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Location NameAscent
Located in Italy, Ascent is the map that embodies the essence of the VALORANT environment. It features an open central area that can be controlled from several strategic points. The map features a giant windmill, narrow streets and large squares that provide opportunities for both snipers and tactics. Here, Radiant technology is deeply woven into the fabric of society and architecture, an intriguing combination of old-world charm and advanced technological elements. The two Spike sites are unique from each other; one is in a luxurious market full of goods on display, and the other is in courtyards surrounded by blooming flora. Frequent encounters are inevitable here, so mastering the map requires strategic use of skill and teamwork. Each area offers different tactical gameplay, making each Ascent match a truly unique experience. This map features a mix of tight corners and open spaces, with no style options, and keeps teams on their toes at all times.


Ascent is an iconic map set in the heart of Italy, combining traditional VALORANT map design with elements of European scenery. The map features different terrains, taking tactical awareness and strategy to a new level.
On this map, the two bomb sites allow you to plan your attack. The first site (Site A) is in a market where you have to navigate narrow corridors. Snipers often lay in wait, turning this site into a deadly maze. The other location, B, has more breathing space in the large yard. Be careful though, it's no less challenging with multiple access points and height advantages for defenders.
Both living rooms have pocket doors. These doors can be tactically closed to disrupt enemy maneuvers or to protect the area after a spike has been planted. This door, unique to the Ascent, emphasizes thoughtful planning and teammate coordination. While narrow roads and sharp turns are at the center of the map, wide open spaces and high ground at either end give snipers excellent visibility. Eliminating and holding back enemies requires tactical precision rather than brute force.
No matter what style of play you choose, there's always room for you in Ascent. From open battles to narrow corridor battles, Ascent demands versatility and strategy from its players.


The story of Ascent, a theater scene in the heart of Italy, is as fascinating as it is important in the VALORANT universe. Once a bustling and fun hub for travel and commerce, this picturesque area has now become a major battleground where agents unleash their unique skills with great dedication.
The environment, carefully designed with two bomb sites based on an open center, provides a compelling story in each game as players take on attacking or defending teams. The rise evokes nostalgia with its ornate old architecture, red-tiled roofs and colorful courtyard reminiscent of traditional Italian towns.
Ascent's major transformation began with the Radianite Crisis. As the world was thrown into chaos by the discovery of this incredible material, Ascent bore the brunt of evolution. Ascent was viewed by powerful corporations not for its cultural or historical significance, but as a potential site for the manifestation of Radianite.
The once bustling market has become the epicenter of fierce fighting. The central courtyard, where children once played among fresh flowers, is now littered with the marks of gunshots and skills, a grim testament to the changed reality. The impressive belfry, which highlighted the horizon with its grandeur, now stands as a strategic point, resounding with the cries of brave battles. Despite the brutal conflict, the spirit of the Ascent remains intact. Day after day, as dusk turns to dawn, peace returns, echoing among the cobbled paths and ornate buildings. The smell of homemade pasta and soulful accordion tunes linger, a sweet reminder of the quiet life that once flourished here.
Ascent's evolution reflects the resilience and adaptability of its inhabitants and reflects the spirit of VALORANT agents as they prepare for the challenges ahead. As Ascent remains a symbol of constant transformation and strength, her story will forever remain part of the rich tapestry of the VALORANT universe.


In the VALORANT universe, Ascent stands out as a battlefield in the heart of Italy, capturing the allure of its picturesque landscapes and culturally rich urban architecture. The map has its own unique structure and strategic requirements and is a challenge that requires a different tactical approach than other locations.
Ascent strongly defines its core domain, which requires teams to engage in ever-changing dynamics. Teams are encouraged to fight for control, as this provides effective access to critical points from both locations. This classic Counter-Strike inspired map design values ​​map control and seamless location changes, honoring those who can adjust their strategies on the fly. The map features destructible doors that change the landscape of combat and often serve as the boundary between successful and unsuccessful execution. These elements give Ascent a dynamic level of strategy that other maps lack, making the game nuanced based on time, location, and resource allocation.
In terms of aesthetics, Ascent is a beautiful world that bridges the past and the future. Cobblestone streets, quaint cafes, gondolas, and Venetian-style buildings evoke Italian heritage, while shields and high-tech gadgets scattered here and there represent a futuristic touch to the VALORANT universe. This cybernetic fusion of old-world charm and cutting-edge technology is central to the ethos of Ascent, which is not just a battlefield, but a story about a world between memory and progress. Ascent clearly stands out from the VALORANT cards and offers a different gaming experience. This requires constant adaptation, communication and understanding of non-traditional architecture and strategic elements. So plan your strategies and adjust your tactics while Ascent awaits to challenge your entire fighting spirit.