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BooksSurvivor: The Ultimate Game
AwardsPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
GenresReality television
Created ByMark Burnett
PlatformsCBS Television Network
Original WorkSurvivor: Borneo
Television SeriesAmerican Survivor, Australian Survivor
Main PersonalitiesJeff Probst

The Survivor Universe is an exciting competitive reality show franchise that began in 2000. in the United States and has since spread around the world. The compelling concept of contestants being stranded in remote locations where they have to fend for themselves has made it a reality TV staple, complete with idiosyncratic terminology that includes "tribes", "immunity" and the "dreaded tribal council". . "

Each season features a variety of contestants with different backgrounds and skills, from physical prowess to strategic vision. These contestants must build their own shelter, collect food, and participate in challenging tasks to earn rewards and immunity while playing a complex social game necessary to survive the rest.

Over the years, Survivor has seen many blind spots, power reversals, and incredible comebacks, bringing human emotion and intelligence to the test of survival, making it fascinating. People from all over the world tune in for the sheer unpredictability, massive challenges and raw, unfiltered human interaction that unfolds in every episode. It's a universe that cleverly combines survival and strategy in an exciting and unpredictable game.

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