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General Info

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Character NameBreach
A massive initiator with seismic power, Breach belongs to the powerful Swedish SWAT. Armed with ancient technology well suited to manipulate the Earth at will, his abilities focus on aggressive maneuvering, physically disrupting the battlefield and enemy lines. Breach shows off his power with Aftershock and Flashpoint, abilities that unleash powerful shockwaves and deal devastating splash damage. His signature ability, Fault Line, disorients any enemies caught in his line of effect, while his primary, Rolling Thunder, stuns enemies and sends them flying. Breach really shines in his team's arsenal when it comes to strategically disrupting the front line and crushing enemy positions.


As the initiator of the VALORANT world, Breach turns every shootout into a seismic event. Born in Sweden, Breach uses explosive efficiency to cause chaos and confusion in the enemy ranks. With strong offensive power and elusive abilities, he is able to tear apart enemy positions with unparalleled crowd control ability. Breach's seismic arsenal shakes the map, sending out shockwaves that stun, disorient, and disarm his opponents, effectively turning the tide of any skirmish.
Breach's understanding of interdimensional physics also helps combat his advantage. Its aftershock hits the ground and creates an earthquake that rips through walls and forces enemies out of hiding. Its "flashpoint" charges melt through walls, causing blinding earthquakes that stun anyone exposed to the beam. His "fault line" ability unleashes a seismic charge, creating a large, sweeping earthquake that stuns all enemies in its path. His ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, causes a cataclysmic earthquake that stuns and overwhelms anyone it hits.
Breach's dynamic abilities allow him to change the tempo of the game himself. Seismic strikes make him a great agent for knocking back enemy strengths, and his tactical abilities turn the battlefield into a playground. Perfect for both aggressive beginners and tactical players alike, Breach brings the thunder to the VALORANT universe, leaving destruction in its wake.


Breach, also known as Markus Wallburg, is an agent in the VALORANT universe who hails from Sweden. His primary roles are initiator and controller, making him an important asset to any team seeking tactical superiority.
Born in a city known for its enormous technological progress, Markus has always been fascinated by the complexity of machines and mechanical systems. His curiosity led him to study engineering, where he designed and created his own glove that could manipulate kinetic energy. This gadget earned him the title "Seismic Engineer".
Breach has the unique ability to instantly change the battlefield by manipulating the environment and temporarily defying the laws of physics. His unique ability is to use explosive devices to destroy walls and create new paths that did not exist before. It can even cause powerful explosions, stunning enemies and disabling their weapons.
Despite his rough exterior, Breach has a heart of gold. He strongly believes in the power of friendship and teamwork and often risks his life to protect his team. His selfless nature often inspires courage and determination in his teammates. For all his seismic strength and indomitable courage, Breach is haunted by a constant sense of guilt and responsibility. Constantly questioning the morality of her actions, she tries to balance the use of her powers with the destruction they cause.
Breach's passion for engineering and selfless nature continue to drive him to win for his team at all costs. His unique ability to manipulate the environment makes him invaluable on the battlefield. Although he often struggles with the moral consequences of his actions, his desire to protect his team always comes first, making him a truly great character in the VALORANT universe.

Creation and Development

When Project VALORANT began, the main concern was to create a diverse roster of playable characters, each bringing their own abilities to the battlefield. Breach, a sturdy Swedish shaker, was one of the first to be invented.
Breach's character design started with a few sketches and evolved into the armored giant we know today. Its design was influenced by various elements such as traditional Viking traditions, Swedish architecture and modern firefighting equipment. The developers wanted to create a character that exuded brute strength and determination and perfectly complemented his seismic abilities. During gameplay, Breach shocks and knocks opponents away with seismic energy, showing him to be a formidable initiator. During the beta testing phase, it was heavily iterated with a focus on building up player powers and skills. His abilities, including Aftershock, Flashpoint, and Rolling Thunder, were designed to attract attention and initiate combat teams. The goal was to create a solid initiator that could disrupt enemy formations and wreak havoc on the battlefield. His innovative Rolling Thunder, a seismic charge that stuns all enemies in its path, has been tweaked several times to maintain balance in Valorant's detailed competitive environment. To further add to the immersive gameplay, Breach's voice acting has been carefully chosen to bring his character to life. The charismatic sound of his voice reflects his strong and confident personality, designed to strike fear into the minds of the enemy.
Through rigorous testing and user feedback, the character of Breach has undergone several improvements to ensure a balanced and unique gaming experience. Despite the challenges, the team at Riot Games successfully turned their vision into reality and created Breach as a powerhouse that demonstrates the importance of coordinated teamwork and timing.

