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Rize Kamishiro

General Info

Rize Kamishiro logo
Job TitleBookshop Assistant
Birth PlaceJapan
Knows aboutGhouls, Anteiku
Alternate NameBinge Eater
Character NameRize Kamishiro
Rize Kamishiro, also known as "Eater", is a charming character from the Tokyo Ghoul universe known for his deadly charm and insatiable appetite for human flesh. His striking purple hair and piercing red eyes are the physical embodiment of his towering Ghoul personality. However, Rize is not your typical Ghoul. Originally from the dreaded V Organization, she was later adopted by the powerful Tsukiyama family. In Tokyo Ghoul, he plays a mysterious and crucial role, as his organ transplant irrevocably transforms the main character Ken Kaneki into a half-pipe, and their destinies become intertwined. Interestingly, Rize prefers to remain alone and avoid territorial conflicts common among peers. Her independent lifestyle and eventful past make her an important piece of the puzzle in the exciting story of Tokyo Ghoul.


Rize Kamishiro, or Binge Eater, is a fascinating and complex character from the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Born into the Washuu Clan, one of the most powerful ghoul families, Rize did not go unnoticed. Concealed as a quiet, studious bookworm, she appears innocent at first, but her true nature is revealed as a passionate and deadly specter, earning her an infamous moniker.
Rize's character plays an important role in the series and is deeply intertwined with the fate of the main character, Ken Kaneki. It is during their fateful date that Kaneki turns into a ghost, marking the beginning of an intense and dark journey known as Tokyo Ghost. Rize's strength, agility, and insatiable appetite are feared in the ghost world, but she fears for her freedom, driving her into a constant state of hiding.
Rize's complexity doesn't stop there. In addition to her creepy ghost identity, she is an avid bibliophile, revealing a distinctly human side to her. This intellectual aspect, combined with her deadly prowess, makes her a multi-faceted anti-hero with a lasting impact on the plot and the minds of the audience. Rize Kamishiro's nuanced characterization contributes greatly to the chilling and engaging world of Tokyo Ghoul.


Rize Kamishiro, born Rize Kamishiro and later known as the Binge Eater, is a ghost from the dark fantasy series Tokyo Ghoul. She was raised in the 11th ward by her father, a pious man who instilled in his daughter a fierce independence and a love of reading. This love of books would later become a trait associated with Rize, often illustrating his intelligence and insight.
Rize's life took a dramatic turn when she was adopted by the Tsukiyama family, a powerful and influential ghoul clan. This sudden change in circumstances turned the once carefree girl into a calculating, opportunistic person who is constantly looking for a way to regain her freedom. Her quick thinking allowed her to escape the clutches of her family, which eventually landed her in the 20th District.
In Tokyo Ghoul, Rize is portrayed as a horror's worst nightmare: a massive predator with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. But beneath his monstrous appearance hides a complex character full of contradictions. Although initially considered a monster, she eventually becomes a symbol of repressed desires, human frailty, and the relentless struggle for freedom. His character transformation throughout the series encourages readers to rethink social norms, question authority, and ponder the costs and consequences of freedom. Rize's skills, intelligence, and powerful presence make her one of the most memorable characters in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Her tragic story, along with the depth of her character, has secured Rize Kamishiro's place as an enduring figure in fandom, embodying the struggle between the desire for freedom and the price that must be paid for it.

Creation and Development

Also known as the "Eater", Rize Kamishiro is a main character whose creation and development greatly influence the larger story of Tokyo Ghoul. Creator Sui Ishida masterfully crafted his character to be both a source for the main character, Kagune, and a vital player in the story.
The beginning of Rize is based on the real idea of ​​a femme fatale, dangerous and seductive. A central part of her work is her dual nature, seemingly embodying a beautiful temptress while also feeling a terrible and insatiable hunger. Through Rize, Ishida explores themes of identity, humanity, and existential horror. Rize's character development is largely about the main character, Ken Kaneki. His interaction with Kaneki in the early stages creates a singularity that brings a turning point in his life. After Rize is severely injured, Kaneki undergoes surgery to inject Rize's organs into him, turning him into a half-pipe.
Rize's evolution continues even after her presumed death. Ishida cleverly uses her as a symbolic figure, an aspect of Kaneki's ever-struggling consciousness as he struggles with the creepy side he inherited from her. His ghostly presence prompts thought-provoking conversations about morality, autonomy, and the nature of monstrosity.
Despite her hidden physical presence, her character continues to influence the story after her initial disappearance. His ghoul genetics are dr. The basis of Kanou's warped experiments that resulted in the creation of many "uniform ghouls".
Created and developed by Ishida, Rize Kamishiro is a commendable combination of plot devices and character exploration. Her existence, both physical and symbolic, is crucial to driving the story and inspiring introspective questions about what it really means to be human and monster.

