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Charlie Bradbury

General Info

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Job TitleIT Specialist
Birth PlaceUnspecified
Knows aboutHacking, LARPing, Supernatural
Alternate NameCarrie Heinlein
Character NameCharlie Bradbury
Member of OrganizationDresden Files series fan club
Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day, is an eccentric and bubbly tech genius who plays a central role in the supernatural universe. Initially introduced as a hacker at Richard Roman Enterprises, she later becomes a valuable ally of the Winchester brothers along with Bobby Singer. Although she has no supernatural abilities of her own, her superior intelligence, knowledge of history, and computer skills make her a great asset. Charlie's life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself in the magical kingdom of Oz, where he becomes the queen. Her strong will, brave and kind-hearted nature proves that you don't need superpowers to be a hero. Despite her tragic death, Charlie's legacy continues to inspire, proving that she truly was a "woman of letters."


Charlie Bradbury is a charming character from the Supernatural universe who brings a new take on the world of hunters in the show. His first appearance in the seventh season brought a spark of humor and technical knowledge that helped solve the problem of Leviathan. Initially introduced as a simple IT professional, Charlie's character eventually evolves into a complex and powerful woman who excels at hacking, deciphering ancient texts, and eventually hunting.
Despite her supernatural abilities, she shows great courage and intelligence to navigate the supernatural world. Eventually, Charlie becomes the guardian of the Winchester brothers, providing emotional support and help in critical moments. Her comedic references mixed with raw emotional depth make her a lovable character.
Aside from his bravery, his story is just as compelling. As an orphan, Charlie lived under the illusion of escaping his tragic past until he met the Winchester brothers. His character development throughout the series is commendable, from being a simple computer scientist to an active part of the hunting community.
Unfortunately, his tragic death in season 10 caused a huge outcry from fans, reflecting the strong bond he had with the Supernatural family. But his legacy of courage and resilience continues to inspire and embody the essence of humanity in the face of the supernatural. Overall, Charlie Bradbury brings charm, wit and intelligence to the Supernatural universe, making it an indelible part of the series.


Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day, is one of the most intriguing characters in the Supernatural universe. Born Celeste Middleton, she later adopted the name "Charlie Bradbury" as a fresh start.
Charlie's hacking skills first came in handy when Winchester brothers Sam and Dean needed his expertise to defeat the leviathan Dick Roman. Her incredible ability to break through the barriers, combined with her resourcefulness and courage, not only saved her brothers, but also earned them their trust and respect.
Despite the gruesome glimpses of the supernatural world and the potential dangers he faced, Charlie decided to stay. This decision was primarily driven by her curiosity and innate desire to help others, qualities that have cemented her as a beloved member of the Free Will Team.
The growth of Charlie's character is well portrayed in the series. From a shy and introverted hacker wandering around in fantasy worlds, Charlie slowly transformed into a brave hunter capable of fending off the worst demons.
But her personal life was embittered by tragedy. She lost her parents at a young age, which greatly affected her personality. After losing her mother in the real world, she searched for her in the fictional world of Oz, a journey that reflected her courage and the lingering longing for her loved ones. Although the character of Charlie died tragically in the series, he left an indelible impression on both the characters and the audience. His legacy has lived on in the show, often reminding us of Charlie's courage, strength and undying compassion. His character is a testament to the fact that ordinary people, faced with difficult circumstances, can cope with a world full of supernatural beings.

Creation and Development

One of the most beloved characters in the Supernatural universe, Charlie Bradbury had a very unique creation and development during the series. When Charlie was first introduced in Season 7, he was a brilliant computer technician working for Richard Roman Enterprises, who later became an ally of the Winchester brothers. She was not originally intended to be a recurring character, but Felicia Day's performance was so well received by the audience that the writers decided to expand on her character.
After his introduction, Charlie emerged as a prominent figure in the universe. She was created with a distinct personality: witty, bold and inventive, which was a departure from the show's usual dark and serious vibe. In addition, her undisguised love of fictional universes such as Star Trek and Harry Potter made her character more relatable, making her a favorite among fans of the show.
He underwent significant character development in the series. Starting out as a humble IT professional, we've seen Charlie grow stronger as he learns to hunt monsters and even excels in purgatory. His development was appreciated and emphasized by his close association with the Winchesters, and Dean became his mentor.
Charlie was also an important touchstone in the show's portrayal. She was one of the first openly LGBTQ+ characters on the show, and her sexuality was treated with normalcy and respect, which viewers appreciated. So from creation to development, Charlie Bradbury was a character that managed to stand out in the Supernatural universe. She represented change, acceptance and courage, making her one of the most memorable characters on the show.

