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Faction NameWitches
In the immersive universe of Supernatural, witches are a group shrouded in mystery. They come from different backgrounds and cultures and wield immense power through the manipulation of supernatural forces. Witches are essentially practitioners of witchcraft. Their powers come from exercising their will in the natural world, which can often become destructive and evil.
Their abilities vary widely: some are gifted with divination and healing, others are devoted to the dark arts; summon spirits and cast deadly curses. Often with spellbooks, talismans and amulets, they add to the show's eclectic mythology. Only people who practice witchcraft or come from a powerful witch family can be witches. They infuse the supernatural cosmos with horror, shrouded in mystery, drawing viewers to their screens.


Witches are beings in the supernatural universe who practice witchcraft. These are people who have the knowledge and power to manipulate the forces of nature with spells, incantations, potions and other magical tools. Their powers may be innate, derived from witch lineage, or learned through the study of ancient witchcraft texts.
Witches use their powers for various purposes. Some witches use their skills for personal gain, such as wealth, love, or revenge, often en route to the dark practice of witchcraft. On the other hand, some use their powers for the benefit of others - for healing, protection and benevolence, establishing the existence of white magic.
The power of witches varies greatly depending on their origin and degree of magical knowledge. The most powerful are known as grand witches, capable of wielding the most powerful forms of magic.
Although human, witches live in secret from most of humanity. Complex rituals, powerful spells, and a deep understanding of the supernatural allow them to fight or join forces with aliens. Their alliances can fluctuate, making them unpredictable and a force to be reckoned with in the supernatural universe.
For witches, witchcraft is less of a hobby and more of a way of life, guided by the witch code of "Do what you will but harm no one", although it is more of a guideline than a rule. This makes witches interesting and morally ambiguous characters, capable of both great good and incredible evil.


Witchcraft is a fascinating industry in the supernatural universe that dates back to ancient times. They are incredibly powerful and have the innate potential to manipulate magic to their will, which is amazing and terrifying. Unlike other supernatural beings, such as vampires and werewolves, who are born with their own unique traits, witches gain their powers through monetary transactions, inheritance, studies, or by making deals with demons.
Their history is rooted in paganism, where naturist religion, magic and belief in the omnipresence of gods played a dominant role. At that time, witches lived alongside humans and were treated with respect, if not fear, for their otherworldly abilities. Archaeological evidence and ancient writings show that witches were often consulted during political crises and upheavals.
Over time, as religious beliefs radically changed, Christianity became the dominant religion. Therefore, pagans who refused to convert were secretive about their practices and were often called witches. Fear and ignorance of witchcraft in the medieval era eventually led to horrific witch trials and executions.
As society evolved, witches learned to communicate with humans and live an incognito life. Their practices and rituals became more solitary and hidden from human eyes, leading to sporadic outbreaks of witch-hunting throughout history. Given their long history and power, witches have managed to survive and adapt to changing times. Today, they refrain from overt displays of their power to avoid suspicion, and remain an enigmatic and influential force in the supernatural universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Rowena MacLeod
Dean Winchester (Temporarily)
Don Stark
Gary Freleng
Charlie Gilleece
James Frampton
Maggie Stark
Missouri Moseley
Renee Van Allen
Spencer Wallis
Trevor Sampson


Witches in the Supernatural universe range in geography from suburban homes to ancient hidden reliquaries. They do not live in specific areas, but are scattered in different regions of the world. While some prefer solitude, others blend in with humans and hide their magical identity. Historically, Salem and other places known for witch trials have had a significant association with witches. However, these magical creatures are also found in cosmopolitan areas and seamlessly integrate into modern society. Witches use their locations to their advantage and use the resources available in their area for rituals and spells. For example, people living in forested areas use local herbs and roots, while those in cities may rely on artificial amulets and talismans. Their lair, often filled with mystical artifacts and spellbooks, is usually hidden from prying eyes. Whether it's a secluded cottage in the woods or an attic in a bustling city, it always reflects the witch's personality and magical tendencies.

Legacy and Impact

In the Supernatural universe, the effect of the witch faction is commendable. Witches, practitioners of ancient magic, combine mortal lives with supernatural elements to form a unique force that significantly drives the plot. Dark magic gives the plot a fascinating twist as witches nurture relationships under the veil of magic and use bags of evil to wreak havoc. Their influence also extends to their relationships with the main characters, especially the Winchester brothers, who guide and challenge them on their long journey. In terms of legacy, each witch brings her own story that intertwines with the historical lineage and traditions of witchcraft. The diverse presentation of witches, from dark and sinister to deceptive and transformative, has added depth to Supernatural's story, allowing viewers to interpret and analyze the multifaceted nature of their influence. The witch faction has cemented its place in Supernatural history with a lasting narrative legacy.