Character Profile

Rize Kamishiro, often referred to as the "Binge Eater", was the catalyst for Tokyo Ghoul and had an unexpected impact on the series. Initially presented as a seductive and charming woman, her ruthless ghostly nature is soon revealed. She was known for her insatiable hunger and enjoyed binge eating the human flesh, earning her a monstrous moniker.
One of the few female ghouls to operate mostly alone, Rize was feared for her agile fighting skills and brute strength. She possessed a kagune with strong regeneration capabilities that proved to be a formidable weapon, making her one of the most dangerous ghosts in Tokyo. But with his predatory behavior, he craved freedom and despised the manipulation of the ghoul world.
Rize was also the main focus of the character Kaneki's transformation. After an unexpected accident in which her organs were transplanted, Kaneki was transformed into a half-pipe, setting the stage for the main events of the series. Through this connection, Rize continued to haunt Kaneki and became a ghost influencing his decisions and mentality.
Basically, Rize Kamishiro was a multifaceted character whose influence transcended her physical presence in the series. Her central role in the story and influence on the main characters make her a prominent figure in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

Story Arc

Dressed in glamor and mystery, Rize Kamishiro is a central figure woven into the dark and haunting tapestry of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Originally living in District 11 and then coming to District 20, his existence enhances the story in unexpected ways.
Interestingly, being born into the prestigious Washuu clan, Rize wasn't content to confine herself to the expectations and strict rituals of her bloodline. Driven by a mysterious innate thirst for chaos, freedom and independence, she wholeheartedly escaped her predestined fate and adopted Rize as her new identity. But her freedom came at a high price, leading her down a path of relentless ambition and destructive overeating by the Washuu clan that caused ripples in the still waters of human society. The Steel Beam incident is a pivotal moment in Rize's history. Sudden death would have killed Rize. Directing the story to a tragic accident, he set off a chain of gruesome rebirths: Kaneki Ken, badly injured in the accident, eventually received Rize's Kagune, turning him monstrous. Rize's lasting impression on Kaneki shaped his journey and brought the cataclysmic world of ghouls into his life.
But in a shocking twist, Death is revealed to be nothing more than a facade, closely guarded by the enigmatic Ghoul Doctor Kanou. The infamous Doctor kept Rize alive, imprisoned her, and used her Kakuhou to create one-eyed artificial ghosts, using her existence to disrupt the power dynamics that exist between humans and ghosts. Thus, even in his absence, Rize played an important role in the social and political upheavals of the horror world.
Rize's story transcends the normative constraints of good and evil, portraying a ghost who embraced his organic instincts and paid a heavy price for his independence. Despite the horror and chaos surrounding her existence, Rize's resistance to fate adds a touch of compassion and tragedy to her arc, making it one of the most intriguing stories in the Tokyo Ghoul universe.

Cultural Impact

Rize Kamishiro, a character from the Tokyo Ghoul universe, has had a major cultural impact since his introduction. She is often admired for her unique blend of meanness and vulnerability, which resonates with audiences worldwide. Rize's character brought new layers of complexity to the ultimate villain archetype, challenging traditional perspectives and sparking debates about notions of morality and humanity.
Despite her predatory nature, Rize has a surprisingly human take on her circumstances, garnering sympathy from the audience and engaging in sympathetic conversations with the normally evil characters. It helps break down social norms of good and bad, creating a broader understanding of the complexity of human emotions. Rize's character design has also influenced cosplayers around the world, especially in the female community. A mix of menace and glamor, Rize's character designs and outfits challenge stereotypes of badass women, inspire creativity and encourage individual expression in cosplay communities.
More broadly, Rize Kamishiro conveyed an important message about the coexistence of strength and vulnerability. Her character emphasizes the importance of dichotomy and shows the audience that being powerful doesn't mean you can't be vulnerable and vice versa. This has led to a recent influx of anime characters following the same philosophy, ensuring Rize's pop culture influence and Tokyo Ghoul's legacy.


Rize Kamishiro left an indelible mark on the Tokyo Ghoul universe, her influence far exceeding her minimal physical presence on the show. Born in the insect-infested District 11, she was known for her aggressive hunting style, which earned her the nickname "Eater". Rize abandoned his violent lifestyle in search of freedom and identity in Tokyo's 20th Ward. However, his power and genetics were harnessed, leading to a series of events that greatly affected the course of the series and its main characters, especially Ken Kaneki. After undergoing life-saving surgery using Rize's organs, Kaneki gains mysterious abilities, leading him on a transformative journey of self-discovery and the story of Tokyo Ghoul. Rize's memory continues to haunt Kaneki, turning him into a formidable and influential figure. Despite her apparent death, Rize's lingering presence cements her legacy as a vital catalyst in this dark world.