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Fate/stay night

General Info

Fate/stay night logo
GenresAction, Fantasy, Supernatural
LanguagesJapanese, English
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
IllustratorNishiwaki Datto
Issue Number10
Release Date2004-01-01
Number of Pages244
Original Titleフェイト/ステイナイト
Comics Issue NameFate/stay night
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.kadokawa.co.jp/
Fate/Stay Night is a storytelling marvel that weaves fascinating characters, philosophical musings, and heart-wrenching action into a tangled web of dynamics and suspense. It follows the adventures of Shirou Emiya, a teenage amateur sorceress who unwittingly finds herself in life. - Email Death Tournament: Holy Grail War. Armed with limited knowledge of sorcery, he must guide his Servant, the legendary spirit Saber, as he outwits the other masters to retrieve the Holy Grail. ancient history, chivalry, modern magic, and the lessons of acceptance, turn fate/stay the night into a compelling book. Flip through the pages to enter a world of passion, courage and mystical mishaps!


Fate/Stay Night is a truly engaging and thought-provoking comedy series that intricately weaves the threads of fantasy, action and drama. Set in a fictional Japanese city, our protagonist Shiro Emiya unwittingly becomes involved in a high-stakes tournament called the Holy Grail War, where warriors battle spirits summoned from the past. These spirits are not mere inventions of legend, but heroic spirits, historical figures endowed with powerful relics called noble phantasms.
Shiro, an amateur mage, summons the principled and stoic warrior Saber, who, shrouded in mystery, is determined to win the Holy Grail War. Together, they compete against six other couples, each with their own unique strengths, philosophies and backgrounds. What sets Fate/stay night apart is the perfect combination of intense combat and deep character. Readers have the opportunity to delve into the suffering of each character as they wrestle with their beliefs, aspirations, and loyalties; nothing is just black or white.
What makes Fate/stay night so fascinating is the importance of its moral compass, which convincingly describes the price of victory and what it means to be a hero. This spectacular journey is full of twists and turns that are sure to thrill anyone who dares to take on this epic tale of survival, morality and the human spirit.


In the comic "Fate/stay night" we are thrown into a world where modern wizards are secretly organizing a great tournament called the Holy Grail War. These sorcerers, known as masters, preside over powerful spirits, servants, and heroic figures from history and folklore. Shiro Emiya, an amateur magician, unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of this brutal conflict. After experiencing near death, he unknowingly summons Saber, one of his most powerful servants. Determined to prevent the tragedy of the last war, Shire decides not to fight for the all-powerful wish-fulfilling Grail, but to stop the conflict and its inevitable bloody end. Engaged in battle with other Grandmasters and their henchmen, Shiro maneuvers through danger as he struggles with his newfound power and morality of responsibility as he tries to maintain his ideal of being a "Hero of Justice". This unusual combination of high-stakes combat and moral dilemma makes for a compelling plot in the Fate/stay night comics.


Creating the Fate/stay night comics was a complex and painstaking design process. The mastery of the TYPE-MOON universe has been used to create a series that has been a huge hit with fans. Translating the detailed narrative of the Fate/stay night anime and game into a comic medium required an emphasis on visual presentation. Known for their distinctive art style, comics have taken advantage of this to push the boundaries of storytelling. Unprecedented efforts have been made to accurately portray the intense and complex battle scenes and the underlying emotional narratives. Also, each character has been carefully drawn and accurately drawn, bringing their individual characteristics and emotions to life accurately and vividly. A lot of effort has gone into making the story of the comic perfectly aligned with the story of the original series. This involved careful selection of dialogues and stories that are integral to the overall plot of the story. Published monthly, each issue ends with twists that keep readers anticipating the events of the next issue. The comics have so far been praised not only for their faithful adaptation of the original series, but also for their tangible contribution to enriching the Fate/Stay Night universe.


Hailed as one of the most compelling visual novels ever published, Fate/Stay Night has since spawned phenomenal adaptations in comics, anime, and more. Since its first publication in 2004 the comics managed to capture the intricate details and intensity of the original story.
The story focuses on Shirou Emiya, which is enriched by a number of attractive characters. Each issue paints a stunning picture of the Holy Grail War as wizards and the heroic spirits they summon face off in a battle royale for the chance to fulfill their dying wish.
The comic adaptation perfectly preserves the deep storylines and presents them with vivid illustrations and dramatic dialogues. From stoic archers to brave knights, the character designs stay true to their roots. Each panel bursts with emotion and dynamism and immerses readers in the multifaceted universe of TYPE-MOON.
With each new edition, the intensity of the war is better represented, along with the characters' changing beliefs, relationships and decisions. With the comics, get ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Fate/Stay Night and explore new perspectives and insights that may not have been revealed in other adaptations.


The long-awaited release of the Fate/stay night comics does not disappoint. A seamless transition between the game and animated versions, this engaging series follows the original storyline that fans have come to love. With their mesmerizing graphics and intricate storylines, Fate/stay night comics delve into the realms of magic and fantasy, offering readers a new perspective on their beloved characters.
The comedic series expertly recreates the fierce battles, dramatic tension and heartfelt moments that made Fate/stay night a household name in the anime world. Each issue takes readers closer to a complex universe, masterfully rendered through detailed illustrations and compelling dialogue. The release reflects the enigmatic appeal of the series' characters, especially the protagonist Shirou Emiya. His development from a naive schoolboy to a deadly participant in the Holy Grail War is portrayed convincingly.
The release of Fate/stay night fits perfectly into the existing TYPE-MOON universe, yet manages to stand out as a work of art in its own right. This comic reinvents history, allowing fans to re-immerse themselves in a story they care about and inviting new readers to experience this legendary series in a new and dynamic format. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the franchise, the Fate/stay night comics are compelling reads that keep you eagerly awaiting the next issue.


The Fate/Fate Night comics have been well received by manga fans, with particular praise for its complex plot, memorable characters, and stunning artwork. Fans appreciate how the comics capture the essence of the script and the depth of the original visual novel. The consistent and well-rounded character development has been cited as one of the series' strongest points.
Critics also noted the high-quality artwork that does not compromise on detail. Action-packed scenes are fluidly illustrated to make it easy for readers to follow the story. The visual representation of Servants, the supernatural beings the characters summon, is also a highlight of the comics.
Another commendable element is the clear and engaging presentation of the intricate heroes vs. villains theme. The complex exploration of this topic in the context of the Holy Grail War deeply impressed readers.
Comics also offer new experiences to different audiences. For fans of the visual novel or original anime, the manga offers a new medium of presentation that is likely to provide deeper insights into the characters. For new audiences, the comic provides an exciting introduction to the vast and complex TYPE-MOON universe.
In conclusion, the success of Fate/Stay Night comics can be attributed to faithful editing, detailed graphics, intriguing characters, and compelling themes.

Cultural impact

Fate/Stay Night comics have left a huge impact on world pop culture. Presenting a cocktail of adventure, magic and philosophy, it has created a wave of thought-provoking debates among various fans. Despite its Japanese origins, its themes have resonated universally, transcending cultural barriers and sparking interest in Japanese folklore, history, and even Japanese language learning. Cosplay enthusiasts have especially loved the variety of characters and outfits featured in this series. In addition, the franchise's successful tie-in with video games, anime, and movies has strengthened its influence in multimedia entertainment. At its core, Fate/Stay Night's cultural impact lies in its ability to blend the fantastical with the profound, captivating the mind and instilling a sense of adventure in its followers. His storytelling skills and character development continue to defy convention and raise the bar for fantasy comics.