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The Church

General Info

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Faction NameThe Church
The Church is the dominant force in the TYPE-MOON universe, illustrating an interesting dichotomy between faith and power. They consist of pious practices and exercise god-influenced authority in the supernatural realm. Their mission is to protect humanity from non-human threats such as vampires and thieves, often bringing them into conflict with the wizarding association. Interestingly, their clerics incorporate holy artifacts and mystical abilities into their strategies while maintaining their core theistic doctrines. What sets them apart is their dedication to rooting out anything deemed heretical or threatening to their perceived harmony of the world, making them both saviors and executioners. The complex and somewhat ambiguous position of the Church reflects the often paradoxical reality of faith and adds layers of depth to the TYPE-MOON universe.


The Church is a central and authoritative figure in the TYPE-MOON universe, a vast and mysterious entity deeply involved in the prosecution of the Holy Grail Wars and other paranormal activities. It is not only a place of worship, but also a power player in the hidden world of wizards and supernatural beings.
Primarily relying on exorcisms and hunting down heretics, the Church is known for its strict teaching methods and the development of skilled and ruthless enforcers. These enforcers not only serve as the fighting force of the Church, but are also the backbone of the organization, fearlessly defying the dangers of the creatures of darkness. They are skilled warriors, well equipped to serve tirelessly in the name of their holy crusade. Despite its strict structure and teaching, the church often faces internal problems. There is a definite tension between the old guard of the Church, who adhere strictly to scripture and tradition, and the younger order, who are more inclined to adapt to the ever-changing world of magic.
Although their mission and approach may differ, each faction of the Church shares a common belief and a central goal: to protect humanity from the shadows of Hell, no matter what the cost. This unwavering commitment gives the Church an aura of righteousness and power, making her a force to be reckoned with in the TYPE-MOON universe.


The Church first appears in the vast TYPE-MOON universe as a rather nebulous entity in Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night. However, over time it became an important institution with great influence. The Church is an organization that deserves a thorough investigation due to its important role in several series of the TYPE-MOON universe.
The history of the church is rooted in antiquity. Created eons ago, he fights evil creatures and prevents the chaos caused by anomalies in the human world. The Burial Office, also known as the Assembly of the 8th Sacrament, responsible for heretical activities, represents the "black operations" division of the Church.
In Fate/Stay Night, the church, symbolized by the character Kotomine Kirei, plays a crucial mediating role in the Holy Grail Wars. Their main function is to keep the war secret and ensure that the battles do not harm innocent bystanders. This includes giving refuge to Lords who have lost their Servants but do not wish to participate in the conflict. This further illustrates the miraculous power of the Church and its decisive influence on the events of the Destiny series. The Tsukihime Church, represented by Ciel, a member of the Burial Agency, takes aggressive action against thieves like the Dead Apostles. The character of Ciel offers a personal look into the secretive and enigmatic nature of the Church and the efforts they make to ensure the safety of humanity.
Bottom Line: The Church is establishing itself as an undeniable force in the TYPE-MOON universe. It has a complex story interwoven with different plots and storylines in several episodes. The Church's rich history and subsequent influence help shape the TYPE-MOON universe into the exciting show it is today.

Notable Members

Member #
Kirei Kotomine
Satsuki Yumizuka
Shirou Kotomine
Michael Roa Valdamjong
Elesia B. Primatelea


The Church, a prominent faction of the TYPE-MOON universe, is not limited by geography as one might think. Infrastructure is typically a complex network of global locations that is not limited to a specific region or location. The most prominent is the Eighth Congregation of the Sacrament, also known as the Burial Agency. This church based group is quite secretive and their base is known to a select few.
Many churches around the world operate as field offices. There is usually at least one church in every town. But they are not just places of ordinary worship. These establishments primarily serve as a stronghold for executioners to combat supernatural threats from the Holy Grail.
It is also common for church buildings to have a distinctive architecture. For example, the church on Fuyuki Hill, an important location in this universe, has a clear Gothic influence that illustrates the degree of darkness that parallels the secrecy surrounding the organization. In addition, the underground structures, which are mostly hidden, play a vital role in the geography of the Church, providing the resources and shelter necessary for the services they provide.
Basically, the geographical coverage of the TYPE-MOON universe church faction is significant, reflecting their vast influence and enigmatic practices. But each site is primarily a site of resistance to objects that threaten the preservation of humanity, suggesting an intriguing fusion of religious and supernatural elements.

Legacy and Impact

The church in the TYPE-MOON universe had a big impact on the narrative landscape. His existence shaped plots, complex characters, and created a rich backdrop for the universe. The church not only represents the concepts of faith and divinity, but also symbolizes power, order and morality in a chaotic supernatural world. A faction attracts followers with different characteristics, beliefs, and motivations, creating a complex web of personalities that greatly enriches the narrative. His lasting legacy continues to be felt throughout the universe as Church figures continue to influence events and relationships. In addition, the doctrines and rituals of the Church are expressed in interesting ways, from exorcism rituals to vampire sigils, adding depth to TYPE-MOON's rich world-building. With a strong mix of religious undertones and supernatural elements, the Church is an integral part of the overall narrative of the TYPE-MOON universe, enhancing every story it touches with its fascinating history.