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Tokyo Ghoul: Jail

General Info

Tokyo Ghoul: Jail logo
GenresRole-playing video game, Adventure game
Game NameTokyo Ghoul: Jail
PlaymodesSingle-player video game
DevelopersBandai Namco Games
Release Date2015-10-01
Game PlatformsPlayStation Vita
Publisher NameBandai Namco Games
Country of OriginJapan
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.bandainamcoent.com/
Tokyo Ghoul: Jail is an exciting RPG that transports players into the exciting and dark world of the acclaimed Tokyo Ghoul series. Throughout the game, players are immersed in the intense and enigmatic story of the main character Rio, who is struggling to find "Prison", the killer of his friend. The game intricately combines the horror and action elements of the series, allowing players to interact with various characters from the Tokyo Ghoul universe. The special feature of this game is its non-linear storyline that unlocks multiple endings and gives players a unique gameplay experience each time. In addition to its immersive gameplay and complex story, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail also has stunning graphics, making it a must-have for any Tokyo Ghoul fan.


'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots
'Tokyo Ghoul: Jail' game screenshots


Tokyo Ghoul: Jail takes players on an exciting journey through the dark and beautiful universe of Tokyo Ghoul. The game takes place in an alternate timeline that differs from the original manga and anime and introduces a new main character, Rio. Rio, a specter struggling with his dual nature, takes on a "prisoner," a man supposedly connected to his past.
The spectacular cityscape of Tokyo becomes your interactive 3D playground. Travel through neon-lit streets, engage in gruesome battles, and immerse yourself in challenging investigations. Character interactions play an essential role in shaping the story and revealing fragments of the great Tokyo Ghoul mythology. In addition to familiar faces like Kaneki and Touka, players can meet and recruit more than 30 favorite characters, each with unique advantages for your team.
The game's engaging storyline, engaging graphics and character-driven gameplay provide a new and in-depth look at the Tokyo Ghoul series. Gather your courage, improve your strategic skills and step into the role of a ghost in Tokyo Ghoul: Jail. The dark reality of the city awaits you, as well as the truth about the forgotten past.



In Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, players assume the role of protagonist Rio, a ghost with a complicated past. The gameplay is designed to be an immersive experience, capturing the dark atmosphere of the Tokyo Ghoul universe in an interactive exploration with a compelling story.
The game follows the RPG format exactly. Players find themselves in different areas of Tokyo full of people and ghosts. The exploratory nature of the game allows the player to interact with many characters, collect information, complete missions and unlock more areas on the map. A variety of missions that mostly revolve around collecting items and defeating enemies will definitely keep players busy. Tokyo Ghoul: Jail's battle sequences are turn-based with a focus on strategy. You can use different types of attacks, shield and destroy enemies to increase your energy.
An important part of the gameplay in Tokyo Ghoul: Jail is the "mask creation" feature. Masks play a central role in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, often representing the ghost's personality and powers. Here, players can create unique masks and upgrade them to increase their character's abilities.
Interweaving gameplay elements with story progression, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail appeals to franchise fans and RPG enthusiasts alike. An engaging storyline combined with dynamic gameplay reveals the secrets of the creepy universe like never before.

Gameplay video


In Tokyo Ghoul: Jail, you'll step into a dark and twisted world and take on the role of Rio, a new character created by the original Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. An escapee from the dreaded detention center known as "Prison", Rio de Janeiro is driven by one goal: to find his best friend and an inmate who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
As you navigate through the creepy and chaotic reality of ghostly Tokyo, you'll meet some of the famous characters from the Tokyo Ghoul series. Although the game's story takes place in the timeline of the original series, it deviates creatively, offering new perspectives and previously unknown aspects of the world of Tokyo Ghoul.
The gameplay alternates between exploring different areas of Tokyo and encountering ghosts in brutal battles. Armed with your predatory ghost skills and powers, you must uncover the fate of your friend and discover the truth behind the massive prison. During your journey, you make crucial decisions that shape your story and lead to different endings tailored to your choices.
The gruesome, grotesque world of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail goes all out with its dark and eerie theme. It's a sad story of friendship, justice and survival that transcends the boundaries of the Tokyo Ghoul universe. With its unique storyline and approach, it offers both fans and newcomers a disturbing yet fascinating experience of living like a ghost in the heart of Tokyo.


