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General Info

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Faction NameAnteiku
Located in Tokyo's 20th Ward, Anteiku is a small cafe that calms the beating heart of the city. But there's more to it than meets the eye: Anteiku is a haunt of Tokyo's ghosts. Symbolizing coexistence, it is ruled by spirits who have decided to deviate from their normal hunting behavior and instead choose to provide aid to the needy and collect suicide victims for a living. Its name means "ancient" in Japanese, referring to its rich history and ancient traditions. Anteiku played the main role in the Tokyo Ghoul series, and the staff became one of the main characters of the story. Everyone at Anteiku believes in creating a world where spirits and humans can live in peace, a mission that resonates throughout the series. The soothing atmosphere and intricate connections to the overarching plot make Anteiku a vital and unforgettable aspect of life in Tokyo Ghoul's 20th Ward.


Anteiku is a vibrant cornerstone of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, serving as a safe haven and beacon of hope for ghouls willing to co-exist with humans. Yoshimura, an incredibly powerful demon founded by Anteiku, embodies his deep-rooted belief in peace, mutual respect and understanding. Operating as a cafe in Tokyo's 20th Ward, this exclusive group welcomes an eclectic mix of patrons who are unaware of the owners' unique natures and the warmth they radiate towards their fearsome brethren.
The main purpose of the Anteikas is not only to feed the spirits that choose not to hunt, but also to maintain the perfect balance of harmony in the XX District. Anteiku members take a non-violent approach until provoked, which earns them the respect and recognition of a few people in the community. Anteiku members such as Kaneki, Touka, and Hinami act as ward protectors, only taking action against those who pose a serious threat to their species or humans. Each member of Anteiku has unique traits and deep backstories that depend on the broad nature and complexity of the faction.
Deeper than the café facade, Anteiku's role in the series is unparalleled as it beautifully portrays the struggle for the coexistence of humans and spirits, emphasizing a hopeful and peaceful vision for all in an increasingly divided world. Despite the merciless struggles and heartbreaking losses, members of the Anteikas carry their torch and hold on to their core principles with an unwavering spirit.


Known for his warm refuge in the cold ghost world of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, Anteiku has a rich and compelling history. Founded by the ghoul Yoshimura, it began as an unassuming little bar in the 20th district. But what most locals didn't realize was that it was more than a bar, it served as a haven for ghosts trying to live a quiet life and refrain from hunting people.
A ghost himself, Yoshimura founded Anteiku in hopes of promoting coexistence and understanding between humans and ghosts. Over time, he formed a team of spirits working towards the same goal, including Touka, Nishiki, Hinami, and Yomo. Their efforts were often dangerous, but their convictions remained strong in the face of setbacks.
When it started, Anteiku was not only a source of food for ghouls who didn't want to hunt people, but also a lot of information and advice for young or lonely ghosts. Despite serving the ghosts with meals made from sacrificial suicide victims, Anteiku always stressed the importance of his duty to the deceased and advised him on how to properly pay his respects.
However, Anteiku's peaceful existence was interrupted when the cafe was discovered by the Counter Ghoul Commission (CCG), and Yoshimura eventually sacrificed himself to protect its members. The remaining members of Anteiku were forced to hide and regroup. This is how another cafe :Re, founded by former members of Anteikas, appeared, symbolizing a new chapter in their joint history.
In the annals of Tokyo Ghoul history, Anteiku will always stand out as more than just a haven: a beacon of hope in a world of seemingly endless conflict between ghouls and humans.
Also, despite the harsh reality and constant threat of danger, Anteiku was a symbol of peace and coexistence in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. His importance in creating a sense of unity and compassion among the spirits has influenced many and reinforced his importance throughout the storyline.

Notable Members

Member #
Chie Hori
Enji Koma
Kaya Irimi
Ken Kaneki
Nishiki Nishio
Renji Yomo
Roma Hoito
Touka Kirishima
Hinami Fueguchi


Anteiku is a name deeply rooted in the hearts of people living in the underworld of Tokyo's horror society. Nestled in the quiet and gracious Chiyoda Ward, this cafe is a definite anomaly in the ongoing conflict zone. The area is firmly entrenched in the 20th Ward, known for its harmonious blend of ghosts and humans living in a sui generis respite rarely seen in other parts of the city. The character of the 20th District is reflected in the squad itself, a peace-loving collective inhabited by both ghosts and humans.
The appeal of the ancestors goes beyond the borders of the earth. Anteikai's hiding place opens up to an awesome view of the old town, a mosaic of traditional houses imbued with a modern touch. Lush tree canopies shade the picturesque streets, creating a wonderful mystical atmosphere, giving ghosts lively cover and hiding from lurking pigeons. But he is also modest and good at hiding the secrets inside. The neighborhood has a heavy atmosphere, reminders of the struggle of ghost life everywhere. The lines between humans and ghouls are blurred, making it the perfect backdrop for the constant ebb and flow of power and responsibility that falls on Anteik.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Anteiku faction in the Tokyo Ghoul universe is profound. Anteiku is considered not only a cafe, but also becomes a haven for ghosts looking for peace in the midst of chaos. The members, mostly non-aggressive ghosts, promote coexistence and challenge the traditionally seen adversarial relationship between humans and ghosts. Leader Yoshimura exemplifies this philosophy himself by helping both species and making Anteiku a symbol of harmony. The principles of the faction resonate even after the disbandment, influencing characters like Kaneki and Touka who clearly express these values. In particular, the legacy of Anteiku plays an important role in the creation of :Re, which is a symbol of hope and unity that echoes the core beliefs of Anteiku. Thus, Anteiku's impact is not limited to his physical existence, his ideology ripples throughout history, shaping characters and humanity's perception of ghosts.