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Faction NameVampires
Vampires are enchanting and mystical creatures from the supernatural universe, shrouded in an alluring aura of danger. Their existence dates back to ancient times and crosses cultures and continents. These nocturnal creatures are characterized by a pale complexion, fangs and an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Umbrae mortis, as they are often called, possess incredible strength and speed, excellent senses, and rapid healing abilities, making them formidable enemies or loyal allies. But their immortality comes at the expense of signature nonsense; they can be killed by decapitation, a stake through the heart, or sunlight. Vampires are adept at manipulation and often lure their prey with charm before revealing their true monstrous nature. Their complex but fascinating society is ruled by a strict hierarchy and ancient laws overseen by elder vampires. Often misunderstood, some seek to coexist with people, while others firmly believe in their superiority. For them, survival is a game of strength and wit against the backdrop of eternal night.


Vampires are fascinating nocturnal creatures that hold an important place in the supernatural universe. These supernatural beings hide in plain sight and often blend seamlessly into human society. With enhanced senses, supernatural speed, immortality, and invulnerability to most damage, they are a formidable force to be reckoned with.
A distinguishing feature of vampires is their nutritional need to consume human blood. Their elongated fangs, used to pierce the necks of their victims, and withdrawal symptoms in the absence of fresh blood, are similar to popular depictions of vampires in folklore. Vampires are not without weaknesses. They can be damaged by holy water, crosses and especially sunlight. Stabbing a vampire through the heart with a piece of wood can also kill them. These vulnerabilities are often exploited by fighters in the Supernatural series.
Their social structure is similar to that of a pack, and they are led by the oldest and strongest vampire, usually called the "Alpha". Their loyalty to their loved ones, ruthlessness to others, and complex social structure make them a deadly enemy of hunters in the supernatural universe.


In the complex fabric of the supernatural universe, the story of the vampires, or "Children of Eve," is characterized by pain, survival, and adaptation. They trace their lineage back to the Alpha Vampire, the very first of its kind, who in turn was created by Allen's mother, Eve herself.
In the 19th century, vampires in the New World began to grow steadily, establishing themselves as feared and respected creatures of the night. Their power, along with heightened senses and immortality, made them a formidable group in the supernatural world. The Victorian era was the golden age of vampire populations. Their social structure was strengthened as many powerful vampires created nests where younger vampires could learn, grow and be protected. This time there was also a greater conflict with the hunters who saw vampires as abominations to be purged.
But the advent of the 20th century brought greater challenges. Creating the Colt, a weapon capable of killing almost any supernatural being, has become a nightmare for vampires. Later, during America's prohibition era, the reduced availability of human prey forced many vampires into hiding or disbanding. Modern times have seen a constant struggle for survival. Vampires face an ongoing war with hunters, including the famous Winchester brothers. Today, they occupy a delicate place in the supernatural universe, a terrifying but endangered species, constantly adapting in an eternal quest for survival and kinship. Despite their tumultuous journey, they persevere, demonstrating the resilience and determination of their species. Each victory, each survival adds to the rich tapestry of the long and storied history of the vampire.

Notable Members

Member #
Gordon Walker
Benny Lafitte
Irv Sokolowski
The Alpha Vampire
Khan Worm


In the Supernatural universe, vampires are not limited to any particular region or geography. They are adaptable creatures that can survive and thrive in a variety of environments around the world. From bustling, vibrant cities teeming with unsuspecting prey to the quiet isolation of small country towns, vampires make their homes wherever they can find sustenance.
Vampires are also known to be nomadic, moving from place to place to avoid detection and capture. Many choose to move on and lead a permanent nomadic lifestyle to avoid those who hunt them. This constant movement is not just a survival mechanism, but a way of life, and the thrill of the hunt often takes them across territories and borders in search of other food.
Despite their dark and sinister nature, there are vampires who appreciate the aesthetics of their chosen habitats. The majesty of city skylines, the tranquility of the countryside, the charm of coastal areas and even the stark beauty of desolate landscapes can all serve as a backdrop for these nocturnal creatures. Vampires, in a sense, embody the spirit of adaptation and survival, so every corner of the world is their playground.

Legacy and Impact

The vampire faction of the Supernatural universe has left an indelible mark on pop culture, influencing countless works both within and outside the genre. Their depiction of complex characters struggling with their monstrous nature humanized them and broke the traditional portrayal of vampires as mere elements of horror. The series developed the concept of a vampire hierarchy with a system of governance that later proved influential in the creation of vampire societies in the media. The complex history and mythology surrounding vampires, from their origins to their unique abilities and vulnerabilities, has greatly contributed to deepening our understanding of the supernatural universe. In particular, their prohibition against killing people and drinking human blood without consent challenges traditional vampire tropes, giving them a deeper characterization. This innovative portrayal of vampires had a profound impact and set the stage for their portrayal in future works, not only in horror, but in all forms of speculative fiction.