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Event NameFate/Extra
Set in the fascinating universe of TYPE-MOON, Fate/Extra is a virtual experience where magical claims meet digital fantasy. In this exciting event, participants engage in deadly yet fascinating competitions in an illusory lunar setting. The mission? Complete seven grueling rounds against formidable opponents, and your Servant will provide invaluable support. Nest? Losing is not an option, as defeat can lead to complete elimination from existence. Filled with fascinating legends, intense battles and complex plots, the event heightens the tension between magic and technology in the fight for survival. Immerse yourself in the action and experience an intriguing combination of virtual reality and ancient magic. Victory may be your goal, but surviving unpredictable battles is an achievement in itself. Immerse yourself in the chaotic genius of Fate/Extra and experience the collision of spells and data first hand.


TYPE-MOON is an acclaimed Japanese game company known for creating innovative visual novels, games, and anime series that have garnered huge fans both at home and abroad. The name TYPE-MOON comes from one of their early commercial works, Tsukihime, in which the concept of different types of moons played a crucial role. One of the notable features of TYPE-MOON's works is the complex narrative. They often feature complex themes and deep character development that captivates audiences. Famous titles such as Fate/Stay Night, Molten Blood, and Kara no Kyoukai are the subjects of the rich TYPE-MOON universe.

Their complex universe consists of multi-layered storylines spanning different time periods and realities, often filled with supernatural elements and difficult philosophical questions. The depth of TYPE-MOON's stories, combined with their stunning art style and charming character designs, have made them a true pillar of modern Japanese pop culture.