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General Info

Fate/Zero logo
AuthorGen Urobuchi
GenresAction, Thriller, Fantasy
Book NameFate/Zero
Release Date2006-12-29
Number of Pages270
Original Titleフェイト/ゼロ
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://typemoon.com/
Fate/Zero is the spectacular prequel to TYPE-MOON's graphic novel Fate/Stay the Night. The story takes you ten years before the events of Fate/Stay Night and paints a detailed picture of the 4th Holy Grail War and vividly depicts the experiences of several participants, including the ruthlessly calculating sorcerer Kiritsugu Emiya and the royal Arthur Pendragon (King Arthur), whose ambitions and struggles lead to alliances and betrayals, creating a rich picture of drama, tactics, and battles with the supernatural in some of your adventures. beloved characters, along with epic battles that determine their fate. The moral dilemma of sacrificing the few for the sake of the many, the eternal debate over means and ends, and the exploration of what it really takes to be a hero make Fate/Zero a compelling and insightful read. It's a must-have gem for any fan of the Fate series, and an exciting introduction for newcomers.


Fate/Zero, the grand prequel to the acclaimed visual novel Fate/Stay Night, perfectly sets the stage for the coming Holy Grail War. Crafted by the delightful masterminds behind TYPE-MOON, the story takes place a decade before the events of its predecessor. Our scene is the city of Fuyuki, 1990s Japan, where the Fourth Holy Grail War was taking place.
It centers on Kiritsugu Emiya, an enigmatic killer wizard called the Magus Killer. Emiya struggles with conflicting philosophies; his quest for world peace contrasts sharply with his ruthless tactical maneuvering in a devastating, deadly war. As he battles his inner demons, seven masters and their henchmen drawn from historical and mythological figures battle for the all-powerful wish-granting Holy Grail.
The exhibition offers an illuminating insight into the complex web of alliances, betrayals, strategies and violent clashes. The proposed narrative style, wide from all points of view, allows for a thorough exploration of the characters' ideologies, motives and depths. Complemented by brilliant battlefield strategies, Fate/Zero offers immersive combat, exciting battlefield action, and a game of deadly chess. The calm before the storm shatters and Fate/Zero plunges inexorably into the heart of the storm, a tale of heroes and villains who bear the full weight of their humanity under the influence of their power.


Fate/Zero is the exciting prequel to the popular Fate/Fate Night series. Ten years before his successor, he uncovers the plots and battles of the Fourth Holy Grail War, a deadly conflict between seven wizards, each armed minions.
The war is organized by the Einsbern, Makiri and Tohsaka families, who are trying to recover the almighty Holy Grail. The story has parallel plots where readers are introduced to Kiritsugu Emiya, an assassin sorcerer hired by the Einsberns. A man of ruthless logic, Kiritsugu developed a unique sorcery and fighting style to easily defeat wizards. Faced with a moral conflict where there is much to save and little to sacrifice, he appears cold and merciless, but his main goal is to end and prevent the conflict.
At the same time, we explore the life of Kirei Kotomine, a man obsessed with his own futility and with truly terrifying sadistic tendencies that he doesn't fully understand. Torn between his duty as a priest and his dark, hidden desires, Kirei becomes obsessed with Kiritsugu, believing that his own life can have meaning if he figures it out.
Intertwined with these stories are mystical Servants from different historical periods with their own secrets and hidden agendas. These legendary heroes include Lancelot, Arthur's knight King Arthur, Alexander the Great, a fierce Japanese military commander, and more. Fate/Zero is an exciting adventure in a fantasy world. The author vividly depicts a universe where the boundaries between good and evil, ideology and survival strategies merge, creating a realistic epic full of intrigue, philosophy and thrilling battle scenes.


In Fate/Zero's Development section, we take a closer look at how this exceptional series came to be. It all started with the creative genius of a great writer, General Urobuchi. Urobuchi was the lead writer and had a unique vision for the series that emerged from the TYPE-MOON universe. It went beyond the conventions of typical fantasy stories and struck a balance between darkness and hope.
Making Fate/Zero also required careful world-building to perfectly fit the complex cast. Urobuchi spent a lot of time explaining the rules of the series, the magical universe, and the complex system that governs the Servants. The series wasn't just about epic battles; he was deeply rooted in philosophy, raising existential questions and the meaning of his destiny.
Another important aspect was the visual design. The series was supposed to reflect the grim story of Urobuchi, enthralling viewers with stunning visuals. Takashi Takeuchi, one of the founders of TYPE-MOON, was instrumental in making each character unique and reflecting their personality and background. Also, during development, the developers had to make sure that Faith/Zero fit perfectly into the wider TYPE-MOON universe. Given the depth and breadth of the universe, this is no easy feat, but Urobuchi and his team are up to the task.
Ultimately, the creation of Fate/Zero was a triumph of imagination, ambition, planning and execution. The legacy it leaves behind is a testament to the collective creative genius of the development team. Their ingenuity provided the blueprint for future iterations, continuing the fascination of this vast universe and its fascinating characters.