Character Profile

Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day, is a great character in the Supernatural universe. She debuted on the show in the seventh season and quickly became a fan favorite. Before meeting the Winchester brothers, he worked as an IT specialist at Richard Roman Enterprises. He accidentally stumbles upon Leviathan's plan and helps the brothers with hacking skills. But his great intelligence is not his only trait; it is versatile and richly developed. With a passion for gaming and all things geeky, Charlie's outgoing and fun personality contrasts with the overall tension of the show, making his performances a breath of fresh air. However, it's not just her cheerful demeanor that draws fans around the world, but her courage to team up with the Winchesters and face the monstrous creatures of the dark.
She came out as a lesbian early in the series and was one of the first openly queer characters on Supernatural. However, her sexuality does not define her and is only one aspect of her multifaceted nature. She proved to be compassionate and kind, strong in her convictions. The tragic loss of Charlie in season 10 was a huge blow to many fans. Despite his death, his wit, courage, and bravery remain a powerful legacy in the supernatural universe. His life and death left an indelible mark on the show, making Charlie Bradbury unforgettable.

Story Arc

Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day, is an extremely energetic character in the supernatural universe. First introduced in Season 7 as a skilled hacker and self-confessed nerd, Charlie quickly wins hearts with his quirky charm and resilience.
In the early parts of his story, Charlie works for Richard Roman Enterprises. He accidentally stumbles into Leviathan's plans by hacking into Frank's hard drive, attracting the attention of the Winchester brothers. An unlikely alliance then forms as Charlie helps the Winchesters defeat the Leviathans. In Season 8, Charlie emerges from hiding with a forgotten mark on his arm and his past memories erased. Become an integral part of the plot by decoding the Book of the Damned, once again proving his unparalleled intelligence. Charlie's unwavering loyalty to the Winchesters and her willingness to fight the supernatural, even after many near-death experiences, really set her apart.
Charlie not only helps overcome the conflicts between Leviathan and Angel, but also finds his own supernatural journey. While working in OZ, the character embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery and growth. Even in other realities, Charlie's wit and courage shine through, constantly motivating the other characters to continue fighting supernatural threats.
Throughout the series, Charlie maintains his cool demeanor, relying not on his physical strength but on his brain to overcome the paranormal. Unfortunately, Charlie's plot takes a tragic turn, resulting in her untimely death. However, Charlie Bradbury remains in the hearts of the characters and the audience as a symbol of courage, strength and an indomitable will to fight.

Cultural Impact

Charlie Bradbury, played by Felicia Day on Supernatural, is a much-loved character whose cultural impact extends beyond the show. She embodies a tech-savvy, intelligent and resourceful woman who breaks traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Charlie is openly lesbian and represents the LGBTQ+ community, an often underrepresented group in mainstream media. Her character helps highlight the importance of different sexual orientations in pop culture.
Charlie is not defined by her sexuality or gender, but by her intelligence, courage and loyalty. As such, she became a role model for empowerment and inspired many viewers, especially women, to pursue careers in STEM fields, emphasizing that intelligence is a virtue regardless of gender. This positive portrayal has important cultural implications that inspire the younger generation.
Additionally, his various traits, such as his love of fantasy games and loyalty to his friends, added versatility to his character. This nuanced portrayal challenges stereotypes about women, especially those who engage in activities often labeled "nerdy." In short, Charlie Bradbury has made a significant cultural impact by promoting diversity, breaking stereotypes, and encouraging empowerment in the supernatural universe.


Charlie Bradbury left an indelible mark on the supernatural universe for the Winchester brothers. Her impeccable computer skills, hacking talent and fearlessness marked her as a true fighter and woman of letters. Charlie has used his abilities countless times to save lives, fend off supernatural threats, and support the Winchester brothers. Despite many challenges and terrifying enemies, her spirit has remained intact, cementing her status as an unsung hero in a world filled with danger. Charlie's legacy -- his signature traits, unwavering courage and undying loyalty to his de facto family -- memories of his mentorship and quick wit remain in the Supernatural star's heart.