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Shiki Tohno

General Info

Shiki Tohno logo
Job TitleHigh School Student
Birth PlaceJapan
Knows aboutA Mystic Eye ability that allows him to view 'lines of death'
Alternate NameNanaya Shiki
Character NameShiki Tohno
Shiki Tohno is the protagonist of Tsukihime, one of the most famous visual novels produced by TYPE-MOON. As a member of the famous Tohno family, Shiki carries a dark burden: the mysterious ability to sense unique lines known as "death lines" in both living and non-living creatures. When he cuts these lines with his blade, he can destroy anything he touches. Despite his brute strength, Shiki is a compassionate and protective person, battling existential crises and various threats to protect those he loves. He finds solace and love in his relationships with Tsukihime's heroines, each revealing a different side of their character. This relationship, along with his uncanny ability to sense death, makes Shiki Tohno a compelling, multi-faceted character in the TYPE-MOON universe.


Shiki Tohno is a charming character in the TYPE-MOON universe and plays the main role in the visual novel game Tsukihime. He is a high school student with a troubled past who is plagued by a seemingly insurmountable problem: the ability to see "Death Lines". These lines are invisible to normal eyes, but when Shiki draws them with a special blade, he can kill anyone, even those who are supposed to be immortal.
Shiki survived a fatal accident as a child and had the mystical eyes of death. It allows him to feel mortality in the fabric of existence. However, such power has significant drawbacks. Constantly overwhelmed by the omnipresent specter of death, he struggles to maintain his humanity. The character of Shiki perfectly embodies the struggle between natural human weakness and great supernatural power. Ironically, he longs for normality even though he has immense power. His determination, deep kindness, and strong sense of justice make him universally adored and immensely admirable. As Shiki learns to harness his power and deal with the swirling chaos, his journey becomes a compelling story.


A very important figure in the TYPE-MOON universe, Shiki Tohno possesses an amazing ability known as the mystical eyes of death perception. This allows him to perceive the inevitable impermanence of all things, visually represented as lines on objects and people. Additionally, it can "kill" that object or person, even if they are traditionally considered invincible or undead.
In his youth, Shiki had a serious accident that gave him this peculiar and powerful ability. Despite her great potential, she is also a constant burden to him. He often faces moral dilemmas and struggles due to the arbitrary and irreversible nature of death, which can result in anything.
Shiki's attitude is mainly influenced by his past experiences and to some extent by his "other self". For the most part, despite all the injuries he's endured, he remains light and easygoing. He is often shown as sarcastic, calm, and somewhat callous on the outside, but beneath his controlling exterior lies a stream of conflicting emotions and a struggle to control his dark impulses.
Two notable traits of his character are his unwavering sense of justice and his sympathetic nature. Despite the dark power she possesses, she maintains a strong moral compass and shows great compassion for others. This is most evident in his interactions with other characters in the universe, many of whom are going through trials and tribulations.
On the other hand, Shiki also suffers from a split personality, which is mainly caused by a traumatic incident. This "other me" is the complete opposite of his normal self, which is uncontrollably violent and aggressive. It represents the dark side of his psyche and the grim reality that his powers are truly capable of. Finally, Shiki Tohno is definitely one of the most intriguing characters in the TYPE-MOON universe. His unique abilities, complex personality, and constant internal struggles make him a fascinating character to dive into. His research provides insight into a deep and often overlooked aspect of mortality and its profound impact on the psyche.

Creation and Development

Shiki Tohno, one of the most iconic characters in the TYPE-MOON universe, was conceived and brought to life by the creative minds of TYPE-MOON. The character was created as the male lead of the visual novel game Tsukihime, illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi and written by Kinoko Nasu.
Shiki's original concept was to create a multi-layered and complex character, inspired by the Japanese term 'mono no awareness', an awareness of the transience of things and a beautiful yet melancholy sense of impending transience. Shiki's concept of the deadly power of the perception of death heightens this sensitivity. The character suffers from chronic anemia as a side effect, symbolizing his awareness of the fragility of life and the paradoxes inherent in existence. Shiki's character development involves two identities. The Shiki Tohno we know embodies social norms; polite, reserved with a sense of responsibility, while the alter ego Shiki Nanaya represents his repressed feelings and desires, creating an internal conflict within Shiki. This duality of personality greatly adds depth to Shiki as a character and adds an intriguing psychological element to the plot.
To create such a complex and enigmatic character, the creators delved into Japanese philosophical concepts, explored psychological disorders, and combined classic anime-style imagery to create a character that resonates with players on an incredibly multi-layered level.
Shiki Tohno's character has been praised by fans and critics alike, and his depth and complexity push the boundaries of character development in visual novels. His design and rendering continues to have an indelible influence on the TYPE-MOON universe and the wider visual novel genre.

