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General Info

Sabre logo
Job TitleSoldier
Birth PlaceUnspecified in the series
Knows aboutMilitary strategies, Weaponry, Defense strategies
NationalityUnspecified in the series
Alternate NameSabre
Character NameTom "Sabre" Morel
Member of OrganizationUnspecified in the series
Sword is a main character in the TYPE-MOON universe, best known for the Fate series. Being a king in a past life, he is characterized by great sovereignty. His distinctive physical features include his shiny silver armor and his beautiful invincible sword. Saber's story reveals that she is King Arthur, "the one and future king." Experiencing the hardships and responsibilities of royal life at a young age, he carries a serious sincerity, yet retains the knightly values ​​of nobility, truth, and courage. Although strict, she genuinely cares for her wards and loves her master very much, showing a softer side. Saber's greatest desire remains to reverse his tragic fate at the Battle of Kamlan. She is a complex combination of warrior toughness and heartbreaking vulnerability, making her a compelling character in the TYPE-MOON universe.


Perhaps the most iconic figure in the TYPE-MOON universe, Saber is a high-caliber heroic spirit invoked in every generation of the Holy Grail War. Chaste, noble and full of chivalrous virtues, Saber hardened her heart with an unwavering determination to secure the Holy Grail. A manifestation of the legendary King Arthur Pentdragon, he is artistically depicted with an animated and delicate femininity that is in stark contrast to his mythological masculine identity.
In pursuit of the Holy Grail, Saber embodies the epitome of chivalric virtues of honor, courage, and duty. His indomitable spirit and unparalleled combat prowess on the battlefield also command the respect of friend and foe alike. Saber's iconic Excalibur, the legendary sword of promised victory, becomes an extension of his character, emphasizing his majesty and heroic greatness.
At the center of her story, Saber is a complex and poignant character. Beneath his stoic armored exterior lies a multi-layered personality that carries the burden of his rule. Its plot beautifully weaves together the themes of duty and sacrifice, and is a powerful study of the cost of leadership. It is her unwavering dedication to her cause while simultaneously fighting her past responsibilities that makes her such a lovable character in the TYPE-MOON universe.


Sword, also known as Artoria Pendragon, is a complex character from the TYPE-MOON universe and notably one of the main characters in the critically acclaimed Fate/Stay Night visual novel series. This famous character is considered legendary not only because of the complex storyline that takes place against the backdrop of the Holy Grail War, but also because it is a fictional construct of one of the most legendary figures of British folklore, King Arthur.
The character of Kardo is shrouded in many mysteries, from his true identity to his often misunderstood motives. Born "Artoria", she grew up under the watchful eye of the wizard Merlin, who nursed her as a monarch in the making. He drew the famous sword Caliburn and became the rightful king of England, hiding his true female identity from his subjects and calling himself "Arthur Pendragon". But being King Saber was not an easy task. Burdened with the duties and challenges of royalty, she was detached from her emotions and was often stern and brave on the battlefield. Clad in magical armor and a sword, the invisible sword of victory known as Excalibur, Saber's strength and agility were unmatched, winning countless battles and bringing prosperity to her kingdom.
Despite her stern exterior, Saber was naturally compassionate and fair. He cared deeply for his kingdom and often shouldered burdens, seeing his tragic and selfless choice not to use the Holy Grail for personal gain but for the betterment of his kingdom, demonstrating his unwavering devotion to his role as king. Saber's life has been full of obstacles, sacrifices, and insurmountable struggles, requiring her to mature quickly as she faces the complexities of leadership, gender, and personal ambition. But despite his internal and external struggles, Saber has consistently demonstrated his inherent nobility, cementing his status as a legendary figure in the TYPE-MOON universe.

Creation and Development

A beloved character from the TYPE-MOON universe, Saber was born from a visual novel titled Fate/stay night. During the development phase, the character was conceived to embody the traits of a complex but empathetic female protagonist. Development involved intense iterations to create a persona with the virtues of honor, loyalty, and cruelty, along with a hidden layer of vulnerability.
Kinoko Nasu, the creator, has always considered Saber an iconic character. The design went through many iterations to shape Saber as a multi-dimensional character. The idea was to show her not only as a powerful warrior, but also as a warm-hearted person capable of love and compassion. This was achieved in a wonderful way by adding different elements to Saber's story, allowing her to transform from a ruthless warrior to a compassionate human being.
Another big challenge was Saber's gender, as it added another layer of complexity to her personality. Historically, turning a male figure into an exemplary female hero was unprecedented. This bold, if complicated, move ultimately added to the character's charm and appeal.
Saber's fighting prowess, her character's biggest trademark, was achieved through great effort. Creating Saber's fighting style and his noble fantasy in Excalibur was a difficult task. The creators wanted everything to be perfect, from the way he held his sword to the burst of energy that Excalibur released.
In short, building and developing the Saber has been a rewarding journey. The result is a beloved character whose depth, complexity and contradictions not only captured the TYPE-MOON universe, but also left an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans. Every attribute of Sabre, whether it's her beauty, strength or vulnerability, reflects her evolution as a character and the careful planning that went into her creation.

