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Knows aboutUndertale, Monsters, Human Soul, Determination
Alternate NameThe First Human
Character NameChara
Often considered the first human, Chara is an essential character in the Undertale universe with a complex personality. Affectionately known as "the demon that comes when people call his name", Chara has been seen as a representation of the player's destructive influence and a character with a tragic past. They are important in starting the game's plot and show a strong connection to chocolate and a hatred for humanity. Chara's appearances are sporadic, directly related to the path chosen by the player, strategically influencing the plot. Their sparkling eyes, close-cropped brown hair, and green-and-yellow striped sweater give them a distinctive appearance. Despite her ominous facade, Chara's character adds depth to Undertale's story, making it unrealistically intriguing.


In the eclectic universe of Undertale, Chara stands out as one of the most enigmatic characters. Often referred to as "The Main Man", their story is inextricably woven into the rich tapestry of Undertale history, fueling endless speculation among ardent fans.
Chara hails from the Surface, the world above the Underworld, where all monsters have been banished. Showing the complexity of human emotions, Chara fell into the subway while trying to climb a mountain. Ebot, but was accepted by the underworld lords Toriel and Asgore. Thus began their bond with Asriel, the princes of the underworld and their cousin. Interestingly, Chara isn't clearly evil. Their display is highly dependent on the player's choices during the game. The pacifist game captures their kind and compassionate side, helping monsters live a peaceful life. However, choose the path of violence and Chara's cruel and merciless side will be revealed, leading to the merciless destruction of all monster society.
Their image is enhanced by an outfit that portrays simplicity in a green striped shirt, complemented by brown pants and boots. Although Chara doesn't have a physical presence, their character resonates appropriately through memorable dialogue, greatly increasing the immersion that Undertale offers its players.
Whether portrayed as a misunderstood anti-hero or a cold foe, Chara's nuanced character design continues to captivate fans and leave an indelible mark on Undertale's unforgettable story.


Also known as "First Man", Chara plays an important and mysterious role in the Undertale universe. As the first person to fall into the subway, Chara has carved out a place for herself in history that transcends the average human encounters with monsters. Chara's life has been full of difficulties since childhood. They felt out of place, unappreciated, unloved, and misunderstood on their home world, which ultimately led them to explore the menacing mountain. Abbott, knowing exactly what fate would befall them.
Chara was found underground by Asriel, the son of King Asgore and Queen Toriel, the ruling lords of the underworld. They instantly bonded, going beyond the typical bond of friendship and becoming a family. Later, Chara was adopted by King Asgore and Queen Toriel, making Chara the brother of the prince who lived in the Underworld as part of the royal family.
Chara's tragedy didn't end there, as they later killed themselves to remove the barrier between humans and monsters. A storyline that merged their souls with Asriel's ended with Asriel's death and inadvertently increased the tension between man and monster.
Chara, though morally ambiguous, was bright, observant, and persistent. They certainly showed courage and determination at various points in the plot. Their history and actions during the game have caused sympathy and controversy among players, leading to heated debates about their true nature.
Despite the conflicting aspects of their character, Chara's presence in the Undertale universe cannot be ignored. In many ways, their actions, choices, and the price they paid revealed the underlying complexity of the Undertale universe, making them iconic in the game's history.

Creation and Development

When Toby Fox started creating Undertale, Chara was one of the first characters he came up with. Their ambiguous nature and role were integral to the game's philosophical undertones. The creation of Chara was helped by Fox's desire to explore the moral complexity of actions and consequences in video games.
At the beginning of development, Chara was conceived as a silent character who poses a puzzle to the players. They took the silent protagonist RPG trope and embodied the player's actions, good or bad. This blank sheet reflected the chosen theme of the game, allowing players to project their own motivations for the character.
Chara's character development was largely based on player choice. Using Undertale's innovative morality system, the player's actions would affect Chara's development throughout the game, rewarding or punishing the player accordingly. Their relationships with other characters, especially Asriel, are shaped by player choices, adding yet another dimension to their ambiguous nature.
Fox also incorporated Chara's development into the narrative structure of Undertale. Unlike traditional RPGs, Chara's actions, rather than intended traits or history, determine their role in the story. Their creation is the epitome of subverting the game's RPG tropes.
Ultimately, the creation and development of Chara reflects Undertale's thematic and narrative ambitions. Their character serves as an exploration of the morality of the game's mechanics and a critique of conventional RPG character development. Their complexity and ambiguity encourage players to scrutinize their actions and decisions, adding depth and immersion to the Undertale gaming experience.

