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General Info

Cypher logo
Job TitleSuperhero
Birth Date1984-01-01
Birth PlaceFictional universe of Marvel
Knows aboutLinguistics, Analysis, Computer Science
Alternate NameDouglas Aaron Ramsey
Character NameCypher
Member of OrganizationX-Men, New Mutants
Cypher, also known as the Moroccan Information Broker, is a one-man surveillance network in the VALORANT universe. With unparalleled intelligence and intelligence skills, she uncovers secrets and exposes her enemies' every move. From using a Spycam to track movement on the map to Trapwires and Cyber ​​​​Cages that leave opponents vulnerable, Cypher stands out as a master of information warfare. The misleading information asymmetry makes Cypher an invaluable addition to any team. However, its complex abilities require strategic depth, making it suitable for players who appreciate a cerebral approach to VALORANT's tactical gameplay. His quote "I know exactly where you are" sums up his role perfectly.


In the fast-paced world of VALORANT, it would be easy to overlook Cypher at first glance. However, this Moroccan information broker has much more to offer than meets the eye. Kingdom Corp spy prodigy Cypher is a character in Sentinels known for his unparalleled observational skills and tactical acumen.
Dark but integral, Cypher's agenda revolves around weaving a complex web of intelligence while monitoring his enemies' every move while maintaining a low profile. Armed with an array of high-tech surveillance equipment, he turns the battlefield into a chessboard, always one step ahead of his opponents. Cypher's specialties include his unique Spycam, which gives him a tactical advantage by visually seeing enemy lines and quickly obtaining critical information. His Trapwire places an invisible thread on the ground, trapping and exposing enemies who dare cross their path. His ultimate, Neuron Steal, extracts information from fallen enemies, revealing the location of their allies on the map, altering the course of the round.
When Cypher is on your team, knowledge really is power. It challenges the status quo of traditional FPS games and adds a strategic element to the game. Playing as or alongside Cypher requires coordination, awareness, and strategy skills. It's not just about winning; it's about defeating your enemies while they're still formulating the "how." In the words of Cypher, "they don't play nice" if they don't play with fear.” Immerse yourself in the VALORANT universe with Cypher, where stealth, strategy and surveillance reign supreme.


Cypher, an all-seeing mastermind of surveillance, hails from the hidden dark lands of Morocco. This intelligent intelligence broker can extract valuable intelligence from enemy territory and penetrate enemy lines. Leave nothing to chance. His sharp intellect and uncanny ability to predict his enemies' moves make him a formidable opponent in the VALORANT arena.
What is fascinating about Cypher is his uncompromising determination to uncover the truth and his relentless pursuit of knowledge. His past is shrouded in mystery, but he is known to have suffered personal losses, fueling his hunger for justice and answers. Amidst all the pain and despair is a ruthless avenger who uses her neurotechnological abilities not for personal gain but to make things right - the perfect personification of the phrase "knowledge is power".
Cypher has the unique opportunity to deploy his Spycam, which provides him and his team with real-time information. His Trapwires and Cyber ​​​​Cages not only slow down enemies, but also reveal their location when activated. His ultimate ability, Neural Theft, allows him to extract information from fallen enemies and reveal the location of their teammates.
His skills are perfectly balanced both offensively and defensively. Whether defending a site with cybernetic traps and cages, or tracking down the ultimate enemy with his nerve theft, Cypher uses a strategic and tactical approach to combat.
While many claim to know Cypher, no one really knows who is behind those hawk eyes. A master manipulator and controller of information, Cypher firmly believes that secrets are weapons, which is why he carries them like daggers in the dark. The true courage of this chess master lies not in his physical strength, but in the psychological warfare he wages, pulling the strings and re-orchestrating the battle. Cypher is the epitome of the saying "Knowledge is half the battle". Adherence to the principles of truth, justice, and reparation combined with fun gameplay make it a fan favorite in the VALORANT universe. With Cypher in your squad, the battlefield is just another playground for master tactics.

Creation and Development

Cypher, a VALORANT character, is a Moroccan surveillance specialist and secret agent. Before being introduced to the world of VALORANT, he was a skilled private investigator known for his prowess in surveillance and intelligence gathering. Using his research skills, he was able to reuse and transform traditional appliances and tools into advanced technological devices. This ability was the basis of his innovative devices that became aspects of his character.
Cypher was created out of a need to deliver a defense-oriented agent that excels at gathering intelligence and controlling key areas of the map. It was introduced in the game's closed beta, intended as an essential part of the team's defensive strategy. The developers had a clear vision to make him an agent whose presence strikes fear into the hearts of enemies, if only because of his excellent observation skills.
Cypher has gone through several iterations and improvements over time. The developers have been constantly improving his skills to ensure a balanced game. For example, his signature camera has been changed a few times, such as fixing Cypher's camera infinite output bug in patch 0.50 and an update where the Spycam can no longer enter the map during Cast In Place. These changes reflect the continued evolution of his character as Riot Games strives to provide the best gaming experience.
The development of Cypher is based on the concept "knowledge is power". Its carefully crafted font pays homage to all analytical and determined players who take a cautious yet thoughtful approach to exploiting enemy moves. From a private detective fighting crime in the chaotic streets of Morocco to a fearsome and respected VALORANT agent, Cypher is a testament to the game's commitment to creating diverse and interesting characters.

