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Supernatural: Rising Son

General Info

Supernatural: Rising Son logo
AuthorPeter Johnson and Rebecca Dessertine
GenresHorror, Adventure
IllustratorDiego Olmos
Issue Number6
Number of PagesApproximately 150 pages
Original TitleSupernatural: Rising Son
Comics Issue NameSupernatural: Rising Son
Country of OriginUSA
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.dccomics.com/wildstorm/
Supernatural: Rising Son is a charming comedy series that is a wonderful prequel to the legendary TV series Supernatural. The comic details the early life of the legendary Winchester brothers and delves into their tumultuous childhood. Living in the shadow of their father's relentless hunt for paranormal creatures, readers can figure out how to shape their own destiny as future hunters. Vivid illustrations and narratives bring to life their tragic pasts and struggles with supernatural beings, evoking a sense of fear, vulnerability and excitement. A must-read for any Supernatural fan, this series provides invaluable insight into the family circumstances central to the Winchester brothers' identities and actions in their adult lives.


Supernatural: Rising Son gives readers a fascinating insight into the lives of the Winchester brothers before the Supernatural TV show began. The comic series carefully bridges the gap between Dean's childhood and his brother Winchester's hunting trip, revealing hidden truths about their past. The story, which focuses mainly on young Dean, highlights his struggle to adjust to the normal life of his childhood as he grapples with his destiny as a hunter, imprinted on him by his father John Winchester.
A story full of suspense and intrigue adds a new dimension to the supernatural universe. One notable twist involves the revelation of a demon that has been secretly influencing Dean's life, adding a new level of complexity to his character. The comic also reveals the motivations of John Winchester and his development into the determined hunter we know, haunted by the disappearance of his wife and fueled by a desire for revenge.
With beautiful graphics and an engaging story, Supernatural: Rising Son offers a glimpse into the prototypical Winchester life. It paints a poignant picture of the hardships the brothers go through, highlighting their transformation into iconic fighters. A must-read for any fan of the supernatural, the series promises a thrilling journey into the unknown realms of the supernatural realm.


In the comics, Supernatural: Rising Son takes an unusual twist on the age-old battle between good and evil when the story veers back to Dean's childhood. Young Dean Winchester is forced to grow up fast and take on responsibilities beyond his years to protect his younger brother Sam. Their father, John Winchester, is on a desperate crusade to track down the demon that killed his wife. As John learns more about the supernatural world, he begins using his children as his personal scouting team, unaware that the demons are interested in Sam. These comics provide insight into the trials and tribulations that have led Dean to become a science-savvy ultimate hunter, cursed by the tragic story of an impending apocalypse, and determined to protect Sam at all costs. With tension, tragedy and brotherly love in a world on the brink of darkness, The Rising Son tells the story of the Winchesters' formative years and sets the stage for their future struggle against the forces of the underworld.


The creation of Supernatural: Rising Son comics highlights the rich history of the early Winchester brothers, painstakingly brought together by the extraordinary talents of the CW network's dedicated artists. in 2008 The comic series, which launched in April, features unique background elements that complement the main Supernatural series and allow fans to better understand the characters. Created by Peter Johnson and Rebecca Dessertine, the comics showcase the masterful illustrations of Diego Olmos and the vibrant color palette of Wes Hartman, transporting fans directly into the gritty and haunted world of Supernatural. The team's painstaking attention to detail captures the essence of each character and the eerie atmosphere they inhabit. The comics also increase the tension around the audience's beloved Winchester family as they continue to struggle with the unknown. The atmosphere of the filming is dark and fits well with the theme of the main TV series. Rising Son was well received by fans and praised for its successful expansion of the beloved Supernatural universe.


The Supernatural universe has seen some amazing expansion with the Ascending Son comics. These intricacies delve into the show's history and outline a core story that delves into the childhood of brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. These comics reveal the unknown areas of Dean's childhood as he finds himself alone just before the birth of his younger brother Sam.
Rising Son depicts the vicissitudes of growing up under the tutelage of John Winchester. A perfect blend of mystery, drama and suspense, it perfectly illustrates the early life of the brothers, who were locked between ghosts and ugly curses. Unlike their idyllic childhood, their young days are filled with sad reality as they battle supernatural beings that were once bedtime stories to others.
As the show's complex stories unfold, Ascending Son is an essential cornerstone of a monumental supernatural universe. It's a must-read for any fan who wants to better understand how the Winchester brothers become ruthless fighters. This comic series shines a new light on their lives that even an extended TV series couldn't.


Supernatural: Rising Son is a thrilling comedy series that is a prequel to the iconic TV show Supernatural. Six issues of this fascinating series were published in a few months in 2008, published in 2008. in September. Fans of the TV show were enthralled by the intrigue and tension these comics brought to exploring the early lives of main characters Sam and Dean Winchester. and their father, John. This comic series is a wonderful treasure trove of character stories that add context and depth to the complex world created by the TV show. Each of the six issues is a stand-alone compelling story, but they all contribute to a larger, more compelling story. The release of Supernatural: Rising Son was a remarkable event that solidified the Supernatural universe, delighted old fans and captured the attention of new ones.


Reviews of Supernatural: Rising Son were generally mixed. While fans of the series enjoyed the added backstory of Sam and Dean Winchester's characters, some critics felt that the series did not fully capture the essence of the beloved television foundation. While the artistic expression was considered a compelling visual treat, some readers felt that it lacked maturity and felt a bit cartoonish for such a darkly themed series. The comic's exploration of the brothers' early lives, particularly their complicated relationship with their father and introduction to supernatural encounters, is said to have been appreciated by many. There was also much admiration for the powerful storytelling and the right pacing that captivates readers. Overall, while Supernatural: Rising Son had its ups and downs, it remained an intriguing spin-off that managed to appeal to a large portion of Supernatural fans around the world.

Cultural impact

The Supernatural: Rising Son comics have had a significant cultural impact on horror and graphic fantasy literature. It gave fans of the original Supernatural TV series a heady experience. The comics tell the story of the impact on the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester as they travel down dangerous paths. With expert narration, vivid visuals and character insights, these comics opened up a new dimension to readers. Their stories reveal complex aspects of morality, family relationships and the constant struggle against evil, earning readers recognition. In addition, they delved into the public connection with the supernatural universe. Initiatives like comics have inspired community discussion and cosplay, cutting across genres and age groups. This interaction allowed fans to creatively explore and interpret the story and characters. Also, the supernatural elements combined with the human experience that comics portray touch on universal themes, hence its appeal across cultures.