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General Info

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GenresFantasy, Thriller, Horror
Book NameTsukihime
Release Date1999-01-01
Original Title月姫
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.typemoon.com/
Tsukihime is an immersive visual novel created by the amazing studio TYPE-MOON. The story follows the complicated and fascinating life of Shiki Tohno, a high school student with an uncanny ability to see the "lines of death". After living with his aunt for eight years after a fatal accident, he returns to his childhood home and becomes entangled in a world of mystery, including supernatural threats and the enigmatic Arcueid Brunestud. This dark and engrossing story is enriched with multiple endings that make it even more replayable. A must-read for fans of supernatural and psychological thrillers, Tsukihime is a masterful exploration of the consequences of power, the harsh reality of fate, and the ultimate price of redemption.


Tsukihime is a stunningly enchanting visual novel created by TYPE-MOON. The game is set in a fictional Japanese city and offers an intriguing mix of fantasy, horror and romance. and the “limits of death” of inanimate things.A childhood accident left him with a bewildering and horrifying capacity.
Shiki's world takes a dark and mysterious turn when he meets Arcueida Brunestud, a vampire princess. What follows is a spiraling journey filled with murder, bloodlust, complex characters and a multi-layered narrative. Endless darkness envelops bright cheerful streets and silent moonlit nights. The player's choices during the game affect the course of the story, pushing it along different paths or "arcs".
This game challenges your perception of mortality, principles and relationships. With its vivid graphics and addictive background music, Tsukihime captivates players and brings them face to face with the harsh reality of life, death and everything in between. It's more than just a game, it's a compelling piece of interactive fiction that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.


The plot of Tsukihime takes place in the life of high school student Shiki Tohno. After a near-fatal accident, he gains an unparalleled power. He begins to see strange lines crossing his environment and the people around him. He realizes that he can cut along these lines to disintegrate objects, a power that both fascinates and horrifies.
He returns to Tohno Manor after eight years of living with a family friend to overcome psychological trauma. There he meets his sister Akiha, who has become the head of the Tohno family, and two maids, Hisui and Kohaku. His life takes a strange turn with the addition of supernatural events.
Shiki's strange visions intensify, preventing him from performing simple everyday tasks. The story intensifies when she meets Arcueid Brunestud, a true ancestral vampire. He succumbs to her strange vision and brutally takes her life, only to be frozen the next day when she returns alive. This encounter draws Shiki deep into the supernatural world.
The plot thickens when Arcueid recruits Shiki to hunt down a common enemy, a vampire named Roa. Against formidable adversaries born of darkness and intrigue, Shiki must navigate and free himself from the terrifying web of secrets, intrigue, and mystery that surrounds his life and the lives of those closest to him.
This is how the melancholic story of a young boy unfolds, subtly exploring the themes of mortality, the purpose and essence of human existence.


Explore the behind-the-scenes creation of the phenomenal visual novel in the Development section of Tsukihime's book. During the development phase, TYPE-MOON decided to focus on complex stories connected by fascinating characters. Each character has been carefully planned, not only in design and appearance, but also in personality and background, to ensure that each of them contributes something unique to the storyline.
A key aspect of development was the creation of different story scenarios and multiple endings, creating an exciting and enticing unpredictability that draws the reader in. In creating the world of Tsukihime, the creators elegantly blended elements of everyday life with the supernatural, creating a perfect balance and depth. The graphics brought the visual novel to life, and TYPE-MOON spent hours perfecting every detail of the scene to create a truly immersive viewing experience. The famous composer was included in the soulful melody to complement the visuals, resulting in an immersive storytelling experience.
In conclusion, the creation of Tsukihime's book is a testament to TYPE-MOON's dedication to crafting a compelling story with detailed graphics and an orchestral and emotional soundtrack. The team's hard work and perseverance is evident in the finished work, making Tsukihime's book an iconic addition to the TYPE-MOON universe.