Character Profile

Breach, real name Amedo Hak, is a force to be reckoned with in the VALORANT universe. Hailing from Sweden, he is an initiator agent who excels at organizing fights for his team, known for his aggressive playstyle and ability to clear various areas with his explosives.
Breach is a muscular and fearless character who can use his bionic arms to launch various powerful seismic charges to scare away his enemies. These abilities are reflected in his various abilities; Aftershock, Flashpoint, Fault Line and his latest Rolling Thunder. Each displays their incredible strength and strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents. Each of these skills can be invaluable during gameplay. With Aftershock, he can send a destructive wave into the wall, severely damaging everyone on the other side. The flashpoint delivers a blinding charge, temporarily disorienting anyone who touches it. Using Fault Line, Breach sends an earthquake that ripples across the ground to shock and stun enemies. His ultimate, Rolling Thunder, gives him the power to unleash a seismic attack to stun the entire team and leave them vulnerable to a finisher. He embodies the ethos of a team player and front-line initiator, setting the pace for each round and packing the punch. But don't let its power fool you. Mastering his abilities and figuring out how to best use them requires strategy and cunning. In the hands of the right player, Breach is a game changer. Strategic, powerful and terrifying, Breach is an agent that will leave an earthquake in your heart and in the enemy's lines.

Story Arc

Breach is a force to be reckoned with in the VALORANT universe. From seismic fault lines to explosive tremors, the battlefield becomes his canvas and the enemy an unsuspecting work of art. Hailing from Sweden, Breach offers an unrivaled demolishing experience, destroying even the toughest fortifications with astonishing ease. But there's more to his character, more depth to his story, portraying him not just as a ruthless cop, but as a man shaped by his circumstances.
From the frozen wastes of Scandinavia, Breach has mastered the powers of seismic destruction, the only remnant of his devastated homeland. Years before they joined VALORANT, Sweden was devastated by an unprecedented disaster. This natural disaster was not just an earthquake; he destroyed everything in his path and turned the beloved house into ruins. The only survivor was young Breash, then an ordinary man.
Emerging from the ruins, he vowed to use this destructive power. Breach studied the terrifying phenomenon and became adept at manipulating seismic waves, even incorporating them into technology. This exploration was not for revenge, but for protection, a vow to ensure that no other homeland would suffer his country's cruel fate.
But his traumatic past gave rise to unrelenting nightmares, the deafening roar of the tearing earth haunting him even in his sleep. But Breach found solace in his newfound power. It became both his shield and his sword, a symbol of his indomitable spirit.
Recruited into VALORANT, Breach found friends who absorbed his protective drive and reserve of strength. They gave him respect, friendship and the tools to further develop his natural talent as a disruptor. Today, Breach is a formidable operative, whose devastating powers proclaim victory imminent.
But beneath the tough exterior and unrelenting drive to win lies an unspoken pain. She is held back by the echoing cries of his lost homeland and his dedication to protecting others from the same tragedy. It will be a story of violation, a story of loss, resilience and a deep determination to protect what remains. He is no ordinary cop; this is a man who carries the weight of his past with every seismic shock, reminding us all of the power of the human spirit.

Cultural Impact

As a playable character in the popular first-person shooter game VALORANT, Breach left a strong impression on the gaming community and significantly influenced the game's cultural impact. Known for his seismic capabilities, his influence is not limited to his contributions to team dynamics and game mechanics.
Breach's bold, non-conforming spirit resonates with countless players around the world, encouraging them to challenge the norm and promote diversity in the gaming universe. His heritage as a Swedish bionics engineer deeply grounds the game in a techno-futuristic worldview that reflects a society at the cutting edge of technological advancement.
Equally important is how Breach shakes up typical gaming archetypes through its unique gameplay. It's a tactical force with powerful abilities that require strategic planning, reflecting a wider trend in the game that places more emphasis on tactical thinking. Many players have noticed new levels of complexity and depth of gameplay strategy attributed to characters like Breach.
Finally, the popularity of fan-generated content on Breach, from gameplay montages to fan art, shows its impact on the vibrant culture of VALORANT fandom. In its own unique way, Breach has become a symbol of gaming's inventive spirit and is a major factor in the growth of gaming's cultural footprint.


Breach, the bionic Swede, embodies a legacy of courage and resilience. His life took a drastic turn when he lost his parts in an accident and decided to rebuild his life stronger than ever. His prosthetic arms are not only a symbol of overcoming past adversity, but also a powerful force on the battlefield. Known for his unparalleled strategic approach and ability to tear apart the fabric of reality, he embodies the essence of dedication and courage. Aftershock or Flashpoint, his abilities are not only about fighting, but also about how he carved his destiny out of the rubble. Breach's legacy, which upholds the true warrior spirit, is a beacon of hope for much of the Valorant universe. It is a testament to the infinite human potential to invent, innovate and push boundaries.