Character Profile

Chara, the first human to fall underground, is a mysterious character in the Undertale universe. Toriel and Asgor, lords of the underworld, adopt them and make them brothers to their son Asriel. Chara has a complex personality that often makes players wonder about her true nature.
Their name, short for "character", is only revealed when players choose it at the start of the game. However, they do not have a defined look, leaving room for fan interpretation. Many associate them with dark themes based on their history and infamous reputation, but it is also explained that this association can be caused by the player's actions in the game.
Chara not only shares a deep bond with Asriel, but they also share rebellious traits, evident when they manipulate Asriel into carrying out a plan involving humans on the Surface. However, their relationship ends tragically, which greatly affects the story of Undertale.
In the game's Genocide Path, Chara is portrayed as a figure of destruction, leading the protagonist down a path of violence. Their role in this journey makes Chara a force to be reckoned with, marking a significant progression in their character arc. While Chara is a divisive figure, there's no denying their influence on Undertale's history. Whether she's seen as an evil entity or misunderstood due to the circumstances they face, Chara adds depth to the fascinating world of Undertale.

Story Arc

Also known as First Man or Fallen Man, Chara has a deep storyline in the Undertale universe. The story begins when Chara enters a dungeon inhabited by monsters. They are found by Asgore and Toriel, who take them in as their own, effectively becoming Asriel's brother, the biological son of Asgore and Toriel.
Chara develops a strong bond with their adoptive family, especially during her formative years. But they harbor a deep hatred for humanity. Their ultimate plan is to unleash the monsters of the underworld on the surface world and take revenge on the humans. The plan involves the souls of several people, causing Chara to die and Asriel to transform into Flowey.
Chara's death is not the end of their story. Instead, they exist as subjects of Frisk, the main character of Undertale. Chara's strength is directly related to Frisk's level of violence. If Frisk takes a pacifist approach, Chara remains inactive. However, if Frisk chooses the path of destruction, Chara's influence will increase. Near the end, Chara reveals that human souls and determination are the same, essentially equating love and power: this corruption is their ultimate destruction.
However, there is debate within the Undertale community about Chara's true intentions. Some believe that Chara is not evil, just an illusory spirit due to their imperfect understanding of love and friendship. Others see Chara as an embodiment of the player's actions, reflecting the consequences of their choices.
Either way, Chara is a compelling character. Their plot is one of tragedy, power, and spectacle, making them one of the most memorable figures in the Undertale universe.

Cultural Impact

The character of Chara in the Undertale series has had a significant cultural impact since its introduction. Many fans have been inspired by Chara's complex character development and ambiguous morals, and have begun to explore similar themes in their own work. Some have gone on to create fan art, fan fiction, cosplay, or even music videos that highlight or reinterpret Chara's character traits.
Chara, while initially portrayed as sinister, also explored themes of guilt, remorse, and redemption in depth. It lives up to Undertale's overall reputation for innovative storytelling and emotional depth. Chara became a symbol of the human potential for both good and evil, embodying the player's choices in the game. This has encouraged dialogue and debate about morality within gaming communities and culture, amplifying the game's impact.
In addition, Chara's gender ambiguity, not specifically identifying as male or female, has had a significant impact on discussions of representation and identity in video games. Chara is spoken with gender-neutral pronouns in the game, which also emphasizes the inclusion and acceptance of non-binary and transgender identities in the gaming community.
Overall, Chara's influence extends beyond the Undertale universe, with fans and scholars alike fascinated by the rich and nuanced design.


One of the main characters in the Undertale universe, Chara leaves behind a compelling and impressive legacy. As the first human to fall underground, Chara's actions and choices shaped the entire story of Undertale. Despite the controversy surrounding their character, there's no denying that Chara's legacy is a big part of the monsters' story and the player's journey. After their decision to poison themselves so that Asriel could escape the subway, Chara showed signs of self-sacrifice, albeit twisted by a more sinister plan.
But Chara's legacy isn't just about their manipulation tactics. It is also their undying determination that persists even in death and influences the course of history. The player's choices during gameplay reflect Chara's character and further enhance their impact on Undertale's story. Chara's legacy is a powerful reminder of the fine line between determination and destruction, underscoring the defining nature of choice in Undertale.