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The Walking Dead: Michonne

General Info

The Walking Dead: Michonne logo
GenresAdventure, Interactive Drama
Game NameThe Walking Dead: Michonne
ComposersJared Emerson-Johnson
PlaymodesSingle Player
DevelopersTelltale Games
Game EngineTelltale Tool
Release Date2016-02-01
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Publisher NameTelltale Games
Country of OriginUnited States
The Walking Dead: Michonne is an exciting interactive emotion-based game from Telltale Games based on the acclaimed comic book series The Walking Dead. This immersive game unfolds the compelling story of Michonne, a fan-favorite character haunted by her past and her difficult survival in a zombie apocalypse.
Players assume the role of Michonne and must deal with untold psychological trauma, agonizing moral dilemmas, and a constant struggle for survival. The visuals perfectly combine comic book aesthetics and gritty realism, heightening the hair-raising tension.
This game offers an immersive exploration of human strength and resilience in times of oppression. Narrative-heavy gameplay engages you as you make decisions that shape the story and test your humanity at every dangerous turn. The Walking Dead: Michonne offers challenging gameplay and is a must-play for fans and newcomers alike. Experience struggle, resilience and a thin veneer of sanity in a world gone mad.


'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots
'The Walking Dead: Michonne' game screenshots


The Walking Dead: Michonne offers an immersive adventure where players can assume the role of the legendary katana-wielding survivor from Robert Kirkman's best-selling comics. The game unravels the mystery of Michonne's disappearance between 126 and 139 and reveals who took her away from Rick, Ezekiel and the rest of her trusted team.
This three-episode mini-series challenges players with challenging puzzles, thrilling action sequences, and decisions with powerful consequences. As Michonne, players explore the devastating aftermath of the apocalypse, meet and interact with new characters, and make life-and-death decisions that determine the course of their story. This journey is laced with poignant flashbacks that provide context for Michonne's tormenting guilt and unprecedented anger. The Walking Dead: Michonne emphasizes emotional storytelling, innovative problem solving, and complex moral dilemmas. In Ruins of Civilization, players will not only face the physical challenges of survival, but also the psychological impact of their choices on Michonne and the surviving world around her. It offers a compelling story that complements and expands the overall Walking Dead saga.



The Walking Dead: Michonne focuses on an exciting and powerful single-player experience where the player's choices and actions have a profound effect on the game's story. Players take on the role of Michonne, a beloved comic book character known for her prowess with her signature weapon: the katana.
During gameplay, players can interact with the environment, make Michonne talk to non-player characters (NPCs), collect items, and explore their surroundings. Players' choices in dialogue and action sequences can affect future events and the final outcome of the game. The game also features combat where Michonne has to fend off incoming walkers or people with precise button presses. Like other games in the series, The Walking Dead: Michonne features Quick Time Events (QTE) rather than the usual deep combat systems seen in other action games. These QTEs require players to follow on-screen instructions, usually by rapidly pressing buttons to succeed in conflicts and critical moments.
The game uses an episodic format where the story is broken up into separate "episodes". This format allows players to experience intense and focused bursts of story before they end up on the wrong track at the end of each episode. Every decision she makes plays a role in shaping Michonne's journey and defining her relationships with the other survivors. As the story unfolds, players will face complex moral dilemmas and learn more about his haunted past.
Overall, the gameplay of The Walking Dead: Michonne allows players to immerse themselves in the story and offer a deeply immersive experience in the fascinating world of The Walking Dead.

Gameplay video


In The Walking Dead: Michonne, we delve into the untold journey of Michonne, the iconic, knife-wielding, best-selling comic book character. Haunted by her past, she struggles with unimaginable losses and regrets. The story explores his inevitable absence between issues 126 and 139 of the comic.
Find out what drove Michonne away from her family group and what brought her back in this game. At the beginning, Michonne is on the sailboat The Companion with Pete and his crew. They are searching the coast for survivors and supplies. When a desperate distress signal leads them to the scene of the horrific carnage, Michonne and the crew are taken to the floating survivor colony of Monroe, which may be home to the person responsible for the carnage.
Throughout the game, Michonne fights both the walkers and the demons within. From her crippling guilt to her inability to protect her daughters, the game expertly delves into Michonne's psyche. As the player, you are at the wheel of an emotional roller coaster and determine the outcome based on your choices. Every decision matters in this custom game that leads to different paths and endings.
With Telltale's unique storytelling style, captivating graphics, and compelling storyline, The Walking Dead: Michonne offers a deep and immersive gameplay experience that is more of an emotional journey than a simple game. It's a testament to the reality of fear, survival, and heartbreaking loss: Michonne's journey forces the player to face difficult circumstances and make difficult decisions that linger long after the game is over.