The Development section of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail reveals a number of intriguing elements. The development of the game was a painstaking process involving many preliminary designs and drafts to create a game that was faithful to the Tokyo Ghoul universe. Sui Ishida, creator of the original series, actively contributed to the script and character development, creating a world that is both familiar and fresh.
Introducing the new character to Rio was a unique challenge. His character had to fit perfectly into the established universe, so his backstory, abilities, and relationships had to be carefully developed. The elaborate prison-themed storyline added new depth to the game, expanding on the ongoing story and introducing a unique perspective.
The game environment is designed to recreate the dark and chaotic world of Tokyo Ghoul. The developers used a combination of bright color palettes, haunting music and atmospheric sound effects to create an immersive gaming experience. Every location in the game, from the labyrinthine prison to the deserted city streets, has been carefully designed to represent the dystopian world of Tokyo Ghoul.
In terms of gameplay, Jail introduced a new and complex combat system that balances strategy and action. The developers have taken the time to ensure that the controls are intuitive while offering challenging gameplay sequences. A balance is maintained between the narrative and combat elements, allowing for an interesting continuation of the story.
Tokyo Ghoul: Jail is a milestone in the Tokyo Ghoul game series, showcasing the delicate craftsmanship and care that went into its development. The teamwork of developers, designers, developers and artists has resulted in a compelling game that contributes greatly to the Tokyo Ghoul universe.


in 2015 October 1 Tokyo Ghoul: Jail has been revealed to the digital world as an adventure-themed RPG based on the dark fantasy manga series Tokyo Ghoul. Released by Bandai Namco Games, it followed the huge fan base and commercial success of the original series. The game delves into the original storyline and offers fans a unique experience while maintaining the core theme.
The game introduces a new character named Rio, who races to uncover his past while negotiating the dangerous supernatural landscape of Tokyo. In Rio de Janeiro, players interact with various characters from the series in fully voiced interactive conversations. Based on these interactions, the plot splits in different directions, resulting in multiple endings. Fans of the series were immediately drawn to the game, grateful for the opportunity to experience the Tokyo Ghoul universe in a whole new way. The game successfully extended the magic of the franchise and allowed players to recreate their favorite moments, earning a permanent place in Tokyo Ghoul's illustrious legacy. From exploring the city's security system to fighting ghost investigators and other ghosts, the game has managed to keep the spirit of the original series alive while carving out a unique path for itself.
Tokyo Ghoul: Jail has clearly established itself as an essential addition to any Tokyo Ghoul fan's collection, offering an immersive gameplay experience filled with intense combat and deep, branching storylines.


The reception of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail has been largely positive, and fans of the original Anime and Manga series are excited to experience the dark and twisted world in an entirely new format. Critics agree that the game successfully recreates the atmosphere of the source material, faithfully adapting the disturbing setting and engaging storyline.
The game's feature of interacting with a variety of characters, from Dove, the Ghoul Seekers, to the Ghoul itself, gives players an immersive experience. Every decision and choice has consequences that increase player engagement during gameplay. The graphics and illustrations were also praised and complimented the eerie beauty of the Tokyo Ghoul franchise. However, the game has received some criticism, mostly directed at its limited exploration and repetitive gameplay. Some users felt that, while it had choices, the game offered a linear experience that lacked the sense of tension typical of the Tokyo Ghoul series.
Ultimately, despite some flaws, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail clearly succeeds in bringing the anime series to a video game platform, while still resonating with the existing fan base. Overall, this is a welcome addition to the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, offering fans a new and exciting way to delve into the dark underbelly of the fictional world of Tokyo.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Tokyo Ghoul: Prison is large and far-reaching. in 2015 released for PS Vita, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail introduced a new character, Rio, and with it a new approach to the resonant world of Ghoul. This expansion expanded the story and created a lasting legacy in the horror and dark fantasy video game setting.
First, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail demonstrated the cultural value of narrative implications. The game allowed players to freely navigate the story and influence the direction of the story based on the player's choices. The choices were packaged as "research", a concept novel for the game world. This interactive approach to storytelling was useful in building player engagement and increasing story immersion, indicating its impact on similar subsequent games.
Second, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail reaffirmed the importance of character development in video games. Rio was a new character with a distinct style, with recognizable character traits and personal struggles. His addition added to the emotional depth of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, giving players a lens through which to experience the game's unique world. Ultimately, the game reinforced the Tokyo Ghoul franchise's rich subversive themes of existential horror, social diversity, and moral ambiguity. This increased the phenomenological diversity of the Tokyo Ghoul universe, marking the franchise's unique presence.
At its core, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail's cultural impact is reflected in the novelty of its narrative, depth of character development, and thematic richness. Not only did the game carve out a niche for itself in the realm of fantasy horror games, but it also drove innovation in video game development, a reputation that continues to influence the gaming landscape.