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Item NameSeaglide
The Seaglide is essential diving equipment in the Subnautica universe, serving as a portable personal propulsion device that is a must-have for every deep-sea explorer. An impressive speed of up to 10 m/s allows you to travel much faster through the underwater world, so swimmers can easily glide through even the most difficult underwater terrain. But what sets Seaglide apart from its speed is its built-in lighting and 3D charting. These features are an invaluable navigation aid in murky waters or when diving at night. The surrounding terrain is visible on the screen, and the flashlight illuminates the underwater abyss. Although this consumes power, the battery is easy to replace. Fast, compact and practical, the Seaglide is the adventurer's companion in the spectacular oceans of Subnautica.


The Seaglide is a portable deployment tool that uses propulsion to increase the user's ocean mobility and exploration capabilities in the Subnautica universe. Basically, it is an essential part of any aquanaut's personal equipment. Its design incorporates cutting-edge technology for quick launch, and its high-speed feature allows for fast water navigation, making it an integral part of time-saving underwater exploration and long-distance ocean travel.
Seaglide designs a holographic explorer disc that helps display the topography of the surrounding underwater terrain in real time as you navigate the depths, providing essential road maps in treacherous or unfamiliar regions. The Seaglide also has a built-in flashlight, which is essential for illuminating dark underwater passages and for better visibility during nighttime expeditions. As an added feature, Seaglide can be upgraded with modules to adapt to different environments and scenarios. These modules can extend battery life, increase speed, and add new features that can be critical to survival. Overall, the Seaglide is a modern marvel of dive gear technology that combines speed, ease of use and adaptability to meet all your water adventure needs.

Creation and Development

Seaglide in the Subnautica universe, a game popular for its open-world underwater exploration, is one of the earliest transportation options available. This personal transportation device greatly increases your seabed exploration capabilities.
The idea for Seaglide came from a desire for a low-tech option that would give players more mobility during the critical early stages of exploration. It bridges the gap between the slow movements of swimming and the final boarding of more sophisticated marine vehicles. In addition, the developers were looking for a tool that, while not taking away the sense of wonder and danger inherent in the early stages, would gently introduce the possibilities of accelerated underwater travel. The developers of Seaglide aimed for simplicity. They wanted a facility that was not only accessible from an early stage of development, but also intuitive to use. Players don't have to contend with the complexities often associated with more advanced technology. Realizing that marine environment games will require a balance of exploration, resource gathering, and survival, they made Seaglide power-dependent. This not only introduced a new level of decision-making, but also required the conservation of resources. Their dedication to realism led the developers to further improve Seaglide's functionality with the addition of a topographic map feature. This allowed players to visualize the seabed, making Seaglide an integral part of the exploration and navigation process. After the initial rollout, they made several improvements based on player feedback. These changes witness the evolution of the Seaglide, making it one of the most iconic gear options in the Subnautica universe.
The creation and development of the Seaglide product is a testament to the inquisitive mind of the designers. With a focus on simplicity, player experience, and a balance between fun and challenge, they seamlessly integrated it into the Subnautica universe, allowing players to dive deeper into the underwater realm.

Cultural Impact

Seaglide from the Subnautica universe has cemented its place as a cultural icon in the gaming community. It has impressed gamers and critics alike with its innovative design and practical functionality. Creating a ripple effect in the sci-fi genre, Seaglide showed how everyday travel tools can be reinvented in a fantastical underwater environment.
This portable resource propelled players at higher speeds across the game's ocean backdrop, reducing travel time and providing an immersive gaming experience. The Seaglide's compact design, integrated lighting and terrain scanning capabilities have been praised for combining practicality with adventure, gently encouraging players to explore the visually stunning yet dangerous underwater world of Subnautica. This balance of risk and reward in the game was popularized with the introduction of Seaglide, so the developers of subsequent survival games take inspiration from the success story of Subnautica. In addition, Seaglide's unique status has been enhanced by merchandise created by the fan and game modding communities, highlighting its immense cultural impact.