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Hilltop Colony

General Info

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Faction NameHilltop Colony
Hilltop Colony, often referred to simply as "Hilltop", is a community in Washington, DC that is central to The Walking Dead universe. Primarily a farming community, it boasts an impressive agricultural output, the result of vast fertile land and dedicated citizens. Despite its seemingly peaceful atmosphere, Hilltop Colony is not without conflict. Residents are constantly faced with threats, both human and non-human. It is a place of alliances, rivalries and struggles for control, but ultimately inhabited by people determined to create a post-apocalyptic existence. Their ethos is one of resilience, community and survival, a beacon of hope in a world full of walkers.


An integral part of the Walking Dead universe, Hilltop Colony offers an interesting mix of strength and compassion within its community. On a large hill overlooking vast expanses of fertile land, the hilltop is a beacon of hope in an otherwise horrible world. The community thrives on skilled agriculture, and members demonstrate an exceptional ability to cultivate the land and ensure a constant food supply.
Led by an unconventional but effective leader, Gregory, the Hilltop Colony maintains a relatively peaceful relationship with the surrounding communities, although sometimes tensions are inevitable in the harsh reality of their world. It is home to many legendary Walking Dead figures, including Maggie Greene and Paula "Jesus" Rovia, revered for their courage and resilience. Despite frequent threats, the indomitable spirit of the colony remains intact, allowing it to survive and thrive. But the strength of the community is not only physical, but they have an unwavering belief in the possibility of their world returning to its previous state. At its core, Hilltop Colony is a microcosm of hope, hard work, resilience, and belief in survival, making it a great sector in the immersive story of the Walking Dead universe.


Known for its stunning Barrington home, The Hilltop Colony tells an intriguing story steeped in resilience and survival in the Walking Dead universe. This community was founded by a group of survivors who took refuge in a large fortified villa on a hill.
Initially, the colony functioned primarily as an agricultural center, providing essential food for its inhabitants and related communities. They sustained their resources through agriculture alone, growing everything from vegetables to livestock. The community prided itself on self-reliance and demonstrated a collective commitment to one another. The peaceful existence of the hilltop colony was disrupted until the arrival of an oppressive group known as the Saviors. The Saviors, led by the sinister Negan, have strangled the colony and depleted its resources, threatening violence.
Despite threatening outside forces, the Hilltop Colony was able to form important alliances with other communities: Alexandria and the Kingdom. Together, they tipped the balance of power in their favor, most notably engaging in an all-out war against the Saviors.
Led by Maggie Greene, a strong-willed survivor of Alexandria, the thriving community was able to maintain its values ​​and way of life. Hilltop Colony's legacy is one of constant adaptation in a collapsing world, serving as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of impending doom. Their enduring spirit remains central to the larger narrative of the Walking Dead universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Maggie Rhee
Paul 'Jesus' Rovia


The geography of the hilltop colony in the Walking Dead universe is located in a large tract of land in Virginia. The colony is well fortified with thick and high wooden walls that protect not only from walkers but also from intruders. A unique feature of the colony's geography is the central hill on which stands Barrington House, a large mansion that serves as the community's main residence and meeting place. The surrounding areas are rolling fields perfect for farming, allowing the community to be self-sufficient. A narrow lane leads from the main gate around the hill to the manor house. The fenced area also includes a small pond, further adding to the community's assets. Placing a colony on high terrain provides the strategic advantage of better visibility against hostile threats. Adjacent to the Hilltop Colony are rich forests that serve as winter hunting grounds and sources of firewood. The geographic placement of Hilltop Colony is strategic and beneficial, contributing greatly to its survival in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy of the Hilltop Colony in the Walking Dead universe is notable for promoting unity and resilience against despair. As a beacon of hope, the Hilltop gained respect and were often looked to for leadership, largely because they managed to maintain the image of a pre-apocalyptic civilization more than most other groups. The agricultural base alone significantly changed the survival strategies of many groups, encouraging self-reliance rather than digging. Moreover, Hilltop's process of democratic governance has shown that it is possible to preserve human values ​​in a world dominated by the dead. Its effects include inspiring other communities, such as Alexandria and the Kingdom, to work together, forcing community alliances that were vital in defeating common threats. Amidst their struggle for survival, leaving the hilltop was also a stark reminder of the tangible threats posed by the enemies of the people, especially the Saviors. Their forced control of the Hilltop was a clear example of how power dynamics can corrupt even during the apocalypse. But looking at the bigger picture, The Walking Dead's hilltop story has paved the way for understanding the essence of community and redefining survival tactics in the face of dire odds.