Character Profile

Shiki Tohno is a cute character in the TYPE-MOON universe. Despite having a near-death experience in his youth, he has an unusual ability: "mystical eyes of death perception". These eyes allow him to see the inherent mortality of everything, including objects and individuals marked by lines and dots. The intersection or perforation of these lines or points causes the "killing" of the very existence of the object or person.
Shiki Tohno is bound by strict principles and exhibits a strong sense of justice. Refrains from killing unless compelled by self-defense or protection of others. His dedication to saving life extends to his enemies, making him paradoxical in battle.
Raised by the Arima family after the accidental death of his parents, Shiki loves his sister Akiha deeply and often has a complicated relationship with her. His life takes unexpected turns as he encounters other powerful beings in the TYPE-MOON universe.
Although Shiki's character may appear weak due to his medical condition, he is resilient and possesses an exceptional mental strength that belies his physical weakness. His inner strength combined with his extraordinary abilities make him a force to be reckoned with in the world of TYPE-MOON. Through her trials, Shiki continues to strengthen her beliefs, making the characters' journey as interesting as it is enlightening.

Story Arc

The protagonist of the Tsukihime series, Shiki Tohno, has a complex history with many twists and turns. After the tragic loss of his family in a horrific accident, Shiki is adopted by the prestigious Tohno family, who introduce him to a life of luxury. But before long, he begins to see what he believes to be "death lines" on everything around him: a unique ability that allows him to kill any living thing or destroy any object by drawing lines with a special blade.
But his life takes another drastic turn when he suffers a fatal injury that causes him to lose most of his memory. Three years later, Shiki, still struggling with amnesia, lives a different life than his lost pastoral youth, and must now contend with sinister supernatural forces that are incredibly powerful. As Shiki delves into the supernatural world, he meets a series of mysterious characters who cast a shadow over his life and question his sanity and identity. One day, she finds herself at a crossroads: she must face her past in order to master her powers, or she will forever be a pawn in the hands of forces she doesn't even remotely understand.
Shiki overcomes all odds and eventually manages to regain control of his life and destiny by defeating his enemies and coming to terms with his past. His journey is a stark reminder that even in the face of the most daunting challenges, you should never give up, but rather strive to overcome adversity with determination and determination.
Shiki Tohno's story is a powerful display of resilience and self-discovery that resonates with audiences on many levels. His trials fail to impress audiences, ensuring his status as a fan-favorite character that audiences love to root for.

Cultural Impact

Shiki Tohno's character from the TYPE-MOON universe was a sensation and greatly influenced the visual novel industry. Known as the protagonist of Tsukihime, he deeply portrays the complexity of human emotions and how circumstances shape a person.
Living under the constant threat of death, Tohno's mental isolation is symbolic of the struggles that every human being faces. Become an example of resilience by showing that even in times of despair, you can rise above and overcome life's worst challenges. The dichotomy portrayed in his character, where one side is an ordinary high school student and the other is a cursed mystical power of eyes that can kill any living creature, left a huge impression on fans. Additionally, her character design, especially her iconic blue school uniform and knife-wielding persona, has become a popular trend in many anime cosplays and fan art. Beyond being a character, Shiki Tohno has become a cultural icon in the anime and visual novel scene. His journey of self-discovery, resilience to adversity, and constant oscillation between the normal and the paranormal continue to shape creative expression in the genre.


Shiki Tohno is an integral part of the TYPE-MOON universe. Shiki's legacy primarily reflects his journey through darkness, balancing innate kindness with unpredictable killer instincts. Raised in a family of demon hunters, he is instilled with a special ability that allows him to see "death lines". This is the essence of his unique fighting style, where he can destroy almost anything with a calming breath.

  • In his bleak urban fantasy setting, Shiki explores the depths of what it really means to be human and explores the paradoxical nature of life and death. His legacy influenced later characters and created a model of quiet introspective heroism despite battling personal demons.

  • Shiki's determination to use his abilities to protect those he cares about and fight his homicidal tendencies makes for a compelling story. He continues to play an important role in shaping the TYPE-MOON universe and subsequent series.

  • The true legacy of Shiki Tohno is his desire to understand the essence of life and death through the eyes of a killer, with the heart of a caring and kind friend.