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General Info

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Job TitleSupernatural Entity
Knows aboutSupernatural Powers
Character NameBrimstone
Brimstone is from the US and is a controller agent specializing in tactical executions. He is a master strategist who maximizes the potential of his team using powerful tools. With an advanced orbital beacon, the Brimstone launches precise smoke bars, blocking the enemy's line of sight and allowing for tactical maneuvers. He is also armed with incendiary grenades that wreak havoc. Brimstone's Stim Beacon further enhances firefights by increasing the rate of fire of its allies. His ultimate ability, the terrifying Orbital Strike, deals catastrophic damage to opponents and unleashes fiery destruction from above. This veteran's impeccable planning creates a perfect storm on the battlefield, facilitating fluid battle decisions and coordinating the squad to the best of his abilities.


Brimstone, a powerful American controller, is one of the most strategic forces in the VALORANT universe. With a strong military background, his orbital arsenal ensures his team is always ahead. Its ability to deliver support exactly where it's needed most allows you to effectively control the battlefield from anywhere.
Brimstone's tactical abilities are highly customizable and help shape team dynamics. His Stim Beacon increases the team's firepower, while his Incendiary can close choke points, force enemies to retreat, or clear space with an area of ​​continuous fire. The Sky Smoke ability allows him to create spectacular smoke screens that obscure the view of enemies. And with its incredible Orbital Smash, Brimstone can flood the target area with a shower of deadly plasma.
His focus on strategy, precision and tactical superiority make Brimstone a definite asset to any mission. His advanced battlefield awareness and ammo delivery capabilities keep his team one step ahead, making Brimstone a cornerstone of any VALORANT squad.


Brimstone, an experienced US commander, is a key tactical figure in the VALORANT universe. Using a variety of space weapons and strategic tools, he tactically outmaneuvers and defeats his opponents. His real name, age and many details of his previous military experience remain a closely guarded secret and add mystery and interest to his character.
Although he can appear stern and callous, his fierce dedication to his team reflects his sense of responsibility. He embodies the spirit of a true leader, always ready to lead his team to success. His main tactic is to provide support and create space for his team; lead the attack, clear the way and let others strike.
Brimstone's abilities, including Incendiary, Sky Smoke, and Stim Beacon, are a testament to his technical prowess and strategic brilliance. They describe his ability to adapt, allowing him to establish dominance in enemy space or provide cover for allies. His ultimate ability, Orbital Strike, showcases his prowess on the offensive, showing his ability to take down enemies quickly and mercilessly.
In the dynamic and volatile universe of VALORANT, Brimstone stands firm as a beacon of truth and guide. Calling him just a character wouldn't do him justice: he's not just a fighter, but an emblem of leadership and strategy. His commanding presence and tactical approach have certainly cemented his reputation among VALORANT agents.

Creation and Development

When Riot Games first created Brimstone, their primary goal was to create a character that embodied leadership, strategy, and a solid understanding of battlefield tactics. Brimstone traces its origins back to the early design stages of VALORANT. A tactical shooter inherently requires a character who can control and manipulate the combat space, which is why Brimstone was created.
Brimstone's abilities were intended to include his role as a controller, and the developers at Riot Games spent a lot of time perfecting them. His Incendiary and Stim Beacon abilities were designed to indirectly support his team and create controlled areas of the battlefield. While Stim Beacon provides combat boosts to all squad members within its range, Incendiary uses a grenade launcher to project molten fields of fire, putting passing opponents at risk.
Building Sky Smokes skills was a unique challenge. This ability emphasizes the strategic nature of Brimstone, as it has smoke screens that obscure vision and create strategic advantages. Engineers and designers have spent many hours perfecting this mechanic, making sure the smoke has enough coverage without compromising the gameplay of a complex component.
Then came Brimstone's newest ability, Orbital Strike, which perfectly represents his ability to command and destroy enemy forces. This powerful beam of energy descending from the sky required elaborate visual effects to match its devastating impact.
Brimstone's successful development depended heavily on its aesthetics. From his military uniform to the hardened smile he sports, every aspect of his appearance was meant to convey his character: a no-nonsense tactician who is committed to his team. Even the voice acting had to be perfect to reflect Brimstone's personality. Riot Games hired famous voice actor Steve Blum for this job and his performance was nothing short of impressive. Ultimately, Riot Games managed to create a character that balanced function and form. Brimstone demonstrates exceptional leadership on the battlefield, both through well-placed smokescreens and explosive encounters, securing his favorite spot among VALORANT players around the world.

