities or dimensions, particularly Upside Down, a dark and evil mirror of our world that harbors monstrous creatures.

Constantly growing character development, intricate storylines and the merging of supernatural elements with human emotions. The series is mostly about friendship, love, courage and sacrifice. It's not just about horror and emotion, but also about growth and friendship.