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General Info

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Job TitlePrincess of Cintra, Witcher
Birth Date1253-01-01
Birth PlaceCintra
Knows aboutElder Speech, Magic, Swordmanship
Alternate NameCirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
Character NameCiri
Member of OrganizationWitchers of Kaer Morhen
Ciri, full name Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, is an essential character in the Witcher universe. She has Lara Dorren's bloodline which gives her great magical potential and the Elder Blood gene. This special gene allows her to move through space and time. Raised by the witch Geralt of Rivia and the witch Jennefer of Vengerberg, she excels in magic and swordsmanship. Known as the daughter of destiny, she is pursued by several factions due to her abilities and potential. Ciri's determined and resilient nature, complemented by her fierce independence, sets her apart in the harsh world of the Witcher series. Even in the face of constant threats, Ciri stays true to her moral compass and is unwavering in her pursuit of survival and justice.


Formally known as Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Ciri is a main character in the Witcher universe. Considered exceptional, she is not only the foster and adopted daughter of Geralt of Rivia, but also the princess of Sintra, making her a central figure in the political and magical conspiracies that pervade the world. Ciri, born in Skellige during a storm that heralded the end of the world, is bound to Geralt by the Law of the Unexpected, an ancient custom of the wizarding world.
Although not a witch, Ciri trains with Geralt in Kaer Morhen, where she hones her physical skills and learns how to wield a silver sword. She also has an innate magical power called Elder Blood that allows her to travel between space and time. These supernatural abilities make her a sought-after figure for many factions who wish to use her powers to their advantage.
His extravagant persona, along with his relentless search for identity and freedom, is in stark contrast to the bleak backdrop of The Witcher's war-torn world. Over the course of the series, as Ciri transforms from a scared child into a fierce fighter, we see her struggle, resilience and growth, making her one of the most beloved characters in the Witcher saga. All the while, Ciri remains a symbol of hope and change in a world plagued by uncertainty and despair.


Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, also known as Ciri, is a deep and influential character in the world of The Witcher. Born during a powerful solstice event, her mysterious bloodline, including Lara Dorren, endows the elven blood in her veins with unparalleled magical and metaphysical abilities. These qualities marked her as a daughter of ancient blood.
Originally a princess of Sintra, the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, a fierce leader known for her iron fist. After her parents Pavetta and Duny disappeared under troubled circumstances, Ciri was placed in the care of her grandmother. Unfortunately, the massacre of Cintra resulted in Calanthe's death. After the fateful slaughter, fate entwined her life with Geralt of Rivia, a stern witch whom she had met before but did not recognize.
To Geralt, Ciri wasn't just another surprised child bound by the law of surprise, she became his almost daughter, one of the few kinds of love and affection that graced the Witch's hardened soul. Geralt introduced Ciri to the witch's tower in Kaer Morhen, where she was trained to hunt the sword. Drawing on her innate magical abilities, Jennefer of Vengerberg, Geralt's long-time love, taught her magic and developed her exceptional abilities. However, his powerful background caused many not only admiration but also greed. The menacing Wild Hunt tormented her, and she wanted to use her potential to open portals that transcended the world and posed a great threat to her and her loved ones.
With emerald green eyes and ash hair, Ciri is a living and breathing embodiment of raw strength, resilience and a brave spirit, constantly proving her worth in a world mired in fear, cynicism and confusion. Remaining a beacon of hope, he tirelessly confronts the demons of his past and the anarchy of his present, crucial to the fate of the world and the lives intertwined with it.

Creation and Development

Ciri, also known as the Lion Cub of Cintra and Child of Destiny, undergoes an incredibly adorable transformation throughout the Witcher series. Her journey begins with the precious young princess of Sintra, who knows noble etiquette but longs for freedom and adventure. Ciri is the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, raised under an iron discipline that shapes her strength and resilience in her later stages.
His world changes dramatically when Cintra falls. Cataclysmic events lead her to Geralt of Rivia, the witch who once saved her father and claimed her through the law of surprise. Geralt and Ciri's bond is central to the series' saga, defining and influencing much of her adulthood.
She is then taken to Kaer Morhen, the witch's stronghold, and begins training as a witch, improving her combat skills, physical fitness, knowledge of monsters, and survival instincts. This change in her lifestyle and skills play a huge role in making her the perfect witch. However, her training is interrupted by an invasion by the Wild Hunt, who seek her ancient blood powers, and in response, she is sent to the mystical world of the elves.
Her bloodline gave her extraordinary abilities to manipulate space and time, which became important during the exile. Ciri's transformation in exile under the tutelage of the elves adds to her unique skills and abilities, her ease with the sword and her bravery in battle.
In her search for her independence, safety and identity, Ciri goes through many traumatic experiences and struggles, encounters different cultures and characters from all over the universe. Her transformation from naïve princess to independent warrior makes her a truly unique character in the Witcher series. Her journey of self-improvement is a fascinating story arc that, along with her relationship with Geralt, significantly defines the entire course of the Witcher saga.