Development of The Walking Dead: Michonne began with a vision to bring a new perspective to the immersive Walking Dead universe. The creators felt that Michonne's naturally mysterious and strong character could enrich the story, so it was decided that she would become the main character.
The reinvigorating task of turning a complex character like Michonne from the comics into a video game required careful planning. The creators strictly adhered to the existing structure of the universe, ensuring that the innovation of Michonne's character was not compromised. Special attention was paid to developing the emotional depth of her character - guilt, remorse and psychological trauma. Another development challenge was integrating Michonne's abilities, particularly her skill with the katana. The team worked diligently to ensure that the fight sequence was smooth and satisfying. The narrative approach to gameplay has certainly remained the same, but an extra layer of action has been added thanks to Michonne's fighting personality.
The episodic format followed by The Walking Dead games was retained, allowing developers to focus on character growth and building tension. His journey of self-discovery through this miniseries was planned to tie in with his evolution in the comic book series. At its core, The Walking Dead: Michonne was a respectful homage to the source material while enhancing the universe by adding one of the arguably strongest women in video games. Depicting Michonne's inner conflict and outer chaos, the game blended emotional storytelling with engaging action sequences.


Walking Dead: Michonne dares to immerse players in the world of the famous cartoon character Michonne. Get ready for an intense psychological thriller released in 2016. February. Bridging the gap between issues #126 and #139, this Telltale miniseries explores what drove Michonne away from the family group and what brought her back.
This game consists of three episodes filled with compelling stories and challenging choices. You play as Michonne, haunted by her past and dealing with unimaginable losses and regrets. The story explores her journey through deep trauma. As Michonne, you make decisions that shape the story around you, thanks to Telltale Games' legendary choice-based gameplay.
The Walking Dead: Michonne presents a terrifying world where every choice could be your last. With a unique storytelling style, players can shape the story by choosing dialogue, making decisions through quick-time events, and even who lives or dies. The creepy comic art style creates an interesting mix of horror and drama that fans of the comic series will no doubt enjoy. The game series is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iOS and Android. Get ready for a thrilling journey through the eyes of Michonne as you travel through this post-apocalyptic world. Fans of the comic series and gamers will be drawn into this dark and exciting tale from the legendary world of The Walking Dead.


The Walking Dead: Michonne has received mixed reviews from the gaming community. The episodic interactive dramatic graphic adventure game was highly anticipated given the popularity of the series' Michonne character. The gameplay and graphics were generally positive, with most players enjoying Telltale Games' familiar narrative style and choice-based storytelling that closely followed The Walking Dead universe.
However, critics often pointed out that Michonne's character development was rather shallow and did not justify her character in the series. The storyline was sometimes considered predictable and didn't offer enough surprises or twists. Some players also noted that this spin-off didn't significantly contribute to the overall storyline of the franchise, making it seem a bit inconsequential compared to the original series.
Additionally, the game was criticized for its length, with some players feeling that the three-episode structure was too short to properly explore the depths of Michonne's story and character development.
Despite lukewarm reviews, The Walking Dead: Michonne has managed to earn a loyal following, especially those who are fans of the character. Bottom line, while the game may not satisfy die-hard fans looking for substantial additions to the Walking Dead universe, it's a fun side story for Michonne fans.

Cultural impact

The Walking Dead: Michonne, despite being a relatively short installment in the main Walking Dead series, has made a significant cultural impact due to its compelling story and nuanced portrayal of its main character.
The main character, Michonne, is a black woman, a rarity in video games. Her character differs from the usual portrayal of people of color in games because she is not marginalized or stereotyped, but instead embodies strength, resilience, and complexity. This portrayal was praised for bringing variety and depth to the game world and setting a precedent for future games.
Additionally, Michonne's struggles with guilt, trauma, and mental health resonate with many players. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a major theme in the game, which is handled with sensitivity and care. This open approach to such a serious issue has encouraged conversations about mental health and breaking down stigmas and stereotypes.
Also notable is the game's narrative selection system. This allows players to confront Michonne's moral dilemmas and create their own gaming experience. This immersive gameplay element fosters empathy and understanding and fosters a stronger player-character bond. Finally, The Walking Dead: Michonne's cultural impact can be seen in its critical reception. He has received numerous awards and nominations for his innovative storytelling and character development. With Michonne, the game took a prominent place in gaming culture, paving the way for more diverse and nuanced characters and stories in the industry.