Character Profile

Cypher, an intelligence agent from Morocco, dominates the battlefield with his unparalleled espionage skills. Specializing in surveillance, he tracks the enemy's movements and sabotages their plans using his advanced invention: the spy camera.
Always one step ahead, this agent uses this unique knowledge to inform his team of his whereabouts and enemy strategies. Cypher is an invisible hand that shapes the battle in favor of his team without entering the fight. Provides a more strategic approach to VALORANT's intense combat scenarios. His traps slow down and reveal the location of enemies who dare to cross. He skillfully places them in corridors and entrances, knowing full well that one wrong move by his opponents can lead to their downfall. Trapped in Cypher's web, the enemy becomes easy prey for their team.
But that's not all. Cypher's greatest ability, Neural Theft, allows him to extract information from fallen enemies and reveal the location of remaining enemies. Using his deep knowledge of the battlefield and his strategic skills, he ensures that all the information he receives is put to optimal use.
Cypher's strength lies in his ability to manipulate information for the benefit of his team. Cypher is a master of information warfare and strategic preparation, ensuring that no enemy moves without his knowledge. A seasoned player using Cypher can always turn the tide of battle in VALORANT!

Story Arc

As the main observer, Cypher plays an integral role in the VALORANT universe. This Moroccan information broker is shrouded in mystery, his past is riddled with untold secrets that give him an enigmatic personality.
Cypher has never been one to take avant-garde positions. He always wanted to stay in the shadows to observe, learn and decipher the world's mysteries. This fascination with knowledge led him to become an unparalleled surveillance expert capable of obtaining any information he desired. During the First Light, an astral event that changed the world as everyone knew it, many individuals were given extraordinary powers. Cypher was no exception. His powers have been enhanced by his ability to manipulate technology, giving him an arsenal of spy gadgets and tools at his disposal.
The loss of her family to an unknown catastrophe strengthened her mission: to prevent such a disaster from happening to anyone else. This pain further motivated Cypher to defend his allies as the conflict erupted across the world of VALORANT. Cypher joined the Valorant Protocol to gather as much information as possible to prepare for and prevent future global disasters. His tools not only help him spy on his enemies, but also protect his team, proving their worth in battle. His unique ability, Trapwire, allows him to detect flankers, giving the team an extra layer of defense.
But beneath his stoic exterior lies a man of intense emotions. The death of her loved ones created a void in her heart that was only filled by a cold thirst to avoid further loss. His intelligence, observational skills and impeccable strategy make him a formidable foe on any battlefield.
But there is another side to the Cypher story that has not been discovered. What was his activity before the Valorant Protocol? And how did he lose his family? Only time will tell how the story of our enigmatic agent will unfold. Until then, Cypher will continue to enjoy the shadows, watch, wait and prepare.

Cultural Impact

A protagonist of Riot Games' VALORANT universe, Cypher has had an impressive cultural impact both within and beyond the gaming community. This Moroccan information broker and surveillance expert has been praised for adding depth and variety to the range of playable agents.
The character's North African heritage adds to the game's global appeal, reflecting Riot Games' commitment to bringing diverse backgrounds to its roster of characters. Cifer's distinctive Moroccan accent and cultural references, such as quotes, clothing and personal emblems, provided a sense of authenticity that players appreciated.
In addition, his role as a "sentry" focused on intelligence gathering and site protection added a unique tactical dimension to the game. Cypher's abilities encourage a strategic approach rather than pure combat, offering a contrasting playstyle that has been widely praised.
Perhaps the most important aspect of the Cypher's cultural impact is its recognisability. His story of a truth seeker determined to protect his homeland resonated with gamers. This story plays on universal themes of patriotism and duty, allowing players from different backgrounds to connect with the character on an emotional level. Ultimately, it was elements like these that successfully incorporated Cypher into the cultural spirit of the gaming world.


Moroccan tracking expert Cypher is shrouded in mystery, but his legacy revolves around his pursuit of knowledge. Over the years, he has perfected his craft and developed a knack for using his superior intelligence strategically on the battlefield. Strategically placed SpyCams and Spycage traps allow him to gain an overview of the situation and turn the tide in his team's favor. In a world full of danger and espionage, Cypher has been left as an eye in the shadows, capturing and analyzing crucial information that often determines the outcome of battles. His relentless diligence and strategic approach have cemented his role as an invaluable resource, giving teams an edge when they need it most. Cipher's legacy is more than the story of his mastery of skills; it's a story about the relentless pursuit of understanding, mastering the ephemeral aspects of the battlefield, and using knowledge as the deadliest weapon.