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Reines El-Melloi Archisorte

General Info

Reines El-Melloi Archisorte logo
Job TitleLord, Mage, Teacher
Birth PlaceLondon
Knows aboutMagecraft
Alternate NameFairy Knight Luvia, Youngest Child of the Archibald Family
Character NameReines El-Melloi Archisorte
Member of OrganizationClock Tower, El-Melloi Classroom
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte is a lovable character in the TYPE-MOON universe, especially in the Lord El-Melloi II Case Files series. Using his prodigious intelligence and keen observational skills, he performs flawlessly in his role as the head of the El-Melloi family. Despite her young age, she displays exceptional maturity and handles difficult situations with unparalleled grace and wit. Beneath his seemingly stern persona, Reines hides a playful side, often indulging in pranks and pranks. However, he also displays a soft spot for his family and friends, constantly showing care and genuine concern for their well-being, quickly removing any threat they may face. She may seem cold and calculating to some, but to the few who know her well, Reines is undoubtedly a compassionate ally and formidable foe.


Reines El-Melloi Archisort is a noble but mischievous young prodigy who inherits the revered title of El-Melloi following the untimely death of his brother, the previous Lord El-Melloi. Set in the expansive TYPE-MOON universe, Reines emerges as the main character, and her sharp intellect and playful personality make her an endearing presence.
Born into a wizarding house known for its scientific contributions to the wizarding craft, Reines was drawn into the complex world of wizarding politics at a young age. Despite her youth, she navigates this unforgiving landscape with a steady hand and wit, navigating the web of intrigue spun by her older and more experienced rivals.
Reines' character is a charming combination of childlike innocence and wisdom well beyond her years. Although her playful antics are reminiscent of a typical girl from a noble house, her sharp approach to people and situations reveals a maturity that rivals that of her adult counterparts. His deep understanding of magic and his relentless pursuit of knowledge are further testaments to his intelligence and determination.
But despite his intellectual acuity, Reines doesn't give up his emotions. Instead, he treats them with quietly convincing compassion, using his surprisingly great emotional depth to empathize with others. This paradoxical combination of intelligence and sensitivity is the cornerstone of his character, making Reines El-Melloi Archisorte a fascinating and complex embodiment of the child prodigy in the TYPE-MOON universe.


Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, the younger sister of the late Kayneth El-Melloi, is a special and fascinating character in the TYPE-MOON universe. After the untimely death of his older brother, Reines inherits the prestigious and powerful title of Lord El-Melloi II, a nickname he creates for his tutor, Waver Velvet, because she is too young to take her rightful place.
Sociable, cunning and seemingly omniscient, Reines portrays herself with an image of constant fun and mischief. She is always willing to delve into other people's affairs, but maintains a sense of detachment from her own affairs. But this facade doesn't define her at all; Underlying his mischievous attitude is a more complex and deeper personality, shaped by the harsh reality of his noble background. Reines values ​​the well-being of his family, which was evident when he purchased Gray to protect the secrets of the El-Melloi family. Despite his manipulative tendencies and an unusually mature attitude for his age, Reines has a moral compass that aligns his actions with what is justified. This is evident in her relationship and interactions with her pseudo-brother Waver, whom she manipulates but unequivocally respects and cares for.
In addition to being a very versatile character, Reines also plays a central role in the dynamics of the Fate universe. Her sharp strategic intelligence and shrewd political maneuvering make her an influential figure in the Clock Tower. His enigma, along with his intriguingly conflicted personality traits, add depth to his character. All this makes Reines El-Melloi Archisorte a fascinating character in the diverse and extraordinary universe of TYPE-MOON.

Creation and Development

in 2016 writer Makoto Sanda introduced a character named Reines El-Melloi Archisorte to the TYPE-MOON universe in the light novel The Cases of Lord El-Melloi II. Forged in the Wizarding Association's crucible of combat and politics, Reines was created as an intriguing combination of childlike charm and ruthless wisdom to shine a light on the universe's various characters.
From the beginning, Sanda's biggest challenge was to give Reines an authentic voice. Given her unique position as the younger sister of Lord El-Melloi and the new leader of the famous El-Melloi faction, it was important that Reines display a combination of innocence and steely determination. He would have great power while remaining true to the naive instincts of his tender age. Indeed, the conceptual development was a test of Sanda's ingenuity. He wanted Reines to be smart but not too serious, fast but not robotic. She had to learn quickly, feel respect and handle dangerous situations with a unique delicacy that only she could have. It required painstaking detail, experimenting with different personality traits, quirks and styles, resulting in a character that was both real and complex.
Reines' character has been painstakingly refined through the stages of development, revealing a depth not often found in children's characters. The main character's classmate, who played an essential role in the series, has a mature understanding of the wizarding world, making her as irreplaceable as any adult character. His charm and charisma became even more evident in his interactions, which subtly reflected his growth, mental strength and dynamism.
In conclusion, creating Reines El-Melloi Archisorte required a balance between age, maturity, authority and the essence of childhood. Sanda has greatly improved the character, displaying an impressive range of emotions and reactions, making her one of the most unique and likable characters in the TYPE-MOON universe.

