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Stranger Things: The Game

General Info

Stranger Things: The Game logo
GenresAdventure, Puzzle
WritersThe Duffer Brothers
Game NameStranger Things: The Game
ComposersKyle Dixon and Michael Stein
DevelopersBonusXP, Inc.
Directed ByThe Duffer Brothers
Produced ByNetflix
Release Date2017-10-04
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/stranger_things
Game PlatformsiOS, Android
Publisher NameNetflix
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.netflix.com/title/80057281
Stranger Things: The Game is an exciting campaign full of adventure and mystery based on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Dive into the heart of Hawkins, Indiana and join your favorite characters as you unravel the strange happenings in this once peaceful town. Face the challenge of strange puzzles, discover hidden treasures and defeat alien enemies. Journey through dark forests, navigate murky labs, and journey Upward with your feet to deal with the evil that lurks in the shadows. Whether you're a fan of the show or just love a thrilling adventure, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy a retro pixel art style and a breathtaking soundtrack that captures the whimsical glamor of the 80s. Featuring multiple characters, each with their own unique abilities, Stranger Things: The Game offers endlessly entertaining gameplay full of shocking surprises and unexpected twists.


'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots
'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots
'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots
'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots
'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots
'Stranger Things: The Game' game screenshots


Stranger Things: The Game is an epic adventure RPG that immerses players in the exciting world of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The game offers a unique and immersive experience as you explore the recreated town of Hawkins, Indiana and its vast surroundings. You can control your favorite characters, each with different abilities that are essential in overcoming the mysteries and challenges you face. Experience an intriguing, action-packed and challenging storyline filled with quests, hidden treasures and secret areas that fans will surely adore.
For added nostalgia, the game is beautifully designed in a classic 16-bit style that goes well with the 80s setting. The retro aesthetic combined with the eerie theme soundtrack ensures authenticity and substance to the Stranger Things universe. In addition to the main missions, the story contains several mini-games for a varied gameplay experience.
The multiplayer also allows for different strategies and tactics, making the game challenging for both novices and pros alike. The emotional depth of the characters adds another layer to the overall gameplay, making this a must-play for any Stranger Things fan. The game offers the perfect combination of thrills, chills and fun, immersing players in the supernatural world of Stranger Things.



Stranger Things: The Game offers an immersive retro gaming experience that will appeal to avid Stranger Things fans. It allows players to enter the strange but exciting world of the hit TV show as they travel through Hawkins, Indiana, encountering disturbing events and debunking their own conspiracy theories.
The gameplay mainly involves exploration, puzzle solving and combat. There are also a number of missions where players interact with the main characters of the TV show. The game features seven playable characters, including Hopper, Lucas, Mike, Eleven, and more. Each character has unique abilities that are necessary to progress through the game. For example, Lucas can hit distant targets with his wrist rocket, while Nancy packs a powerful punch.
In addition, the game innovatively incorporates the Upside Down concept. The characters often have to jump between dimensions to solve puzzles, showing one of the most iconic aspects of Stranger Things. The monsters featured in the series, including the fearsome Demogorgon, also look like formidable foes. Different levels of the game correspond to individual incidents and locations from seasons of the show. This gives the game a rich story that complements the challenging gameplay and keeps players hooked. The game also features collectibles that players can find. These are often references to elements of surprise in the show that keep players on their toes.
The 16-bit art style and chiptune soundtrack combined with the enchanting gameplay create a nostalgic atmosphere and enhance the overall aesthetic, making Stranger Things: The Game a must-play for fans of the hit franchise.

Gameplay video


Stranger Things: The Game takes you on an epic journey through Hawkins, Indiana, where the elements of mystery, science fiction and adventure come together. The plot thickens from the start as four kids – Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will – stumble upon the strange events that have befallen their town. It all starts when their friend Will mysteriously disappears one night. You are involved in an investigation that leads to an unexpected adventure.
The group discovers that Will has been transported to another dimension known as Upside Down. This parallel universe turns out to be a terrifying realm filled with dangerous creatures, most notably a demonic monster known as the Demogorgon. The story takes an interesting twist with the emergence of a young telekinetic girl dubbed "Eleven" who becomes the key to finding Will and delving into the mystery that is Upside Down.
As you progress through the game, you'll meet different characters from the show, each with unique abilities to help you solve challenging puzzles. The game wraps the story nicely with nostalgic locations like Hawkins High School and Mirkwood Forest. Each twist reveals the layers of a dark government conspiracy that engulfs the small town. The plot of the game is more than just a search and rescue mission. It's about friendship, courage, and the daring exploration of an unknown world that lies just beneath the surface of their seemingly ordinary lives. The story weaves its magic with the perfect combination of suspense, thrilling action sequences and compelling characters that is the heartbeat of Stranger Things: The Game. Immersive storytelling adds depth to the game, making you feel part of this extraordinary journey. Play to uncover the secrets woven into Hawkins' fabric and save your friend from the clutches of the terrifying Demogorgon.


