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The Kingdom

General Info

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Faction NameThe Kingdom
An exclusive faction of the Walking Dead universe, The Kingdom is a beacon of hope, civilization and order in the wake of apocalyptic chaos. Set in a converted school, it exudes a nostalgic, almost surreal atmosphere with its unique medieval-inspired mannerisms and aesthetics. A charismatic leader, King Ezekiel rules with wisdom and benevolence, maintaining peace and prosperity in his kingdom. From the gardens of greenery to the dedicated soldiers known as "Knights", the Kingdom is an example of unity, resilience and the indomitable will of the human spirit to survive and thrive. Despite the horrors beyond her borders, the kingdom perseveres, providing her with shelter, friendship, and a semblance of life.


The Kingdom is a unique and intriguing faction in the fascinating universe of The Walking Dead. At first glance, it appears to be a wonderful and almost idyllic community, ablaze with lush greenery, manicured gardens and well-preserved buildings. But beneath this calm facade lies a formidable force led by a charismatic and extraordinary leader, King Ezekiel.
This peaceful yet powerful entity was originally formed from a handful of survivors seeking solace in a once abandoned school campus. Over time, through strength, determination, and unity, these ordinary individuals transformed their haven into a fully functioning, self-sustaining society called "The Kingdom." Today, this faction has a strong community of fighters, hunters, gardeners, builders, and educators, all of whom contribute to the overall growth and security of their haven. The Kingdom ethos is primarily a communal way of life based on mutual respect, trust, hard work and a sense of shared responsibility. Despite many setbacks due to external threats and internal conflicts, they have demonstrated indomitable resilience and adaptability. The engaging and strong spirit of the kingdom not only sets them apart, but reinforces their commitment to not just survive, but thrive in The Walking Dead's post-apocalyptic world.


The Kingdom began as a small temporary community in Washington, D.C., on the site of a former school. After the outbreak began, school administrator Ezekiel took the initiative to fortify the area and provide a safe haven for the surviving students. His natural charisma and resourcefulness attracted other survivors, who gradually grew into a full-fledged community known as the Kingdom.
Ezekiel took leadership, and his unconventional approach created a unique community culture. He declared himself "king" and developed a medieval-type society with a royal court, knights, and theatrical language. Despite its fantasy elements, the Kingdom was a self-contained, practical community. They raised livestock, crops, and effectively defended themselves against walkers and hostile human factions.
While on a supply run, the kingdom's knights encountered a ruthless group known as the Saviors. The Kingdom struck a painful bargain, agreeing to offer the Saviors food and weekly supplies in exchange for their "protection". Although this made Ezekiel reluctant, he went through with the deal to avoid a violent confrontation. Over time, relationships began to form with other communities such as Hilltop and Alexandria. Esther, the de facto ambassador, played a crucial role in these alliances. These connections eventually culminated in a united front against the Saviors, marking a major event in the Kingdom's their evolution from a zoo-owned castle to a strategic player on the post-apocalyptic scene.
The Kingdom is the epitome of survival in a Walker infested world. Through creativity, courage and unity, this community has continually adapted and triumphed in the face of adversity, playing a vital role in the complex history of the Walking Dead universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Shiva (Ezekiel's Tiger)
Carol Peletier


The Kingdom in the Walking Dead universe is a community based in a large school called King County High School, located primarily in Washington, DC. the world Various infrastructures such as spacious classrooms, a theater, a cafeteria and even a garden provide residents with a more sustainable life.
The surrounding area is known for its lush forests, allowing for hunting, trapping and gathering. The fenced and guarded walls ensure that walkers and hostile communities cannot easily disturb the peace of the Kingdom.
An intricate network of streets and alleys keeps the community connected to other factions and trading posts. These routes are patrolled, making travel relatively safer for both commercial and reconnaissance patrols.
The Kingdom's unique geographic advantage is its proximity to other communities such as Hilltop and Alexandria. It plays a vital role in uniting them against common enemies through trade and defense strategies. Despite its dystopian backdrop, this kingdom resonates with hope, making it a geographic hub in the precarious balance of the Walking Dead universe.

Legacy and Impact

This realm has had a huge legacy and impact on the Walking Dead universe. Above all, the faction demonstrates the immense power of community unity and the immense potential found in a well-coordinated society, even in the midst of apocalyptic chaos. Emphasize the importance of social structures and norms in promoting cooperation and increasing the chances of survival in difficult circumstances. The kingdom also embodies resilience as they continually adapt, rebuild and thrive even after great loss. They serve as a beacon of hope that humanity can prevail and remain civilized even in post-apocalyptic scenarios. Another noticeable effect is the individual characters, who are greatly affected by their experiences in The Kingdom, contributing to their character development and the overall plots of the series. As such, the Kingdom is an essential part of the central fabric from which the Walking Dead universe is woven.