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Faction NameHumans
Humans in the supernatural universe coexist with a vast array of aliens who are often unaware of their existence. This essential yet powerful species soul is a powerful source of energy for many beings and wielders of dark magic, making humans both valuable and vulnerable. Despite their mortal nature, humans have shown remarkable resilience and ingenuity. They have emerged many times as fighters fighting the supernatural forces around them with nothing but learned skills and sheer force of will. From exorcising evil spirits to hunting shape-shifting creatures, these fearless everyday heroes remind viewers that extraordinary feats don't require superpowers. As a testament to tenacity and resilience, the humans in the Supernatural universe underline the show's central theme: that humanity, with all its frailty and willpower, is a force to be reckoned with.


The diverse universe of Supernatural sees humans as protagonists, enemies, and everything in between. They are the most common species on Earth, and despite their apparent lack of supernatural abilities, they have proven time and time again that courage, intelligence, and determination are often the best brute force.
People in the supernatural universe don't always understand the hidden supernatural realms of the world, but a select few get caught up in these worlds and adapt in impressive ways. Some, like the legendary duo of Sam and Dean Winchester, become hunters and fight various supernatural beings that threaten unsuspecting victims. Others, like Bobby Singer, provide critical knowledge and behind-the-scenes assistance. Humans often provide compassion and logic that other, more powerful supernatural beings lack. People like Claire Novak and Jody Mills show the resilience of the human spirit fighting the darkness without innate supernatural abilities, relying on strategy, ingenuity and sheer will. They create webs of knowledge, symbols of protection, and weapons to successfully fight against much stronger supernatural opponents.
Although humans are vulnerable to supernatural threats, their capacity for love, sacrifice, and resilience make them important players in the supernatural universe. They have proven time and time again that they can tip the balance in the ongoing battle between good and evil. Ultimately, they represent the constant struggle against darkness and the constant hope for a better and brighter future.


The story of a group of people in a supernatural universe is intriguing and diverse. Born from a world where mythical creatures and folklore roam the shadows, humans are considered one of the weakest species. But their tenacity and versatility set them apart.
In ancient times, humans coexisted with supernatural beings, and many cultural narratives included tales of divine intervention, heroic deeds, and terrifying enemies. Tribal communities often worshiped the supernatural, incorporated it into their belief systems, and sought its blessings or protection. With the advent of civilization and organized religion, the dynamic changed. Supernatural beings were demonized or worshiped as gods and demigods. As a result, people began to use magic and summon supernatural beings in an attempt to control the uncontrollable forces around them.
During the Middle Ages, conflicts related to faith increased. Accusations of witchcraft were a common pretext for persecuting those who deviated from social norms. Many innocent people were lost in fear and ignorance during these processes. At the same time, secret societies of hunters began to form, which tracked and destroyed supernatural threats under the cover of night.
Over the centuries, technological advances have led to a decline in people's belief in the supernatural. The world became rational and empirical, relegating the supernatural to the fringes of society.
Nowadays people live in blissful ignorance of the supernatural world. But a strong network of fighters continues to protect humanity from the unknown. Among the human ranks there are individuals with psychic abilities, supernatural intervention in the products of their lineage.
Despite trials, tribulations and stronger beings, people persevere, demonstrating an indomitable spirit and determination to survive. Human history in the supernatural universe truly testifies to the indomitable power of the human spirit.

Notable Members

Member #
Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
John Winchester
Mary Winchester
Bobby Singer
Charlie Bradbury
Jo Harvelle
Ellen Harvelle
Jody Mills
Claire Novak
Adam Milligan
Garth Fitzgerald IV
Donna Hanscum
Kevin Tran
Rufus Turner
Lisa Braeden
Ben Braeden


In the vast and diverse supernatural universe, humans find their homes on several planes of existence. They live mainly in the material world known as Earth; a kingdom of deep blue oceans, towering mountains, vast forests and bustling cities. This realm is not governed by supernatural beings, but by its own rules and laws.
People in the supernatural universe inhabit every corner of the Earth, from the frozen plains of Antarctica to the dense jungles of the Amazon and the ancient cultures of the East. They were able to adapt very well to their environment, forming their communities based on climate, geography and available resources. Urban metropolises such as New York and London are home to the vast majority; these places often serve as epicenters of supernatural activity. But even rural areas and remote towns are not free from supernatural invasion. Stories of peculiar occurrences and unusual occurrences are commonplace, often associating more peaceful places with the existence of ghosts, monsters, and demons.
The mountains and forests of this universe are also home to various creatures that span a legendary history. Humans live in a constant balance between the known and the unseen. In general, the geography of human territory in the supernatural universe is varied and extensive. Each place has a unique set of stories and myths, all linked by the never-ending interplay between humans and the supernatural. The beauty of this coexistence paints a vivid picture of a world that is much more complex than meets the eye.

Legacy and Impact

The human group's legacy and influence in the supernatural universe is unparalleled. They formed the backbone of Supernatural's narrative structure. Although physically weaker than celestials, demons, and other mystical beings, their indomitable spirit and resilience often turn the tide. Their ability to choose between good and evil, love and hate fundamentally shapes the ever-fluctuating dynamics of the universe. Humans have contributed to many victories and made sacrifices that reverberate through the universe long after they have been won. Their ability to empathize also affected non-human characters, causing change and growth. The legacy of the human faction is not about power or control; it is a testament to courage in the face of insurmountable odds and the enduring power of the human spirit.