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Asgore Dreemurr

General Info

Asgore Dreemurr logo
Job TitleKing
Birth PlaceUnderground, Earth
Knows aboutUndertale, Monster History, Gardening
Alternate NameKing of the Monsters
Character NameAsgore Dreemurr
Member of OrganizationRoyal Family
Asgore Dreemur, Lord of the Underworld, is the main character in the Undertale universe. He is a boss monster with regal looks and a laid-back attitude. Despite his intimidating presence, Asgore is known for his kindness and humility, often tending to golden flowers in his home. He was previously married to Toriel and feels guilty about his actions in response to the deaths of their children. This guilt causes him to break through the barrier that holds the monsters back. His fighting prowess is terrifying, but his heart is soft, making Asgore a complex character struggling with painful decisions about the future of his species. His story embodies the themes of judgment, redemption, and the devastating effects of war.


Asgor Dreemur, the beloved king of the monsters, is the main character in the immersive storyline of Undertale. Recognized for his charming nature and heartbreaking story, this distinctive bearded king is both feared and loved as he embodies the complexity that has captured the interest and sympathy of many players.
Once a father and loving husband, Dreemurr was pushed into obscurity after his son's murder and his wife's death from heartbreak. Despite his inherent goodness, Asgore is a symbol of tragedy and revenge, seeking to destroy humanity to avenge the atrocities his family suffered.
He has the power of Boss Monsters, allowing him to age as his offspring grow, leading to an eternal existence constantly haunted by pain and revenge. Dreemurr lives in a capital called "New Home" where he waits for people to fall into the subway so he can use their SOULS to break through the barrier and promise freedom to the monsters.
But beneath his identity as a vengeful king, players often find Asgore's kind soul, which is reflected in his love of gardening, tea, and then the overwhelming guilt he feels for his actions. This prompts players to question the morality of his actions and whether forgiveness is possible. Essentially, Asgore Dreemur embodies pain, regret, fatherhood, and the drastic measures that can be taken in the face of despair, making him a truly unforgettable character in the Undertale universe.


Known as the king of all monsters, Asgore Dreemurr is a central figure in the intriguing realm of Undertale. Affectionately called "Gorey" by those closest to him, he encompasses a complex mixture of kindness and ruthlessness, with a warmth underlying his tough exterior, making him one of the most intriguing characters in the world of Undertale.
At heart, Asgore is a kind and gentle soul who loves gardening, tea and bad breakfasts; homemade cakes. But he hides it under the armor of a fearsome and respected king. The tragic loss of his two sons had a profound effect on Asgore, and he made the impulsive decision that every person who fell into the subway must die, hoping to use their soul to destroy the barriers and save his people. limited underground kingdom. . Despite his fearsome appearance and menacing decree, Asgore is filled with guilt and pain at the actions he must take. Avoid getting killed and even gives the main character plenty of opportunities to avoid battle altogether in the final battle. His hatred for his actions in those moments is palpable and perfectly reflects his confrontational character.
As Asgore remains imprisoned due to his guilt and choices in Undertale, he unwittingly becomes a beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom for the sick monster child, representing a pillar of their strength and resilience.
This monstrous king, whose heart is heavier than a trident, earns respect and leaves an unforgettable mark on the Undertale universe with his nuanced character. It embodies the tragic story of a passionate ruler, a grieving father, and a broken heart fighting within its beastly body. His story inspires Undertale and gives it a heart-wrenching layer, making Asgore Dreemur an unmistakable part of this wonderful world.

Creation and Development

Asgore Dreemur, the benevolent ruler of the underworld in the Undertale universe, has gone through an intriguing creation and development process. Game creator Toby Fox originally envisioned Asgore as a symbol of importance and despair, infusing his character with a tragic backstory and complex emotions to bring insight into the world of Undertale.
His original design was to be exactly the tall figure you'd expect from a monster king, complete with horns, a cape and a trident. However, Fox soon decided to diversify the character of Asgore. Instead of adopting the typical antagonist mold, he was updated to be more misunderstood than evil, emphasizing the game's focus on morally gray characters. Much of Asgore's complexity comes from the tension in his character. She is a genuinely kind soul torn between her duty to ensure the freedom of the monster species and the moral consequences of her actions. Built on duality, Fox gave Asgore the job of an adored lord who likes to garden and drink tea.
Asgore's character development progresses throughout the game. The player encounters many references to him, painting a portrait of a respected but terrifying king. However, bringing Asgore into battle shows him as burdened with guilt, regret, and grief. Toby Fox uses these contrasting images to break down players' preconceived notions of 'good' and 'evil'.
In creating Asgore, Toby Fox ultimately gave players a multifaceted character that blurs the line between hero and villain enough to drive the game's unique narrative around choices, consequences, and the possibility of mercy and understanding. Its creation and development is a testament to Fox's complex narrative in the Undertale universe.