Character Profile

Reines El-Melloi Archisort from the TYPE-MOON universe is an enigmatic character full of charm and humor. He inherits the noble lineage of El-Melloi and commands the respect and admiration of his peers, although he exudes carelessness and playful arrogance. Despite his young age, his intellectual prowess surpasses many experienced wizards, earning him his rightful place as the head of the El-Melloi family.
His character is marked by the complexity of the loss of youth, the burden of leadership and masterful deception. Never without his puppet interpreter, Trimmau, he conveys a mysterious aura that intrigues others. Her uncanny ability to remain emotionally detached in critical situations is a testament to her keen intellect and deft manipulation.
Wizard Reines is well versed in financial engineering, a unique magical system that delves into economic principles. His magic circuits are generally low-end, but he makes up for it with skill and creativity, using his natural charisma to mask his weaknesses. Despite her aloof demeanor, she cares deeply for her family and is fiercely protective of her older brother, Waver Velvet.
His fierce personality and relentless tenacity are admired by fans of the show, and his extraordinary character development reveals hidden layers of his personality. He embodies the ancient adage that looks can be deceiving, and in the world of TYPE-MOON, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte is a beacon of that mystery.

Story Arc

Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, often referred to casually as "Reines", plays an important role in the vast TYPE-MOON universe. His plot begins after the tragic death of his older brother, Lord El-Melloi II. The void left by his departure forces Reines to suddenly step into the role of breadwinner at a young age.
In an environment that thrives on magical and mythical events, Reines, despite his youth, navigates the subtle problems of managing the vast El-Melloi family and its various interests. While grappling with the terrifying fantasy of his dead brother, Reines must also take on the daunting responsibilities that now come with his elevated position. At the same time, he delves into the mysterious world to improve his magical prowess, which is necessary to survive in this mystical universe. Her efforts bring her face to face with a host of chthonic creatures, disturbing adventures, and dark revelations that test her mental, emotional, and magical prowess at every turn. The arc beautifully portrays Reigns' transformation from a seemingly naive child to a formidable wizard and leader.
In addition, the story also significantly explores Reines' struggle with trust and betrayal, as his increased responsibilities increase his vulnerability to possible betrayal. Thus, Reines' character is a classic example of resilience, adaptability and skillful leadership. With each challenge she overcomes, Reines becomes a beacon of hope for her family, a prominent figure in the community, and most importantly, a beacon for herself.

Cultural Impact

An important figure in the TYPE-MOON universe, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte has a massive cultural impact that transcends his fictional description. As a female character with exceptional intelligence and cunning, she challenges the traditional portrayal of women and girls in anime. She is not usually "pretty" or oblivious; instead, he displays a clear, understated cunning and ingenuity that is used strategically to permeate his circumstances.
Reines offers a relatable figure to audiences who value intelligence, wit and strength, as well as the complexity of the character. He often uses his intelligence to navigate the power dynamics of a world largely dominated by powerful wizards. This image promotes the idea that women are just as capable, skilled and powerful as their male counterparts, challenging conventional gender roles.
Her character also promotes the concept of a confident and unashamedly ambitious woman. She has her own motivations and isn't limited to "supporting" roles or just being an emotional pillar for the male characters. Instead, he has his own storyline, his own goals, and his strength and growth, both personal and professional, are emphasized throughout the series.
As such, Reines' character contributes greatly to the evolution of dialogue around gender representation in anime and popular culture, challenging stereotypes and encouraging more complex and powerful portrayals of female characters.


After inheriting the title of Lord El-Melloi II from his older brother, Reines El-Melloi Archisorte assumed both the responsibility and the inheritance of the prestigious El-Melloi family. At a young age, she demonstrated impressive abilities in Magecraft and quickly earned a prominent place among her contemporaries. Despite his youth and gentle demeanor, Reines carries with him an air of authority and sharp intelligence that commands the respect of those around him. As the new leader of the El-Melloi faction, he now oversees the faction's political maneuvering within the Magus Association, making key decisions to ensure the family's power and lineage survive. Past events have made her an intelligent and versatile person; Along with his trusted sidekick Gray, he continues to uphold the legacy of the El-Melloi family while navigating the complex world of magic and politics.