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Supernatural: Origins

General Info

Supernatural: Origins logo
AuthorPeter Johnson
GenresHorror, Fantasy, Supernatural
PublisherDC Comics
IllustratorMatthew Dow Smith
Issue Number1
Release Date2007-05-01
Number of Pages23
Original TitleSupernatural: Origins
Comics Issue NameSupernatural: Origins
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.dccomics.com
Supernatural: Origins delves into the brutal early adventures of revered fighter John Winchester. This charming comic series bridges the gap between Sam and Dean's troubled childhoods and their destiny as sinister demon hunters. This is a thrilling anthology of horror and suspense that follows Jon's transformational journey from a grieving man to a terrifying demon hunter. As he travels the dark fringes of America, armed with cryptic tales and a stash of deadly weapons, each trail brings him closer to avenging his wife and protecting his children. Get ready for a hair-raising memory as you uncover secrets only hinted at by the hit TV show. This is a must-read for any Supernatural fan looking for insight into the dark past of the Winchester family and the origins of their poor trust. Add this to your collection and experience the Supernatural universe like never before.


Supernatural: Origins is a thrilling expansion of the acclaimed television series Supernatural, delving into the dark past of the hunter John Winchester, the father of the show's protagonists, Sam and Dean. Beautifully etched and brilliantly written, the comic series follows John's transformation from broken father to hardened fighter.
After the mysterious death of Mary Winchester, John is thrust into the supernatural world, surrounded by vengeful ghosts, sinister demons and evil creatures. With every turn of the page, the comic reveals John's journey of revenge, full of brutal battles, grotesque monsters and thrilling twists. It delves into the complexities of her relationships, especially with her children, and anticipates their future role in the supernatural world. More than just a comic book, Supernatural: Origins is a treasure trove of hidden history that traces the first steps of many of the show's beloved characters, peels back layers of cosmic interference, and reveals the mysterious reality of the supernatural universe. For those willing to explore beyond entertainment, these masterful stories are a window into the chaotic, dramatic and often tragic past of the Winchester Line.


Supernatural: Origins delves into the enigmatic past of the Winchester family and sheds light on the events that shaped them into the characters we know and love. The comic picks up after the death of Mary Winchester, forcing a confused and distraught John Winchester into the dangerous world of the supernatural. It's a story of discovery and determination as we watch John transform from a humble mechanic with no answers to a hardened hunter exploring the dark. His relentless desire to understand the forces of evil that have destroyed his family makes for a compelling and profound story. We see the development of essential characters like "Missouri Mosel" and the beginning of the diary, which later becomes an invaluable guide for Sam and Dean. With atmospheric graphics and a compelling storyline, Supernatural: Origins paints a thorough and authentic portrait of the Winchester family's legacy. Readers will be immersed in a new perspective of the Supernatural universe, creating an enriching reading experience for all fans.


Supernatural: Origins Comics is a product of WildStorm Productions. The sitcom was a prequel to the original Supernatural television show, delving into the story of John Winchester, the father of the show's protagonists, Sam and Dean Winchester. WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics, helped bring the supernatural world to the graphic novel platform. Top artists such as Matthew Dow Smith lent their artistic visions to the series, layering the supernatural world in a distinctive visual style. Writers like Peter Johnson and Rebecca Dessertine have cleverly expanded on the original scripts, adding precious layers to the beloved characters and the gritty world they inhabit. Carefully curated by Jonny Rench, the colors bring the dark universe to life and immerse readers in the dark and foreboding world of Supernatural. Its publishing began in 2007. and will run through 2011, offering fans a comprehensive look at the supernatural mythos. The staff has taken painstaking steps to capture the essence of the show, making fans feel right at home in the pages of Supernatural: Origins comics. So the creation of this comic not only expanded the Supernatural canon, but also set a benchmark for how careful and thoughtful television comics could be made.


Supernatural: Origins offers fans a fascinating insight into the history of the Winchester family. This comic series is carefully crafted to shed light on the unknown past of John Winchester, the patriarch of the family. The introduction of the television series "Supernatural" is a comic series that focuses on John's evolution from a common man to a hunter after the tragic death of his wife Maria. Through intensely compelling illustrations and narrative, it explores her upbringing, her first encounters with supernatural beings, and the difficult decisions she makes to protect her children. Supernatural: Origins greatly expands the Supernatural universe, offering readers a compelling look at the events leading up to the formation of the beloved TV series characters. The comic series is an absolute delight for loyal fans, adding insight and depth to an already complex and intriguing world.


Supernatural: Origins explores the origins of the supernatural world that is the powerhouse of the critically acclaimed television series. It takes you on a journey through time and focuses on the early years of John Winchester, the father of series characters Sam and Dean.
John, originally a simple, hardworking mechanic and loving family man, witnesses the supernatural execution of his wife. Ruined by this traumatic event, he is forced to delve into the paranormal world. This dramatic change changes her and her children's lives. This comic series offers new insights into John's transformation into a hunter, his sacrifices and his resilience. Readers experience his first encounter with the supernatural world and his grueling training to become a hunter. It also affects the developing relationship with his children as they accompany him on his unpredictable journey.
After surviving a tragic accident and exploring John's backstory before the events of the series, viewers will gain a better understanding of the emotions and determination that drive these iconic characters. This prequel may also answer some of the most intriguing questions fans have about the original Supernatural series.


Upon its release, Supernatural: Origins received a mixed reaction of praise and criticism. Created as a prequel to the iconic TV series Supernatural, it gave fans a rare glimpse into the life of John Winchester as a child before he became the hardened fighter his fan base came to know and admire.
Many praised the comic series for its exploration of predetermined supernatural knowledge, providing insight into the mysterious history of the Winchester family. Representing such beloved characters in a new light was a fascinating experience for many. A few elements were highly praised, most notably the gradual transformation of John Winchester from simple mechanic to demon hunter and the complex blend of familiar emotions and supernatural elements. However, not all fans were happy with the difference between the comic and the original show's story, citing inconsistencies. Some fans have also expressed their displeasure with the differences in the portrayal of the characters.
Regardless, Supernatural: Origins remains an interesting addition to the Supernatural universe that continues to attract longtime fans of the show and new readers alike. It remains a testament to the enduring popularity of the Supernatural franchise. The comic book series certainly added to the Supernatural legacy, albeit without its detractors.

Cultural impact

The Supernatural: Origins comics left an indelible mark on popular culture. Their influence can be seen in the way they cemented the connection between television and comics. This development not only expanded the scope of the narrative, but also expanded the fan base of Supernatural.
These comics introduced the story of fan-favorite John Winchester, taking readers into new dimensions of his journey and deepening their connection with the character. It was portrayed in a new light in a non-TV series. Also, Origins pioneered the idea of ​​mixing common comic book folklore with elements of horror, which later influenced many other comics. The popular combination of horror and humor was imitated by other comedy series, proving its cultural significance.
Comic books have also played an important role in reviving the supernatural theme in pop culture, increasing the credibility and appeal of supernatural plots both on television and in print. The characters, as well as the characters from the comics, ended up in various products and became cultural icons in their own right.
All in all, the cultural impact of Supernatural: Origins extends far beyond the realm of comics and is a testament to the enduring appeal of inventive and compelling storytelling.