Character Profile

Sword, also known as Artoria Pendragon, is one of the main characters in the TYPE-MOON visual novel and anime series Fate/Stay Night. Once the King of Great Britain, she is a lady of noble spirit and indomitable determination, invited to participate in the Holy Grail War.
Sword performances on the battlefield always indicate a fierce fight. Clad in silver armor with an invisible sword she calls Excalibur, her prowess in battle is far superior to most servants. Despite his strong martial prowess, Saber values ​​peace, longing for the Holy Grail, often focusing on achieving it within his kingdom. Beneath his tough exterior, Saber carries the emotional burden of his past, namely the fall of his kingdom. However, he does not allow this burden to dictate his actions, often choosing to bear it in silence, primarily concerned with the well-being of others. This intuitive quality, combined with his loyalty, courage and strong sense of responsibility, make Saber an exemplary king and an unforgettable character.
Saber's bond with his master, Shirou Emiya, helps further develop his character. Their relationship evolves from a simple partnership to a complex dynamic that challenges Saber's beliefs and brings out her human side, giving her character depth and richness. Saber's journey through the TYPE-MOON universe is definitely full of courage and growth, making her an iconic character in anime pop culture.

Story Arc

Sword, also known as Artoria Pendragon, is a main character in the TYPE-MOON universe, especially in the Fate/stay night series of visual novels. Filtered through different scenarios, its storyline is complex, layered and emotionally engaging, seamlessly blending growth and conflict.
In "Destiny", Saber is summoned by Shiro Emiya to act as his servant during the Fifth Holy Grail War. Initially just allies, the bond between Saber and Shiro eventually grows stronger and develops into a unique combination of friendship and deep love. This storyline reveals a crucial aspect of Saber's story: his life as King Arthur, his devotion to his kingdom, and his subsequent sacrifice. The Path of Unlimited Blade Works offers another aspect of the sword's character. Although her bond with Shiro remains important, Saber is mostly aligned with Rin Tohsaka, and their relationship highlights Saber's strict yet caring side. This arc takes a closer look at the characteristics of the "perfect king", revealing Saber's true determination.
The plot of Heaven's Feel offers an intense twist to the sword story arc. Consumed by the Dark Grail's power, Saber becomes Saber Alter, a corrupted version of his "perfect king" persona. It breaks down the dilemma he wrestles with: the guilt of his past decisions, the resulting transformation, and the choices he makes to reach the end.
His character development continues in tie-ins such as Fate/Zero, where his relationship with former master Kiritsugu Emiya and his conflicted morals further illuminate Saber's story. With each movement of the narrative, Saber's stoic exterior slowly fades away, revealing a character scarred by past decisions, a sense of duty, and a hopeful desire for redemption and closure. Her journey through the TYPE-MOON universe is a complex tapestry of heroism, sacrifice, and vulnerability, all of which contribute to making her an enduring character in the franchise.

Cultural Impact

Over the years, Saber, one of the most iconic characters in TYPE-MOON's Fate series, has had a major impact on popular culture. Known for her determined spirit and knightly code of honor, the character Saber changed the way female protagonists were portrayed in the anime and gaming industry; she challenged the often marginalized and objectified roles of women and presented them as strong, capable and independent. Her striking visual design, complete with Excalibur's powerful sword and armor, departs from the traditional female character aesthetic and has influenced character designs in later anime and games.
Fans around the world have embraced the character of Saber, as evidenced by the many fan art, cosplay, and fan fiction stories. In addition, his character has made a significant impact on the commercial market with numerous figurines, clothing and other collectibles. Her character also bridged the gap between Eastern and Western audiences, transcending cultural barriers with her versatile appeal. For many, the sword is not only a character, but also an enduring symbol of strength, resilience and honor.


Saber's character "legacy" in the TYPE-MOON universe is one of honor, bravery, and an unrelenting desire to protect. Also known as Arturia Pendragon or King Arthur, the sword has always been a symbol of courage and justice. Originally summoned as Kiritsugu Emiya's handmaiden during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Saber's life is a testament to her unwavering will and determination.
Despite her personal struggles and the heavy burdens she carries as king, Saber never lets her hardships hold her back from her duty. Even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Saber's relentless pursuit of justice inspired countless others and left an indelible mark on the TYPE-MOON universe. Through its values ​​and actions, Saber has created a legacy that transcends time. He continues to embody the ideal king, steadfast in the face of adversity and unwavering in his devotion to his people. Even after death, Saber's spirit lives on, serving as a beacon of hope and a testament to the steadfast power of duty and honor. An example to all henchmen, Saber's legacy is one of heroism, self-sacrifice, and unwavering loyalty.