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Old Gods' forces

General Info

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Faction NameOld Gods' forces
The forces of the Old Gods, dark creatures from the darkest corners of the World of Warcraft universe, are powerful enemies feared for their chaotic and destructive powers. Comprised of mysterious ancient gods and their many minions, this group seeks to fulfill the hour of twilight, a prophecy that heralds the end of all life on Azeroth. Their power is great and their influence reaches far and corrupts the mind and the earth. Heroes from all walks of life are forced to come together to fight these formidable foes. Along with the ancient gods - C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, N'Zoth and Y'Shaarj - this enigmatic group includes mysterious cultists and monstrous creatures such as the Faceless and the abominable n'raqi. Each member of this faction strengthens the group's overall goal, making them an unimaginably powerful force. The forces of the Old Gods are a test of courage and strength to all who oppose them and seek to save the world of Azeroth.


The forces of the Old Gods, also known as the Black Empire, are a complex and challenging group in the World of Warcraft universe. Comprised of a variety of creatures ranging from the monstrous n'raqi or faceless to the octopus-like aqir, these powers serve their divine masters with unwavering loyalty. These entities seek to spread chaos and corruption—a treacherous force that transforms life into monstrous forms—throughout Azeroth.
The Old Gods wield immense power and have changed the face of Azeroth with their dark influence. Even after the Titans intervene, their corrupted presence remains. The Silithids, Qiraji, and other corrupted races are proof of the Old Gods' continued grip despite their apparent defeat.
Fighting the forces of the Old Gods requires not only strength, but also resistance to the insanity formed by the seeds of their corruption. It's a thrilling journey where the line between friend and foe blurs, and the whispers of the old gods drive even the bravest of heroes to the brink of madness.
The story of the ancient gods and their minions unfolds in the mysterious shadowy realms, through quests filled with mystery, horror and despair. So get ready for this epic battle where your real enemy may not be in the shadows, but in your mind.


The Old Gods, also known as the Void Gods, are massive ancient beings from the World of Warcraft universe that existed before the creation of Azeroth itself. Terrible and evil, these ancient gods wreaked havoc and spread chaos for many millennia.
The origin of these cosmic beings can be traced back to the Void, an interdimensional region of space filled with turbulent energies, where the main beings resided. They were recognized for their insatiable appetite for chaos and destruction, thriving on disorder and madness. The Old Gods were known to corrupt members of the Black Empire into ruthless, mindless creatures dedicated to their dark cause. The Old Gods fought wars that changed the primordial worlds and commanded an army of their nightmarish creations: the Faceless and the Eyeless. The influence of the Old Gods was so great and entrenched that their power could reach the Titans of Heaven themselves, causing strife between these giant guardians of order.
A monumental turn of events in their history is their subsequent defeat and imprisonment of the Titans underground. Their rebellious power was softened and it was believed that they had been neutralized. However, their malevolent presence persisted and continued to breed ferocious creatures that corrupted all life forms, slowly slipping into science and history as mere fables or dismissed as unimaginable horror stories. Returning from hibernation, the Old Gods' influence on present-day Azeroth is largely unfathomable as their minions continue to carry out their sinister plans. Their constant attempts to break free from their bonds, take control, and unleash unimaginable horrors continue to threaten the World of Warcraft universe. It's a never-ending and menacing battle against the Champions of Azeroth to contain this primal evil. The history of the forces of the Old Gods is a terrifying testament to the scale of devastation the Warcraft universe can face.

Notable Members

Member #
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping
Harbinger Skyriss
General Vezax
Herald Volazj


The powers of the Old Gods inhabit the dark corners of the World of Warcraft universe. Their geography extends to the sinister depths of Azeroth, from the Whispering Forest to the frozen wastes of Northrend. It is in these unsettling areas that their power grows, insanely hidden by the world's most terrifying landscapes.
Their influence is palpable in the forest of whispers. The trees mutter an incomprehensible language that bears witness to the treacherous calls of the old gods. This hidden forest, surrounded by large spiky trees and immersed in eternal twilight, is a breeding ground for their dark forces.
But the desolate horizon of Northrend is an icy barrier from prying eyes. This frozen wall is wild, inaccessible to many due to the harsh climate. But for the Old Gods and their followers, it is a veritable fortress that is difficult to besiege and conquer.
Then there are the places beneath the surface, the subterranean dungeons where the light is afraid to touch, further harboring the powers of the old gods. They have been known to exist from the bottomless abyss of the ocean to the dark caverns that lie beneath mountain ranges.
The powers of the Old Gods have clung to the essence of these realms and thrive in darkness and cold. Here, in these rough and rugged landscapes shrouded in their own perils, the dark machinations of the old gods thrive.

Legacy and Impact

The forces of the Old Gods essentially shaped the fabric of the World of Warcraft universe. They are primordial forces of chaos and madness that have influenced important events and characters across the vastness of time and space. When these supernatural horrors emerge, worlds tremble and reality succumbs to their unrelenting will. Their presence is palpable in the warped corruption that permeates the deepest reaches of Azeroth, marking an unheard of, ordinarily misunderstood level of legacy. The influence of the Old Gods extends far beyond Azeroth and affects the balance of power in the cosmos. Their evil influence has shaped events and stories, forcing heroes and villains to choose paths they would not choose. As players, we must combat the eternal and world-debilitating effects of the Old Gods' insidious corruption, cementing their position as one of the most powerful and deadly factions in the World of Warcraft universe.