A complex part of the TYPE-MOON universe, Fate/Zero is a great exploration of the story leading up to the events of Fate/Stay Night. Initially in 2006 published as a light novel written by General Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi, this gripping story delves into the power struggles, hidden agendas, and ambitions surrounding the Fourth Holy Grail War.
An important book for fans of the Fate series, Fate/Zero chronicled the events leading up to the devastating war and provided an intense backdrop for thrilling battles. In the midst of this chaos are seven families of wizards, each seeking the ultimate prize: a wish-granting device known as the Holy Grail. The book sheds light on the strategic conspiracies and alliances that pave the way for war.
Protagonist Kiritsugu Emiya, popularly known as the Mage Slayer, is a fierce anti-hero whose cold pragmatism and desire to reach the Holy Grail drives the story. His interactions with the other characters enrich the plot, showing the depth of human emotion and the grim reality of war.
The story cleverly serves as a prequel, effectively setting up the events that take place in Fate/stay night. The dark tones and mature themes make it stand out in the light novel realm. His popularity led him to create animation and manga, attracting a wider audience. Still, the original light novel remains a treasured reading experience, akin to uncovering the hidden layers of a complex mystery.
Whether you're a die-hard fan of the Fate series or a newcomer to the TYPE-MOON universe, Fate/Zero is an engaging read with its intricate plot and rich character development. Immerse yourself in a world intertwined with magic, honor and war as this story takes you on a fascinating journey through the fourth Holy Grail War.


The "Discharge" chapter of the breathtaking novel Fate/Zero aptly traces the epic journey of this masterpiece. For the first time in 2006 Released in Japan, this spectacular introduction to Fate/stay night exceeded expectations and quickly captured the hearts and minds of readers around the world.
Created by General Urobuchi, a great author known for his clever storytelling, the book was published in four volumes by TYPE-MOON under the TYPE-MOON Books imprint. Due to immediate success in 2015 it was translated into English, further expanding its reach and cementing its place as a prized novel in the fantasy genre.
Even today, Fate/Zero is unmatched, with every paragraph bursting with intense emotion and intricate detail that immerses readers in a world of immersive fantasy. The book has been praised for its complex character development and rich plot that seamlessly transitions into the Fate franchise.
Fate/Zero is more than just a novel; is a fascinating exploration of a universe of magic and heroism that confirms its enduring popularity. The release marked a defining moment in the genre, contributing greatly to the expansion of the Destiny universe and setting the bar high for future works. This majestic tale of heroic spirits continues to captivate readers and promises a fascinating journey that transcends the mundane just like the story it tells.


Upon its release, Fate/Zero received critical and fan acclaim. The balance between fast-paced action, deep character development, and strategic battle sequences captivated audiences. The anime series has often been praised for its intense and tense storytelling, often described as a refreshing departure from the usual traditional anime plots.
The intelligence and complexity of the spoken dialogue delivered by General Urobuchi has also been a point of discussion among fans. In particular, the philosophical discussion between Rider and Saber in episode 11 has been cited as one of the best-written sequences of the series. The characterization was also commendable as each Servant was written individually with their own perspectives, making each appealing to the audience.
However, the show's theme and mature content drew criticism from some audiences who expected a lighter tone in line with some of the other works in the TYPE-MOON universe. But it's these elements that set Fate/Zero apart from the first visual novel, giving it a darker, more realistic tone that appeals to an older audience.
Afterwards, the production quality, especially the animation produced by Ufotable, was widely praised. The series was praised for its innovative animation, which not only effectively portrayed dynamic action sequences, but also captured the characters' more subtle emotional responses. Fate/Zero was a critical success and raised the bar for future installments in the Fate series.

Cultural impact

The Japanese light novel series Fate/Zero has had a significant cultural impact since its release in 2006. Revealing complex philosophical elements and moral dilemmas, it has grown into a body of work that transcends the boundaries of what is usually considered a light novel. . Themes of heroism, morality, and the consequences of mortal ambition appealed to readers, stimulating both introspection and theorizing of ethical paradigms.
Set in the larger TYPE-MOON universe, recognized for its intricate world-building, Fate/Zero has cemented its creator's reputation for weaving powerful stories into a multiverse. It also spawned numerous adaptations, including an anime series, manga, and games, making the Fate series a major contributor to the Japanese pop culture landscape and continuing to expand its global reach. The high stakes of the Holy Grail War, the complex storylines, and the nuanced character development of characters like Kiritsugu Emiya and Saber appealed to diverse audiences and helped create a vibrant global fan community. Fan art, cosplay events, book clubs, online debates, and compelling critiques of the series have become commonplace, further proving Fate/Zero's cultural significance.
In addition, Fate/Zero's philosophy about the nature of the hero and the way history and fiction combine facilitate, by giving historical and mythological figures fantastic abilities, dialogues about human nature and historical interpretation in a new imaginative context.
Ultimately, Fate/Zero left an indelible mark on global pop culture, sparking debate, inspiring creativity, and nurturing an engaged fantasy. Whether it's the characters' moral struggles or philosophical allusions, this is an influential series that defies convention and changes the literary landscape.