Character Profile

Asgor Dreemur, the once beloved king of the underworld, is a character clouded by tragedy and regret. As the father figure of the Undertale universe, he radiates compassion and fatherly warmth, but his calm demeanor belies heavy feelings of guilt and grief. Burdened by the pain of lost love and the weight of his promise to his people, Dreemurr's character becomes a symbol of regret and the painful consequences of decisions made out of desperation.
A tall figure with the strength of a warrior and the heart of a pacifist, Asgor displays a deep love for all his subjects who live in the underground realm. Her deep kindness is reflected in her penchant for gardening, and her beloved golden flowers are symbols of hope in an otherwise bleak and cavernous kingdom. But Dreemurr's life is not without darkness. The loss of his children and the legacy of his wife Toriel led him down a path of pain and unintentional cruelty. Regretful, but constrained by the promise he made to his people to ensure their freedom, he finds himself on a devastating path of harvesting human souls.
Despite his heavy heart, Asgore remains honorable, demonstrating the classic struggle between personal duty and virtue. Her character is a poignant reminder of how even the best intentions can sometimes lead to unfortunate results. The depth of his character and moral struggles make Asgore Dreemurr a compelling and bittersweet figure in the Undertale universe.

Story Arc

Asgore Dreemur, King of the Monsters, rules Undertale from deep underground. He once led a society of human monsters as a beloved and respected leader, but now he is misunderstood and feared, burdened by a troubled past.
Grief-stricken over his son's death and overwhelmed by the actions of the humans, Asgor made what he believed to be the only solution possible for revenge and protection. He decided that the monsters would kill all the people who fell into the subway and use their souls to break through the barrier that the humans had built to imprison them.
But this decree broke Asgore's heart. He was kind and gentle by nature, not a king of violence but a king who loved gardening, tea and his people. But her decision was made, and in her opinion, there was no other way for the monsters to regain their freedom.
Then came Frisk, the last human soul needed to destroy the barrier. Asgore fights him despite his obvious reluctance to harm the child. Determined to protect those he loves and those who depend on him, he stubbornly resists his husband's determination. But Asgore's fate is closely tied to your actions as the player, the unique narrative arc of Undertale. Depending on which path the player chooses, the story of Asgore ends in different ways: remain the feared king, abdicate and let others lead, or even go all the way. But his actions, fueled by despair and hope, embody the moral complexity of Undertale's story. Beneath his flaws lies a king who genuinely wants the best for his kingdom, even if it means getting his hands covered in blood.

Cultural Impact

Asgore Dreemur, the lovable underground lord in the Undertale universe, has had a major impact on pop culture since its inception. As a character wracked with guilt and grief, he resonated with gamers around the world and added a layer of emotional depth not often found in video games. Considered one of Undertale's most richly developed characters, his language, backstory, and even clothing style have permeated the realms of cosplay, fan art, and video game analysis.
Asgore's ability to evoke player empathy has clear cultural implications. Presenting a compelling reflection of human nature, he shows how despair and loss can drive people to do terrible things. The game uses the symbol of Asgore to remind players of the power of forgiveness and redemption, themes that the Undertale community holds dear.
In addition, Undertale's combat mechanics, especially in the battles against Asgore, raised the expectations of players in video games, adding to the culture of the game as a whole. All in all, Undertale bridges the gap between gameplay and emotional exploration through Asgore Dreemurr, ultimately adding to the depth and diversity of modern pop culture.


Asgore Dreemurr's legacy in the Undertale universe is that of a tragic hero, as he is portrayed as a kind and caring ruler who was forced to make terrible decisions for the good of his people. His legacy embodies the fatalistic dilemma of choosing between the survival of one's nation and one's personal morality. Even when he is forced to absorb the souls of innocent children in order to overcome the barrier, it is clear from his actions that he does not like it. Despite the difficult circumstances, she does her best to keep hope alive among the monster species. His fondness for making tea and his paternal attitude suggest that behind his royal persona, he is simply lonely and guilty. Therefore, Asgore's Legacy is a bitter reminder of how environment and duty can lead to decisions contrary to one's true nature. Even in his tragic life, his innate kindness and love for his people makes him a respected character in the Undertale universe.