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Faction NameWerewolves
The werewolf faction of the supernatural universe is a vast alliance of animals that keep their ancestral nature intertwined with the modern world. Awakened by the glow of the moon, their raw essence is their strength and weakness. Contrary to the mythological image, they are not only irrational beasts, but also dual-personality entities that display their beastly side during a full moon or intense emotional stress. Werewolves possess exceptional physical strength combined with a rapid healing ability, prompting them to fight fiercely, mercilessly against their opponents. Their loyalty to the pack transcends any division, reminding us of the wolf nature of any outsider: supportive and unyielding. Their transformation is a harrowing but liberating experience that breaks their human limitations and unleashes their animal instincts. The werewolf faction helps to not only exist, but to embrace the beast within and celebrate their dual existence.


The Werewolf Faction is a fascinating, exciting and terrifying part of the supernatural universe. These are humans infected and transformed from a werewolf bite or scratch, revealing a richer layer of complexity in the complex fabric of this universe. These creatures obey the call of the night, usually changing shape during the full moon, their human faces giving way to terrifyingly ferocious wolves.
Exhibiting insurmountable strength, speed, and powers of recovery, werewolves become formidable foes, often misunderstood and feared. Despite their horrific behavior, many struggle to maintain their humanity by constantly battling their most beastly impulses. This tension is played out brilliantly throughout Supernatural, giving these characters life and vitality.
Supernatural is dominated by werewolf clans that form their own communities and follow a clear hierarchy. This not only adds depth to their character, but also presents them as a social entity trying to get along. Their knowledge develops over the course of the series, allowing viewers to explore their mythology with insight.
From a broader perspective, the werewolf faction is an essential part of the Supernatural universe, contributing greatly to its compelling story, diverse character dynamics, and relentlessly tense atmosphere. They remain compelling characters in well-rounded stories, offering intriguing challenges to the protagonists and bringing an intriguing wild element to this dark and enchanting world.


Werewolves have a long and tumultuous history in the supernatural universe, being one of the oldest and most feared creatures. Their origins date back to a time when mankind was in its infancy and lived in fear of the dark and unknown parts of the world. The first werewolves were people cursed by a pagan god who turned into beastly predators during the full moon.
Over time, they spread throughout the world, hiding in the shadows of society, quietly increasing their numbers by biting and breeding, thus hiding their existence from the rest of humanity. They have developed sharp instincts, incredible strength and speed, an almost unstoppable healing factor, and their lifespans are much longer than normal humans, making them extremely deadly predators. For centuries, werewolves lived unchecked, their numbers grew and their influence spread. However, the advent of organized hunting parties in the Middle Ages led to warfare that continues to this day. Armed with the knowledge and weapons to kill werewolves, these hunters became a thorn in the side of werewolf packs.
In the 20th century, the werewolves of the supernatural universe noticed a change in their genetic makeup, causing their transformation cycle to change dramatically. This allowed them to change at will, greatly increasing their power and making them even more dangerous. Despite numerous conflicts and attempts to exterminate them, werewolves have survived and adapted, making them one of the most resilient creatures in the supernatural universe. Werewolves have a history of darkness, resilience and survival, making them a force to be reckoned with. But they also remind us of humanity's roots and the monsters they themselves can become under the right circumstances.

Notable Members

Member #
Garth Fitzgerald IV
Joy Meyers
Bess Myers
Corbin Tilghman
Michelle Tilghman


Werewolves in the Supernatural universe have a unique connection to geography. Unlike humans who live in designated habitats, werewolves are nomadic by nature. They harness the forces of nature and usually prefer wild areas such as vast forests, desolate deserts, and remote mountains. These landscapes offer many opportunities for hunting and provide the necessary space for their transformation during the full moon.
However, there are cases where werewolves tend to settle more in human-populated areas, often forming packs. When they integrate into human society, they tend to choose their location strategically, preferring small towns or cities near natural refuges. They act both as a food source for unsuspecting humans and animals, and as shelter when transformed.
Some packs display territorial behavior, marking and defending their preferred regions from other supernatural beings or human hunters. In such cases, their geography is directly related to their survival, providing them with the protection and resources they need.
However, some werewolves deviate from this pack mentality, preferring isolation over community. These lone wolves are distributed throughout the world and demonstrate their adaptability to different geographical conditions. Whether they're plowing through the dense undergrowth of North American forests, slogging through the sandy soil of African deserts, or traversing the icy peaks of the Himalayas, their connection to the geography of their environment remains deeply rooted.

Legacy and Impact

Over the years, werewolves in the Supernatural universe have greatly influenced the show's mythos and fan base. They evoked a range of emotions, from fear and disgust to empathy and understanding. Werewolves have become a symbol of the immense burden of supernatural life on both the creatures themselves and the people they interact with. The werewolves' recurring struggle to maintain their humanity despite their near-unstoppable thirst for blood during the full moon created a deep and complex dynamic for the series that has captivated viewers for many seasons. Their inclusion in the plot greatly enriched the story, introducing both personal and ethical dilemmas and sparking debates about the identity and essence of being human. Their legacy continues to reverberate through the supernatural universe, leaving an indelible mark.