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General Info

Subnautica logo
GenresAdventure, Survival
WritersTom Jubert, Hugh Jeremy
Game NameSubnautica
ComposersSimon Chylinski
DevelopersUnknown Worlds Entertainment
Game EngineUnity
Release Date2018-01-23
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Publisher NameUnknown Worlds Entertainment
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttps://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/
Subnautica draws players into an alien underwater world full of wonder and danger. Explore a vast ocean landscape filled with extraordinary creatures and far-reaching depths in an open world. Be prepared to navigate dangerous environments, both in deep water and on land, where sunlight becomes limited the deeper you go. Build equipment, pilot submarines, interact with adorable sea creatures, and outwit dangerous threats in the water. Subnautica's open-ended gameplay encourages detective and survival instincts and rewards curiosity with a stunning underwater world full of mystery and intrigue. Relaxation and excitement blend seamlessly as you settle into planet 4546B and discover its many secrets, from tranquil coral reefs to volcanic vents. Whether you're charting uncharted waters or dodging the jaws of Leviathan of the deep, Subnautica promises truly immersive underwater adventures.


'Subnautica' game screenshots
'Subnautica' game screenshots
'Subnautica' game screenshots
'Subnautica' game screenshots
'Subnautica' game screenshots
'Subnautica' game screenshots


Subnautica is an exciting adventure game that immerses players in the depths of an alien underwater world. Shipwrecked on an unknown planet, players embark on a short-term survival quest. The game invites players to explore the vast expanses of the ocean, from lush coral reefs to treacherous underwater trenches, monitoring their oxygen levels and protecting the ocean's exotic carnivores.
Crafting equipment, piloting underwater submarines, and outwitting wild animals are all part of the strategy for survival in this underwater world. The core of the game's story is to unravel the mystery of the planet's water forms, technology, and the sudden disappearance of the planet's ancestors. The game offers immersive game mechanics with the freedom to plan and execute survival strategies at your own pace. The dynamic weather system and day-night cycle add another challenging aspect to the game's survival.
Filled with unique and sometimes terrifying creatures, Subnautica's underwater environment is fascinating and inspiring to explore, making it a standout title in the survival game genre. It's a uniquely thrilling and nerve-wracking gaming experience that asks the simplest yet most profound questions: How far will you go to survive?



In Subnautica, the player embarks on an epic adventure in an alien underwater world teeming with life, both magnificent and monstrous. Gameplay revolves around exploration, survival, and unearthing an intriguing storyline. You start out as a survivor of a crashed spaceship, alone in a vast alien world teeming with unique flora and fauna. You must venture into the depths of this strange ocean to collect resources and craft equipment to help you survive.
Exploration in Subnautica is both inviting and terrifying. The beauty of the other world of the ocean entices you with bright corals, mysterious caves and abundant marine life. However, as you dig deeper, you will encounter massive sea creatures, some friendly, some quite dangerous and terrifying.
Survival is an important part of the game. This includes feeding and hydrating while hunting alien fish, avoiding or even defending enemy creatures. To survive in the most dangerous depths, you need to upgrade your equipment and submarines, essential tools for survival and exploration. Subnautica also has a deep crafting system. Using the materials you collect on your underwater expeditions, you can craft tools, upgrades, and habitats to help you survive and continue your exploration. Some of the more complex creations include submarines for deep sea exploration and bases you can build to act as safe havens in the deep oceans.
This survival game features an intriguing storyline that unfolds as you explore. Deciphering alien technology, digging up artifacts, and discovering abandoned buildings create the story of a disastrous journey, a warning, and a possible way home. At its core, Subnautica's gameplay offers a unique blend of survival, exploration, crafting, and storytelling that will keep players engaged. It's more than just a survival game, it's a journey into the unknown depths of an alien world.

Gameplay video


Subnautica is an open world adventure game set on an alien water world where the player crash lands on planet 4546B. The plot begins when the spaceship Aurora falls victim to a mysterious energy surge that causes it to crash. The main character finds himself in the only surviving shell of life, surrounded by miles of ocean on an alien world.
The journey takes place exploring the vast depths of the ocean and discovering unknown creatures and landscapes. While the beauty of the alien underwater world is obvious, the dangers lurking in the depths remind us of the harsh reality of survival. The game becomes intriguing as the transition from day to night adds to the sense of dread and mystery.
As the story progresses, the remains of an ancient, technologically advanced alien civilization are discovered beneath the sea, and you begin to unravel the history of the planet and the cause of Aurora's disaster. The plot of Subnautica is an interwoven story of survival, exploration and uncovering the truth.
The character's journey to escape the planet involves repairing the radio and listening to messages that help replay mysterious events on the planet. It ends with the player collecting resources to build a spaceship and escape from a planet facing life-threatening ecological conditions. Subnautica offers a unique narrative experience driven by exploration, collection, inventory management and survival horror elements. The story feels organic and the survival mechanics are definitely related to the story, making the game an exciting mix of story and gameplay.


