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Location NameBreeze
A shining archipelago in the VALORANT universe, Breeze reflects the calm atmosphere of an inviting paradise, far from the stormy wars. Filled with vibrant flora and beautifully decorated structures, it paints a pastel canvas in bright sunlight. The spacious design and open areas present fighters with unique challenges that require new strategies. Highlights of the Breeze include large metal doors operated by a lever and zip lines that add verticality to the game. The central monument, gun turrets, and nesting platforms are some vantage points from which to observe enemies. Breeze's quiet calmness belies its strategic potential.


A radiant island of tropical lush in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle, Breeze exudes a welcoming and fun atmosphere despite the deadly battles that take place within its borders.
This Valorant map features large, open spaces that are conducive to sustained battles and dynamic encounters. Enter the middle, filled with the ruins of ancient buildings, where fierce gunfights take place between connecting paths: "A" or "B". Watch out for snipers as those long sly sight lines are a haven for them.
At Site B you'll find an ancient pyramid surrounded by ruins, which offers a good view until the spike is planted and chaos ensues. Site "A" has multiple entry points enclosed by a large stone atrium with a mystical translucent barrier. With an enchanting palette of blue skies, sandy beaches and historic ruins, Breeze sings the enchanting siren song of Bermuda. Cool but Deadly: Breeze tests your strategic storytelling, quick tactical moves, and sharp shooting skills.
Breeze, the attack game of paradise! Don't forget that Breeze can also carry the smell of gunpowder and the echo of a killing blow.


Affectionately referred to as "Paradise" by some, Breeze is a beautiful tropical island nestled on the beautiful sugar-white sands of Bermuda. The site's stunning blue seas are a stark contrast to the desolate battlefield created by the events that shaped it as a war zone.
At first glance, the island looks more like an idyllic tourist destination than a battlefield. The unforgettable beauty is further enhanced by colorful infrastructure that evokes the pristine and vibrant culture of the surrounding Caribbean. But a closer look reveals its dual nature: it is a battlefield divided into two places, locked in a deadly embrace. This strategic battlefield was created after First Light, a world-changing event in the VALORANT universe. The post-First Light world made the Valorant Protocol work, making the Breeze an important location for their operations.
A-Site, with an old fortress reminiscent of 18th century colonial architecture, offers excellent vantage points and strategic defensive positions. While Site B, characterized by old shipping containers and large areas of open ground, requires quick maneuvers.
Breeze poses a huge challenge with its sunny beaches and historic ruins, making it a short-lived battlefield duel between the Radiant and the Valorant. A unique venue, Breeze continues to test the skills of veteran agents and challenge new agents to improve their skills.
In short, Breeze is more than a pretty show; is a historical and futuristic battlefield that allows players to think beyond the usual tactical maneuvers in the world of VALORANT. The rich and historical essence of the past combined with the current tactical interest underlies the chaotic and uncertain nature of the post-First Light world. Therefore, the story of Breeze is not just the story of an island paradise. It is a story of adaptation and survival in a new age where no place, not even the sky, is free from conflict.


Breeze, also known as "Remote Bermuda Paradise", is a radiant and peaceful setting in the world of VALORANT, located on a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean. Once a thriving research and development center, it is now abandoned and forgotten. Sandy beaches and azure seas create a calm facade that belies the current danger.
The Breeze site features a collection of structures influenced by an exotic Caribbean aesthetic, painted in shades of aqua, coral pink and bright orange. Travelers are greeted by palm trees, brightly painted walls and pulsating Spanish-style architecture that beckons for a deceptive respite. Once teeming with life, Breeze's state-of-the-art research facilities are now defunct as covert operations have ravaged the population. The unexpected transformation into the battlefield was the result of a power struggle by the Kingdom Corporation, the ubiquitous transhumanist faction in the world of VALORANT. The Corporation has hijacked the site in order to tap into a hidden supply of Radianite fuel and continue their mission to remake humanity.
Breeze's story provides a stark contrast between the picturesque setting and the unrelenting conflict it must stage. Ironically, despite the promises of a peaceful and peaceful experience, players must brace themselves for the fierce conflict that lurks in every corner of this tropical paradise. Players must use every strategy imaginable in Breeze's highly dynamic environment as they navigate large buildings, winding markets, and hidden passageways. The expansive landscapes and intertwined lines of sight testify to the location's strategic potential and demonstrate VALORANT's emphasis on tactical gameplay.
In addition to its captivating aesthetics, Breeze is the physical embodiment of the core essence of VALORANT, combining great game design, strategic nuances, and a rich narrative backdrop. Like its namesake wind, the adventures that await in Breeze are unpredictable.