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Hawkins Middle School

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Faction NameHawkins Middle School
Located in the small and seemingly quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana, Hawkins High School is central to the Stranger Things universe. The school is attended by our beloved friends Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will, who each offer sanctuary in their own way and are the birthplace of lifelong friendships. For them, it is not only a place to learn, but also a fortress in the fight against extraordinary. Here, under an inconspicuous roof, together they decipher the secrets of Feet Up, throw a party for the first time, and meet the enigmatic Elf. However, this common school hides many unusual events, where the reality we know is intertwined with a world we do not understand. The unsuspecting corridors of the facility constantly echo with the whispers of an alternate reality shaping the history of the Stranger Things universe.


Located in the heart of Hawkins, Indiana, Hawkins High School has become an iconic landmark in the world of Stranger Things. This Midwestern educational institution is the site of youthful friendships, teenage romance, and a series of terrifying supernatural occurrences.
Here, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will - our beloved foursome of misfits - roam the halls, share jokes in the cafeteria and meet the extraordinary. The backdrop of their normal day-to-day experiences is also the starting point for a tumultuous journey into Feet Up, a creepy parallel dimension filled with predatory creatures and unspeakable horrors.
In classrooms with retro charm, theories about Dungeons & Dragons creatures come to life, and amateur radio signals reach unknown places, highlighting the extraordinary vein that runs through their ordinary lives. The school is a haven for young innocents amid the city's horrific events, a stark contrast to the relentlessly bleak Upside Down.
The AV Club, overseen by Mr. Clarke, is a place where curiosity is sparked and bold problem-solving skills are developed. Here, conversations over the walkie-talkie in silent codes create new theories and strengthen lifelong friendships. In this holy place, four ordinary boys and a strange girl named Eleven face the ominous phenomena that have besieged their town.
Hawkins High School is more than your average brick building; it's a symbol of close friendship, youthful resilience, and a gateway to adventure that embodies the essence of Stranger Things.


Located in the heart of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, the history of Hawkins High School is as intriguing as the events that took place in the series Stranger Things. It was founded in 1922. and has a long-standing reputation for high academic standards and an inspiring environment.
In the 1980s, the school experienced some extraordinary events, including the disappearance of one of its students, Will Byers, in 1983. in November. The incident prompted a citywide manhunt led by Police Chief Jim Hopper and fueled strange rumors of government conspiracies. and supernatural activity takes place within the confines of an unsuspecting town.
But school is not only a place of sad stories. It's also where a close group of friends—Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, and a mysteriously talented elf—constantly gather to bond and share incredible adventures that have been the backdrop to many of their childhood memories. childhood. astonishing discoveries and courage under pressure.
Through puberty and schoolwork, these young students have also encountered mysteries and life-threatening situations, earning Hawkins High School an unexpected reputation for being much more than a typical Central American institution. It's also a symbol of resilience, friendship, and the unexpected intersection of ordinary life and the extraordinary Upside Down.
After the strange events subsided in the late 1980s, the school continued to operate as normal, following a standard curriculum while serving as a symbol of the city's tumultuous past, a reminder of the wonderful stories they carved on the walls. To this day, Hawkins High School continues its legacy as an ordinary school intertwined with an extraordinary history.

Notable Members

Member #
Mike Wheeler
Dustin Henderson
Lucas Sinclair
Will Byers
Max Mayfield


Hawkins High School is located in the quiet and quaint town of Hawkins, Indiana. The school, like the town, exudes an air of normality, but harbors secrets that will leave you cold. Geographically, the school's territory is huge, surrounded by a dense forest on one side, and the rest of the post-war town on the other.
Hawkins High School is not just another school block between residences and local shops. It is a place where reality intertwines with the supernatural. From the outside, it looks like a midwestern high school in the 1980s, but the surrounding geography makes it the center of strange happenings. The dense forest carries an element of the unknown and provides a portal to a parallel dimension - the Upside Down.
Despite its chilling secrets, the school playground is a haven for children, a place where they can escape from their dysfunctional families, form lasting relationships, and experience teenage adventures. The iconic Hawkins High School, with its geography, combines an eerie sense of dread with a dose of nostalgia, making it the perfect setting for this retro horror drama.

Legacy and Impact

After the events of Stranger Things, Hawkins High School transcended its role as a small-town educational institution and left a lasting impact on American popular culture. The setting for many of the show's most iconic moments, it's where fans first fell in love with main characters Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas. The school has cemented its influence as a symbol of the era, an embodiment of 1980s nostalgia and a deep resonance with contemporary audiences. The backdrop of failed science experiments has spawned many cultural conversations about the fascinating possibilities of the innovative science fiction genre. Even after the credits roll, the legacy of Hawkins High School lives on and serves as a poignant reminder that extraordinary things often happen in the most ordinary of places.