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Fate/stay night

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Event NameFate/stay night
Fate/Stay Night is an important event in the TYPE-MOON universe, marking a brutal battle for the power to grant any wish: the Holy Grail. This is an important event that takes place every sixty years and attracts seven "masters" who are powerful sorcerers and seven "servants" who are heroic spirits from history and mythology. These pairs of masters and servants fight in an intense free conflict known as the "Holy Grail War". The narrative surrounding this event is enriched by various magical systems, loyalties, betrayals and intense battles. Exciting sagas of heroism, treachery and courage to triumph against all odds make Fate/Stay Night an unforgettable event in the TYPE-MOON universe.


Explore the dynamic universe of TYPE-MOON

The TYPE-MOON universe is an immersive and intensely fictional universe born from the creative minds of TYPE-MOON, a leading Japanese game company.

The TYPE-MOON universe spans numerous graphic novels, anime, manga, and video games, and is known for its complex narrative, complex magical systems, and an immersive and expansive multiverse. This universe mainly revolves around the two main franchises, Tsukihime and Fate/stay night, which delve into themes such as fate, morality, and the complex struggle between good and evil.

The heroes and heroines of the TYPE-MOON universe, often based on historical and mythological figures, experience dramatic character development, engage in complex battles, and lead to deeply emotional storylines. Each story in the TYPE-MOON universe is a maze of plots, flashbacks and references to other works, allowing fans to explore a fascinating and complex narrative landscape.

TYPE-MOON universe is not just a collection of stories; it is a whole cosmos where magic, myths, legends and modern life intertwine in a fascinating way.