Stranger Things: The Game evolved from the hit series Stranger Things, with its launch based on capturing the retro style of the 80s and the compelling story of the TV show. When the developers at BonusXP had the opportunity to create a game based on the Stranger Things universe, they used decades of gaming nostalgia to deliver something truly unique.
Development began with a studio in Hawkings, Indiana, which allowed the team to recreate it in 16-bit retro style. Puzzles and missions have been laid out to reflect the series' storyline and increase player engagement. The game was a mix of different genres including action, adventure and puzzle and suited many players. Converting live-action characters into in-game sprites was a challenge. The team had to strike a balance between looking like characters from the TV show and favoring the aesthetics of the game.
Another challenge was programming the AI ​​for the characters. Each character had to have unique abilities that reflected their identity from the TV series. For example, Luke's ability to stun enemies with a wrist rocket or Nancy's ability to overcome obstacles. Overall, the development of Stranger Things: The Game was a careful mix of nostalgia, alternating between a compelling story and engaging gameplay mechanics to keep players hooked. The goal was to create a game that would appeal to fans of the TV series and retro games.


Stranger Things: The Game was released in 2017. October 4 as a free download on iOS and Android. Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer partnered with Texas-based indie game developer BonusXP to create a gaming experience that matches the series' 1980s vibe. 16-bit graphics and a retro soundtrack complement the game's immersive storyline and heighten the fans' excitement.
The game features seven playable characters, each with unique abilities that help players navigate the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Players are faced with various challenges and puzzles to solve in the city and upside down while following the storyline of the series. Like the series, Stranger Things: The Game became an instant hit, with more than 3 million downloads in its first week of release. in 2017 October 27 the developers released an update with a new character and new missions to coincide with the release of the second season of the TV series.
The game pioneered the expansion of the Stranger Things universe and gave fans an interactive experience beyond their TV screens. It's an intriguing journey through a mysterious city, people and strange events that will hook you like a series!


Since its release, Stranger Things: The Game has been well received by fans of the iconic Netflix series and casual gamers alike. Perfectly embodying the essence of the '80s-inspired show, the game was praised for its detailed map design, immersive gameplay and nostalgic pixel art style.
Critics and players have expressed appreciation for the game's integration of familiar environments and beloved characters from the series. The game is often praised for replicating the risk and tension of the TV series, putting players on the edge of their seats as they venture into the mysterious world of Feet Up.
One standout feature that has been consistently praised is the game's faithful soundtrack, which stays true to the synth style of the 80s TV show. The game's puzzles and tons of collectibles were also unique to many users.
Despite its popularity, some players have noted issues with the game's controls, expressing a desire for improvements in future releases. Additionally, some have cited the lack of variety in character abilities as an area for improvement.
Overall, Stranger Things: The Game mostly managed to impress. Whether it's fans who love to return to one of their favorite shows or avid gamers who admire the unique elements of the game, the game has proven to be a huge success.

Cultural impact

Stranger Things: The Game has had a huge impact on both the gaming community and popular culture. A sequel to the acclaimed Netflix series, the game offers an immersive and nostalgic experience that eerily reflects the show's 80s aesthetic and gruesome and tense story.
in 2017 released game cleverly exploits and enhances the appeal of the series with its 8-bit graphics and chiptune music that perfectly captures the spirit of the era in which the show takes place. This clever simulacrum of the gaming universe of the 1980s led to a growing interest in retro-inspired games, which influenced the direction of indie game development.
In addition, the popularity of the game expanded the reach of Stranger Things in the gaming community and introduced a new group of enthusiasts to the world of the show. By allowing players to control beloved characters and explore familiar locations, the game bridges the gap between passive viewing and interactive entertainment. This increased interactivity not only fueled the fandom of the series and expanded its already large audience, but also inspired other franchises to create corresponding video games as a new method of engaging audiences.
In wider pop culture, Stranger Things: The Game is a successful media mix. The showrunners and game developers worked together to ensure consistency in storylines and character dynamics, creating a media convergence that strengthened the Stranger Things brand overall.
The game's success also points to a growing trend to offer official video games as part of the show's merchandise to increase audiences and fan bases. This synergy between the television and gaming industries highlights the potential of cross-platform storytelling and points to the future direction of both media. As such, the "cultural impact" of Stranger Things: The Game goes far beyond the literal literature and has a broader meaning.