Character Profile

Ciri, or Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, is one of the most extraordinary characters in the Witcher universe. Born the only daughter of Queen Pavetta of Sintra and Erlenvald Urcheon Duny, Ciri becomes the cornerstone of Destiny's grand design. She is often called the daughter of destiny.
Ciri is known not only for her royal lineage, but also for her exceptional abilities. Inherited from her ancestor, Lara Dorren, who was a legendary elven sorceress, Ciri has the elder blood gene. This gene gives her the power to manipulate space and time, teleporting herself and others over great distances.
Her surrogate parents, as well as Ciri, are raised by Geralt of Rivia and Jennefer of Vengerberg, becoming a witch. After learning martial arts, she becomes a skilled swordsman and learns magical skills from her mother, Jennefer.
She is often depicted with ashen hair and bright green eyes, similar to the main character Geralt. Her signature look includes a headscarf, loose blouse and trousers, which are quite unconventional compared to traditional women's clothing. Despite her harsh upbringing, Ciri remains compassionate and empathetic. He appreciates her relationships, especially her bonds with Geralt and Jennefer.
Throughout the story, Ciri's fate is intertwined with many important events and characters, making her an indispensable part of the Witches Saga.

Story Arc

Ciri, short for Cirilla, is one of the most dynamic characters in the vast Witcher universe. Born a princess of Sintra, she was destined for an extraordinary life. Due to her Elder Blood gene, she is gifted with supernatural powers, making her a key player in the world's destiny.
Ciri's life was marked by conflict from the beginning. Orphaned during the infamous Sintra Massacre, she was found by Geralt of Rivia, who had once saved his father by unwittingly invoking the traditional Law of Unexpectedness, linking Ciri's fate to his own. Banished by the witches, she grew up in the witches' stronghold of Kaer Morhen, marking the beginning of her metamorphosis into a formidable warrior that reflected the witches' prowess, albeit without the mutations.
Her unique abilities have also attracted unwanted attention, making her a pawn in many power struggles. The enigmatic sorceress Yennefer van Vengerberg has become her magical mentor and mother figure, guiding her to master and use her mystical powers wisely.
Touched by the tragedy of the Wild Hunt, relentless in her quest to use her abilities for apocalyptic purposes, Ciri experimented with alternate dimensions, each journey improving her resilience.
From an innocent but fierce princess, a witch with a fighting spirit, to the possessor of immense magical powers, Ciri's character arc unfolds through a path of loss, survival, and self-discovery. Eventually, she returns to her kingdom as empress, wielding the wisdom and strength she gained from her extraordinary experiences.
In the bigger picture, Ciri embodies the "child of destiny," the embodiment of hope, of chaos. Her story is one of defying the limits of her chosen destiny, charting her own course as she plays a central role in the intertwined destinies of individuals and kingdoms. Ciri's character in the Witcher universe is fascinating and multi-layered, illuminating her remarkable evolution through relentless challenges.

Cultural Impact

Ciri, Geralt's adopted daughter in the Witcher universe, has huge cultural significance. Many viewers and players were impressed by its complexity, power and depth. As the female lead, Ciri changed the traditional norms of the fantasy genre and challenged the typical "damsel in distress" stereotype. She is a skilled and fierce warrior who is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in.
In addition to her physical strength, Ciri's emotional depth is also remarkable. She faces many hardships throughout the series but remains resilient, making her a character that viewers can look up to. His ability to overcome the obstacles he faces, from personal loss to physical struggle, has inspired many fans.
Also, her relationship with Geralt goes against traditional family stereotypes. Their connection, although not related by blood, shows the importance of emotional connection and mutual respect in a family. This portrayal resonated deeply with audiences, making both characters iconic in the Witcher universe. Ultimately, the character of Ciri made a huge cultural impact, pushing the boundaries of traditional genre and the familiar norms of the fantasy genre. His strength, resilience and emotional depth created a character that was not only memorable, but also powerful and influential.


Ciri, also known as the Lion Cub of Sintra, has a remarkable legacy that marks her as a central figure in the Witcher universe. Although she is the adopted daughter of Geralt and Yennefer, she herself carries the royal bloodline of Cintra. Ciri's legacy lies not only in her noble lineage, but also in the ancient blood that runs through her veins. This ancient elven gene gives her unprecedented magical abilities, making her the target of many factions seeking to use her power to their advantage. Her unique combination of raw warrior skills and subtle magic, inherited from Geralt and Yennefer respectively, sets her apart even more. Ciri's legacy also offers a prophecy, a foreshadowing of a savior who can bring balance or ruin to the world. Despite the adversities that befell her, she broke free from the shackles of her fate, leaving behind a legacy of fortitude and independence. He is a beacon of hope and a symbol of danger all in one, forever leaving a mark on the annals of Witcher history.