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The Mages Association

General Info

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Faction NameThe Mages Association
The Mage Association is the main faction of the TYPE-MOON universe, made up of wizards from all over the world. Its main purpose is to hide the existence of Magecraft from the public and to protect humanity from the harmful aspects of the Mage Association. It consists of three main branches: Clock Tower, Atlas Academy, and Wandering Sea, each with its own unique areas of research and discipline. Members engage in the study and implementation of Magecraft under a certain code of secrecy. With a rich history, challenging standards, and attractive members, the wizarding association plays a key role in maintaining balance in the wizarding world of the TYPE-MOON universe.


The Mages Association is the central organization of the TYPE-MOON universe that aims to use, develop and preserve the knowledge of Magecraft for future generations. Founded in the 1st century and housed in the British Museum in London, it claims to be the leading authority on magic.
The Association of Mages operates more like a university and is divided into three main faculties: the Clocktower, the main unit dedicated to academic research; Atlas Academy, which specializes in logic research; and the Sea of ​​Estray, which remains a mystery and operates independently.
In an association, knowledge is essential; social status, personal grievances or history have no bearing here. Members come from a variety of backgrounds and vary greatly in skill and affinity, creating a vast network of wizards around the world. Despite some internal friction, the Association of Mages remains a beacon of learning, mentoring, guiding the evolution of magic, and maintaining the delicate balance of the world, playing a vital role in the TYPE-MOON narrative universe. It is the home of wizards, a powerhouse of experimentation, and the keeper of ancient sermons and prophecies. A citadel of wizards and sorcerers, the Mages Association is the enduring embodiment of humanity's eternal thirst for knowledge, keeping the concept of wizards relevant and awe-inspiring in this day and age.


The protagonist of the TYPE-MOON universe, the Mage's Association has a history intertwined with the evolution of magic throughout history. It originated in the Middle Ages, became famous among wizards from all over the world and became a melting pot of science and magic.
The company was founded by the first Lord of the Clock Tower, an enigmatic figure whose name is steeped in ancient sermons. Since its inception, the association has given Magecraft a niche of nurturing, prioritizing the longevity of humanity. It follows the philosophy of its founders and manifests itself through rules that prevent the unfettered use of Magecraft, much like protecting the world from its own creations. Five main divisions, each headed by Mr., form the backbone. Among them, the bell tower, the spiritual tomb of Albion, the Sea of ​​Estreus stands out. Choosing the ruler of the Clock Tower highlights the important role of said ward, which is often intertwined with the plot in the TYPE-MOON universe.
Members, known as wizards, are bound by an ethic that influences their actions and decisions throughout their lives. Each mage dedicates his life to pushing the limits of Magecraft in hopes of achieving the ambitious goal of reaching the "Root".
Opposing factions, such as the Church and the Atlas Institute, work closely with the wizarding association through numerous deals, misunderstandings, collaborations, and fierce rivalries. This created a choreography of friendship and enmity, shared goals and individual triumphs. Its existence is a testament to the eternal nature of magic, its potential, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Notable Members

Member #
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
Michael Roa Valdamjong
Kirei Kotomine
Risei Kotomine
Barthomeloi Lorelei
Waver Velvet
Rin Tohsaka
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg
Marisbury Animusphere
Leandra Anibal
El-Melloi II (Waver Velvet)
Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Zouken Matou
Atrum Galliasta
Touko Aozaki
Aoko Aozaki
Cornelius Alba
Olga Marie Animusphere
Norikata Emiya


The Mage Association in the TYPE-MOON universe is located in three main locations: the Clock Tower in London, the Atlas Academy in Egypt, and the Sea of ​​Estray.
The Clock Tower of London is the main institutional and organizing body and is considered the main branch of society. The slender and impressive structure is recognized in the Western world as a symbol of magic. Filled with vast libraries and mystical laboratories, it bustles with researchers and scientists relentlessly pursuing the next magical breakthrough.
On the other hand, Atlas Academy, located deep in the deserts of Egypt, takes an unconventional route. The academy, known for its alchemical research, delves into the esoteric. The dry sands surrounding it hide many magical ruins to explore and experience.
At the same time, the Estray Sea remains an elusive, floating island that only appears to those it deems worthy. It is home to wandering wizards who enjoy solitary exploration, far from the politics of the Clock Tower or the strict confines of Atlas Academy.
Together, these geographies form a large and diverse base for the members of the wizarding association, and each entity contributes to the depth and complexity that defines the TYPE-MOON universe. Steeped in tradition for thousands of years, yet enchantingly mysterious, these places provided an all-encompassing headquarters for wizards, regardless of their magical affiliation or occupation.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Mage Association in the TYPE-MOON universe is significant. It has maintained an important archive of magical knowledge since its inception, making it vital to the training and regulation of magicians around the world. The Association controls three departments, namely the Clock Tower, the Atlas Academy, and the Sea of ​​Estray, and ultimately influences the development and dissemination of Magecraft. The Clocktower, the largest faction, strongly influenced many events and directly determined the outcome of several Grail Wars. Shadow's range and the Syndicate's presence in various events subtly emphasize its importance in the TYPE-MOON world and give the story direction and depth. Additionally, the introduction of Magic Crests, the ancient archive of magical chains, revolutionized magical practice and reinforced the idea that magical ability was inherited rather than learned. In short, the existence of the association is a testament to the complexity and depth of the TYPE-MOON universe. Its complex structure, story, and the tension it encompasses between wizards greatly add to the richness and drama of the franchise.