Character Profile

Brimstone, an American soldier born and raised, embodies the idea of ​​a traditionally strong and disciplined commander, a leader focused on strategy and planning. His precise military strategy ensures victory for his team with his exceptional ability to control the battlefield.
His Orbital Strike allows him to launch an Orbital Bombardment and deal heavy damage to enemies. Stim's beacon allows him to target a position close to him, encouraging his teammates to fire faster. His incendiary ability fires a grenade that creates a continuous field of fire, perfect for stopping enemy forces. Finally, his Sky Smokes ability unleashes a series of smoke screens, blurring the enemy's vision and facilitating surprise attacks.
Despite his strict demeanor, Brimstone encourages his team, often seeing them cook with motivational dialogue. He is obsessed with precision, courage and the proper execution of a well-thought-out strategy. His vision is to preserve life, peace and fight chaos with all his might.
As a seasoned soldier, he understands the high stakes of their mission and the enemy forces they face. He carries the weight of leadership and uses his authority to lead his team to victory.
With his excellent strategic skills, Brimstone can be useful to any team, making him an essential character in the VALORANT universe. Whether it's strategy, support, or leading a frontal attack, Brimstone's abilities combined with a player who can master them can turn the tide in your favor.

Story Arc

In the VALORANT universe, Brimstone, the strategic commander of the United States, is a beacon of strength and leadership. Its plot embodies a classic military story of devotion, courage and a deep sense of responsibility.
Born into a military family, Brimstone shows respect and love for his nation and demonstrates this love through his unwavering devotion to duty. Raised on a story of bravery and camaraderie, he had great respect for the uniform and decided to follow his family's legacy in the military.
Brimstone's journey in the army was anything but ordinary. While serving in an infantry unit, his leadership skills were quickly recognized as he rose through the ranks. He has been on the front lines, coming face to face and contributing to several mission victories. His career paints a picture of a warrior who does not shy away from adversity, but finds strength in it.
The introduction of Radianite energy changed everything. While the world was in chaos, Brimstone was one of the few to extract abilities from alien matter. This allowed him to control fire through orbital strikes and incendiary grenades, a power that strikes fear and dread into the hearts of his enemies. It was a game changer and turned him from a soldier to a super soldier.
Chosen as VALORANT's Protocol Operator, Brimstone brought his experience from the frontline to a new battlefield. Continue to uphold your code of honor and use your strategic genius and military prowess to defend your world.
Despite his newly acquired skills and challenging role, Brimstone remains rooted in his values. His story is an inspiring testament to the human spirit, a testament to courage and resilience, a story of a soldier turned savior. His arc is not over; he is constantly improving as he faces new challenges that test his strength and mind.

Cultural Impact

Brimstone, an American agent in the VALORANT universe, has had a significant impact on the cultural perception of the game. His militaristic approach and tactical prowess play a huge role in shaping the game's unique aesthetic and ethos. Effectively transforms military strategy into the game landscape, providing a sense of realism and immersion. It has become an emblem for players who believe in a strategy game that has the power to transcend speed and recklessness, making VALORANT more appealing to a wider audience.
Brimstone's character goes beyond gaming and resonates with the popular culture of disciplined and tactical leadership roles in operational or military situations. His commanding voice lines and evocative aura combined with a strong sense of duty and preparation enhance this element. Its iconic abilities, such as Orbital Strike and Sky Smoke, have also entered the common language of gamers, reinforcing VALORANT's cultural imprint.
But Brimstone doesn't just represent well-known tropes. The character contributes to a growing trend of diverse and complex portrayals in games with stories that explore themes of duty and sacrifice. This emotional depth brings a human touch to the defined military figure, making Brimstone incredibly relatable to the player base.


Brimstone's legacy in the VALORANT universe is like no other. His strategic abilities ensure precise usage that allows his team to dominate the map flawlessly. Using smoke screens and orbital strikes, the Brimstone displays exceptional tactical prowess that is a testament to its historical military origins. As a radiant agent, he stands out not only for his veteran status, but also for his unique dedication to ensuring the success of his team. His leadership is an essential cornerstone of any team composition, and his ability to lead on the battlefield gives the team an invaluable advantage. Brimstone's legacy is primarily his unwavering dedication to duty and unwavering faith in his team, making him an irreplaceable figure in the VALORANT universe.