Tsukihime, an enchanting visual novel by TYPE-MOON, immerses readers in a universe full of charming stories and endearing characters. The novel follows the life of Shiki Tohno, a high school student with the uncanny ability to sense 'death lines' - the ability to destroy any being by cutting through these lines.
The publication successfully uses a non-linear storyline, allowing readers to tell many different storylines based on their choices. This multifaceted story allows the reader to explore the many possible outcomes and expansion of the relationship between Shiki and the five heroes.
The Tsukihime universe is widely recognized for its integration of various elements such as romance, twists and gothic horror, beautifully blended with the supernatural element. The immersive story is accentuated by an exceptional soundtrack that enhances the experience and further immerses readers in the dark and seductive world of Tsukihime.
Although Tsukihime is primarily a visual novel, its depth goes beyond vivid images. The novel has been praised for its engaging dialogue, intriguing plot twists, and deep exploration of complex themes such as morality and mortality that resonate strongly with readers.
Tsukihime's original appearance in 2000 in December sparked a wave of interest in the TYPE-MOON universe, creating a rich and enduring fantasy. Its appeal has been reflected in several adaptations, including an anime series, a manga, and even a planned visual novel remake. This is a testament to the novel's enduring appeal in popular culture and its influence on the gothic and supernatural genres. Indeed, Tsukihime is a jewel in the constellation of TYPE-MOON stories, cementing its reputation as a cornerstone work of visual literature.
In conclusion, Tsukihime's book takes readers to a different reality than ours, where extraordinary abilities exist and complex relationships are unraveled, making the journey interesting.


The Release chapter of Tsukihime's wildly popular book provides a chronological account of its distribution to the public.
Initially in 2000 December. released as a visual novel, Tsukihime gained momentum for its intriguing plot and unique characters. The initial release was aimed at a select niche audience, but the massive response necessitated wider distribution.
The novel perfectly juxtaposes several genres, including romance, horror, and mythology. This complex tapestry of stories and thematic elements undoubtedly contributed to its popularity and lasting legacy. Later, in 2001, the novel was first officially released as a CD. This version had additional storylines, endings, and even new characters. This version became very popular and became the basis for further works of the franchise.
After a successful CD release in Tsukihime in 2001-2003. Released by TYPE-MOON as a dojinshi series. This series was well received and increased the popularity of the novel among fans. Over the years, Tsukihime has been translated into manga and even adapted into an animated television series, continually enthralling fans and newcomers alike. Its enduring appeal and devoted fanbase cemented Tsukihime's place in popular culture, demonstrating the power of the original novel's performance.


The Tsukihime visual novel series has been praised by critics and fans alike. Many enjoyed the meticulously detailed plot, compelling writing style, and intricate character development. One of the most important aspects is the immersive world-building, where different paths offer new perspectives and insights into the rich history of the TYPE-MOON universe.
The characters, especially protagonist Shiki Tohno and the intriguing heroines, have been praised for their depth and growth throughout the story. The mixture of horror, mystery and romance was also extremely popular, complementing the distinctive identity of Tsukihime.
Additionally, readers looking for more than a superficial story have welcomed the unique approach to common supernatural themes such as vampires and the philosophical themes woven into the story. Memorable OSTs and atmospheric audio also greatly enhance the reading experience.
Critics said the heavy reliance on the novel might seem intimidating to some, but agreed that the rich narrative payoff was more than worth it. However, they also suggested that the visual novel could be further improved by including more interactive elements to take full advantage of the format.
Overall, Tsukihime cemented its place as a standout in the visual novel genre, and its influence is evident in many subsequent works in the TYPE-MOON universe. It's still a must-read for fans of visual novels and supernatural themes.

Cultural impact

Tsukihime, a visual novel created by TYPE-MOON, has had a major impact on popular culture since its release. With its dark themes, intricate storytelling, and complex character development, it left a lasting impression and influenced subsequent visual novels and anime series.
Tsukihime's complex story paved the way for deeper and more sophisticated stories in the visual novel genre. In the past, simpler and more realistic stories dominated the genre. Tsukihime introduced a level of depth and complexity never seen before, and it has become a staple of many visual novels since then. In addition, Tsukihime's characterization has greatly influenced the development of characters in visual novels and anime. Every character in Tsukihime is universal and evolves throughout the story. It was a departure from one-dimensional characters who were just vehicles for the plot. As a result, characters in subsequent visual novels and anime series often exhibit Tsukihime-inspired development.
Tsukihime's unique blend of genres, combining elements of horror, romance and fantasy, created a new experience for readers. This hybrid genre influenced many subsequent visual novels, ranging from single-genre-defined to multi-genre.
In addition, Tsukihime's art style inspired many subsequent visual novels. The unique blend of gothic and anime art styles created a distinct aesthetic that has been replicated in various forms throughout the genre.
In addition, Tsukihime broadened the appeal of visual novels to a mature audience with its mature themes and story. Its success proved that visual novels were not only aimed at a younger audience, but were also more appealing. In short, Tsukihime's innovative storytelling, characterization, mix of genres, unique art style, and appeal to mature audiences greatly influenced the development of visual novels and anime series. This broad influence makes this a seminal work in the TYPE-MOON universe and beyond.