Subnautica's development process is an exemplary testament to carefully crafted game design and innovative interactive features. The game revolves around an underwater adventure and immerses players in an exciting and mysterious story, entangled in a vibrant marine world.
The journey into production began in 2013 when Unknown Worlds Entertainment decided to start producing survival games with a fresh twist. The result was their deep-sea exploration game set on the alien ocean planet Subnautica. Their main vision was to provide an immersive gaming experience with a compelling story that doesn't compromise game mechanics. A big part of Subnautica's game mechanics was to give the player the freedom to explore the vast underwater wasteland. The game differed from the usual survival games in that it focused on non-violent gameplay. One of the important features was crafting, which was an important part of the game, collecting items and building things to help you survive.
The main achievement of the development was a good balance between survival and horror genre elements. This was achieved by providing immersive audio elements and vivid graphical details that enhanced the overall gaming experience. The developers also tried to inspire players to take responsibility for environmental sustainability. Their dynamic view of the underwater ecosystem provided an opportunity to educate players about the need to preserve marine biodiversity.
At the end of the development phase, in 2018 In January, the successful Early Access program received an overwhelmingly positive response from players, paving the way for its official release on multiple platforms. Since then, the game has been in constant development, with regular content updates and patches. The development of Subnautica is not only the creation of an increasingly popular video game, but also a testament to the evolution of the gaming industry itself.


The underwater adventure game Subnautica was officially released in 2018. January 23 The game was first introduced in 2014. in December with an early access soft launch that allows players to experience the game while still in development. The journey from early access to official release allowed the developers to refine and improve the game based on player feedback. During that time, improvements were made to balance, improve features, fix bugs, and add new content.
The full release of Subnautica brought a number of new achievements and new content, including the long-awaited Cyclops submarine mode. The story of the game is also complete, so players can start and end the story of the game.
The release of Subnautica has been overwhelmingly positive in the gaming community. Players praised the diverse and immersive underwater world, filled with curious creatures, exciting gameplay and impressive graphics depicting the depths of the ocean. The game's open world offers an enriching gaming experience and challenges players to survive in an alien aquatic environment and uncover the secrets of planet 4546B.
Including the Early Access phase, Subnautica took four years to develop and develop. The passion and persistence of the developers clearly paid off, making Subnautica a resounding success and a must-have game for fans of the adventure genre. It's more than a game, it's an experience of exploration, survival and discovery.


Subnautica has been highly praised by critics and players alike for its immersive gameplay and unique world design. Since its initial release in 2014 December. the game captured the attention of a large international audience with its challenging marine environment and heart-pounding exploration adventures.
The game's vivid graphics, meticulous attention to detail and incredibly realistic sound design have been praised for contributing to an exceptionally authentic underwater experience. Players emphasized the thrill of stepping into the unknown and the inherent rewards of uncovering the game's mysteries at their own pace.
Additionally, environmental storytelling is often praised for its unique and interesting approach to history. Subnautica's story is about discovery rather than direct telling, a factor that players have warmly welcomed.
Subnautica's creature design has also drawn admiration, as it features an array of physically impressive and biologically appealing flora and fauna. This aspect of the game, along with the dangerous survival gameplay, adds an element of horror that enhances the immersive nature of the game.
Ultimately, Subnautica's success is a testament to its innovative design and highly immersive gameplay that manages to consistently captivate and engage players, making it stand out in the survival game genre. It's a powerful exploration of the fears and wonders that lie beneath the sea.

Cultural impact

Subnautica's rich world and gameplay mechanics have resonated with players around the world, creating a significant cultural impact over time. The game's focus on exploration, survival and respect for nature resonates with a new generation of gamers who value environmental awareness and conservation. Subnautica's posts about conserving our planet's resources have sparked discussions about climate change and ocean conservation outside of the gaming world.
Subnautica's ability to evoke fear and horror has influenced not only the environmental importance, but also the way players and developers view the depths of the ocean. The game's success in creating beautiful and menacing environments influenced other developers who tried to capture similar feelings of wonder and suspense. This in turn contributed to the resurgence of underwater horror and survival themed games across the industry.
Subnautica also made a big impact on the indie game scene. It proved that it's not just AAA games that provide players with a rich and immersive world. The success of Subnautica has encouraged and inspired a new generation of indie developers to push their creative boundaries and challenge the gaming status quo.
The game has also infiltrated popular culture. References to Subnautica's unique iconic creatures, environments, and vehicles such as Cyclops and Seamoth can be found in various media. The game's compelling story, unforgettable encounters, and thought-provoking themes have influenced works from books to movies, further cementing Subnautica's cultural footprint.
In conclusion, Subnautica's influence extends beyond being a beloved video game, to being a catalyst for conversations about our environment, an inspiration to the gaming industry, and a significant contribution to popular culture.